AtlanticFringeFestival The Annual Atlantic Fringe Festival's job is to challenge, surprise, outrage, and disgust Halifax with performance art that is avant-garde and queer in any sense of the word.

The Fringe Festival is held in early September.

Check the main web page, for the schedule.

Ken Pinto has been the hub of the Fringe for years.

Anyone interested in putting on a show may request an application.


September 1, 1993 - Sep 6
"The 3rd Atlantic Fringe Festival." Of particular interest: Bed & (Maybe) Breakfast, The Dyke Show, What's Up W/That1
Dates of festival- September 1, 2005 - 11th
November 24, 2022
Cheery farewell and final fundraising message from LeeAnnePoole. The new exec director of the Halifax Fringe Festival is Sara Graham.
August 31, 2023 - September 10, 2023

Yearly programs below

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Gay White Trash
Halifax, NS, written by MichaelBest and KevinCurran?
GayWhiteTrash is back! After a smash, sold-out debut run in 2005, Gay White Trash garnered nominations for Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Actress, Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Production at the 2006 Robert E. Merritt Awards, winning in the Actor and New Play categories for Kevin Curran and Michael Best. If you were turned away at the door last time, now's your chance! Gary finally convinced Terry to move to the bigger, brighter, more gay friendly metropolis of Halifax. Not being the most sophisticated of types, they end up in a low-rental housing complex in North End Dartmouth, which to Gary, is heaven. When they both start making new friends, worlds collide and Gary finds out that sophistication comes at a price. Gay White Trash exposes a new shade of gay. It's economically and educationally disadvantaged, less beautiful, less cultured and heartbreakingly hysterical. (5 performances)
Comedy; Mature Audiences Only; 65 minutes; Tickets $10.
Wild Abandon
Halifax, NS, written by DanielMacIvor
From DanielMacIvor, one of Canada's most beloved playwrights, known for such shows as Marion Bridge and This is a Play, comes Wild Abandon a dark comedy into the insight of Steve, and an egg in a cage. Severely disturbed and feeling alone in the world, Steve�s quirkiness and wittiness spirals into a darkly profound end to his despair. Hailed �a show without valleys,� critics have described Wild Abandon as honest, imaginative, profound, moving and very funny. This one-man-show, directed by Charlie Rhindress, will be performed by Kyle Gillis, an up-and-coming Nova Scotian artist who has performed extensively in the Maritimes and British Columbia. Show contains Adult language (8 performances)
Drama; Parental Guidance; 60 minutes; Tickets $9
Southern Time
Toronto, ON, written by Tim Bartsch
Born of the 70s, T, an alien from another world enters Dreamer through his dreams, eventually turning a young, depressed, HIV-ridden misfit into an international rock star. Set in December, 2001, recently divorced twenty-five-year-old Dreamer has returned to Canada from the States. He is living with his Mom, waiting to hear if he will receive disability assistance. Dreamer relives how he contracted HIV from a complex and disturbing relationship with his African-American cello professor five years before, who did not reveal his status. Dreamer explores his fear, anger and admiration for Chuck. He also recollects a girl who he fell in love with, Zora, the 'promise of a dream'. Depressed, addicted to porn and living in the past, Dreamer does actually have hope for his and the world's future. Issues of justice, religion, racism and the environment are explored. Shaz and T play the characters, sing Dreamer's songs, and narrate this spectacular two-person original rock opera. (7 performances)
Musical/Opera; Mature Audiences Only; 90 minutes; Tickets $10

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