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Keith Neil Fudge

Born March 25, 19601 in Newfoundland, Keith Neil Fudge was around Halifax at ClubNrg and the ToolBoxEast starting in 2003. In September, 2004, it appeared that he was going ahead with buying ClubVortex at 2215 Gottingen St. Mid-month, ClubVortex issued a a press release asserting that on September 13, 2004, mid-negotiations, Keith had drained the bank account and run off with substantial amounts of money. Press coverage: ClubVortexTheftPressCoverage Also see: KeithFudgePressCoverage



Someone writes: Very surprised to hear of the theft at ClubVortex. I have known Keith for almost a year and know him to be a very caring and giving person. If it is true that he did steal this money, something must have happened to cause this. Keith did not have it easy the past while and I can only hope the best for him. (Sorry dude, hoping for the best for this guy is hopeless! He screwed up a lot of people's lives and deserves NO pity from ANYONE!!!!!)

I truly hope that someone finds him, cuts off his balls and makes him eat them raw. What a fudging bastard!

I got bad vibes from this dude from day one.. not day 2, day 1, literally. I hope they get him and his hairy arms to

If he did steal the money, I hope he?s prosecuted to the full extent of the law and blacklisted by the GayCommunity! Halifax finally gets a classy and clean gay club, and some just seem to do and say anything to hurt it! I hope that the GayCommunity will continue to support the remaining owner and staff! ClubVortex IS THE BEST GAY CLUB IN HALIFAX!!!!!!

Anonymous writes: Keith Neil Fudge - if that was even his real name - came to Halifax about 9 months ago and almost instantly made friends with a great deal of the people in Halifax's GayCommunity. Although some people I've talked to after the "alleged" theft have said they had a bad feeling about the guy from day one. Very shortly after his move to Halifax from "Ontario" he was hired at ToolBoxEast as a bartender then was quickly given the position of manager. He made some very strong friendships and began to gain the trust of the people he got close to. He began to go through some tough times when first his ex-lover back in Ontario "died" in a car accident...and train accident, then accident at work - these are all different stories he told different people I've been told and heard one from his lips myself...shortly after his mother "died" of a heart attack. And then he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to undergo radiation treatment, although no one has ever seemed to have seen him sick. Then some people started to talk about how true all these stories were; however, he progressed in the community for the most part as a trust worthy fun loving nice guy.

In August, 2004 Keith made a deal with CarlMaxwell, owner of ClubVortex to buy a portion of the club as Carl wanted out. Plans were underway for the change of ownership/management from Carl to KeithFudge and SergeMartin to take over and run the club until the actual exchange on paper sometime in early September. Keith then quit his job at ToolBoxEast to go into business with ClubVortex, taking Mikey - formerly of ClubNrg and ToolBoxEast - with him with promises of big things to come. Mikey, whom he told people he "adopted" as his own and referred to as "his son", went to work at ClubVortex with him. In the next few weeks Keith and Serge began to manage and run the club. All seemed well until August 13, 2004, the day when the exchange of money was to take place and papers were to be signed. Keith allegedly showed up early that morning for work and then left with a sum of the club's money to be back for his meeting with CarlMaxwell. He never came back.

I have been told that when the banks and numerous other contacts and suppliers were reached they had never heard of a Keith Neil Fudge, cheques he wrote all began to bounce or came from accounts that no longer existed. No one has heard from or seen Keith since.

ClubVortex is now in terrible shape and many peoples? lives have been affected by this whole ordeal in a large way. This includes CarlMaxwell, SergeMartin, Mikey and all of ClubVortex's staff, all of whom are pulling together to salvage what they have left. Kudos to them and their "we're gonna make it through this" attitude. As it stands there are no leads on the whereabouts of Keith Neil Fudge but police have been contacted and ClubVortex is looking for any information at all anyone might have on him.

He sounds to me like a pro and pathological liar. And who knows where he could be now or what new con he may have in the works? Probably starting over the same way he did here, in a new city - maybe Toronto - or even the United States, making new friends, gaining peoples' trust and just waiting for his next opportunity to arise.

In closing I hope that ClubVortex survives and pulls through this and get back up to where they were before as the top gay club in Halifax and that the staff and everyone affected by this make it through these tough times; they need support from our community more then ever and with all the support they have shown and given for this community they deserve it. And most of all I hope that Keith Neil Fudge is caught and gets what he deserves.

Keith definitely was someone who played the pathological liar card to the extreme in his dealings with both bars. In the years I've spent in this city, I have seen many of 'this type' come and go, and it scares me how gullible people can be in terms of standing up for these guys. However, there is no going back and I think it's very important that he is found and held accountable for his actions.

Maybe Maxwell and Martin should take the responsibility for fucking over the bar. How stupid can you be to hand over the keys to your business to a guy you know little about? He was smooth... yes... but that doesn't mean you throw out caution and reason with your business. CarlMaxwell and SergeMartin are the ones who screwed with the employees' future with being so gullible. There is dumb and dumber... and then there's Maxwell and Martin.

