Carl Maxwell

Founder and former owner of ClubVortex.

Carl passed away peacefully on the afternoon of Saturday, May 4, 2013. He did everything he could to ensure the gardens were planted, the house was clean and everything left in order. The coroner and the RCMP were stunned by his meticulous care and respectful manner and the coroner assured us that there was nothing any one of us could have done to sway him from his choice. He really was happy for his last two months.1

His partner, Reginald (Rex) Calhoun, was born August 29, 1923 and passed away June 17, 2012. They loved to garden. Rex was a wonderful water painter.

August, 2004
Comment moved from ClubVortex page: Someone writes: Hope CarlMaxwell enjoys his break away from the bar business and best of luck in whatever the future brings to him. I've heard a lot of good things about Keith and look foward to seeing ClubVortex/Mobey's get bigger and better as the customer base grows.

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1. Correspondence from Louise, Carl's roommate and friend, via Susan Wilson.