July 27

If someone responds to this I will let you know where he is. He is living about 10-15 minutes away from me. I am pretty sure that is him, It is hard to tell with the sunglasses on.

July 30

I can tell you where Keith Neil Fudge is right now...He is on PEI working as a supervisor at Ocean Choice Inc in Beach Point PEI...I hope whoever wants him comes and gets him.

July 31

Keith Neil Fudge is living in Murray River PEI, at the RV park, he does work for OCI in Beach Point, PLEASE come and get him.

Instead of writing about where he is living, better idea would be to contact the proper authorities, and nail this asshole to the wall for good.

Hmmm, people begging for someone to come get this thief (the one who supposedly stole all kinds of money from ClubVortex) yet no one does anything about it...hmmm...seems kinda funny, don't you think?

Is that you Keith? Just checking in are you? You're fucked, dude.

Don't worry, the authorities have been notified. I don't think we'll be seeing too much more of Mr. Fudge at OCI or in Murray River. Good riddance.

The RCMP have been notified about Mr. Fudge's whereabouts. I was just hoping they'd show up and arrest him while he was coaching the company softball team. Now that would've been some funny shit.

Keith Neil Fudge is currently living in Murray River, Prince Edward Island at Miller's R.V. Campground. He is a production manager at Ocean Choice PEI's Beach Point division. He conned his way into this job as well by claiming to have been a manager with Highliner for the past 17 years. His current hobbies include drinking with underage boys and writing bad cheques to local businesses.

Oh I hope Keithy sees this. Ha! If you're reading this Keith, you now know that you can run but you can't hide. You also can't fuck with the people of Murray River and get away with it.

Hmmmm I guess him being in prison will give a whole new mearning to the term "fudge packer" :)

Public perception can be a fun thing - ClubVortex comes onto the bar scene then Keith gets hired at the ToolBoxEast, ClubVortex starts eating into ClubNrg's customer base and once word was out that Carl was looking to sell out Keith somehow manages to con his way into ClubVortex. As soon as Keith scams ClubVortex and puts it into a tough financial position Peter comes along and gets the assets and location at a fire-sale price. He also managed to put his competition out of business by doing so. Makes ya wonder what the truth is behind the whole Keith scam.

August 1

Keith Neil Fudge has been given until this Friday to quietly leave Ocean Choice PEI Inc. He has been spending time at the Rainbow Lodge in Vernon River, PEI and frequenting the bar scene in Charlottetown. His partners of choice seems to be young males. In two short months, he has certainly had a negative impact on several persons presently or formerly employed by Ocean Choice. The way in which he was hired in the first place leaves a lot to be desired in the manner by which Ocean Choice engages people at the management level.

Given until Friday? By whose authority? And what consequences? Gawd I love drama queens. If he has a probationary period as part of his hiring then they don't need to give him any reason if they terminate him before the period ends.

Friday isn't soon enough for such a man to be sent packing...fudge packing, haha. Well I knew this guy had something wrong from day one, and it turned out to be true, he is a nut case. He may have had some good ideas for OCI, but none that involved him telling the truth or being straight. We don't need anyone of this level of insanity in this little town, and maybe not even the Rainbow Lodge needs this shit fuck you Keith, and good riddance.

August 2

This is hilarious. I met this asshole at a ball tourney and he?s lucky I never read this before or he would have been the laughingstock of Murray River walking off the field with a bat shoved up his ass!!! Sorry you won?t make it to next year?s tourney Keith!

If the stories are true then why aren?t the authorities doing anything??? Surely the men he screwed over at ClubVortex would like to get their hands on Keith! Where are they all???

August 4

Keith had his Ontario registered car at the service station in Murray Harbour today. Guess what? The bailiffs from Ontario showed up and seized it for to help cover a $500,000.00 problem there. They are also in the process of getting papers to seize his tent trailer. What's Keith going to chauffeur his underage boys in now? What's he going to do for a shorefront love nest?

Keith Neil Fudge is nothing but a prick and I don?t care what anyone says. Anyone who steals from anywhere and cons their fucking way into a supervisor?s job at Ocean Choice is blah.

August 6

I really hope Blaine Sullivan finally realizes that if Linda MacKay and Peter Llewellyn can hire a man like Keith without checking his background, then they are obviously not fit to run Ocean Choice on PEI. I hope now that people see that Keith's obsession with the young men at work is not "a misunderstanding"!

Well, it seems that the walls are finally closing in on Mr. Fudge. First, the repo men show up at OCI and repossess his car, then they lay claim to his camper because it was stolen and inform the RCMP that he has over $550,000 in outstanding debts in Ontario alone due to various thefts and swindles plus another $50,000 in Nova Scotia. These gentlemen claim to have been tracking Mr. Fudge for a year and a half to no avail until a paper trail began to turn up on P.E.I. recently. Now it seems that OCI has dismissed Keith for good effective Friday, August 5, 2005 for lying and misrepresenting himself to the company. One can only hope that this scumbag is arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for all his crimes ranging from fraud to sexual harassment to grand theft. Good bye to you, Keith, and good riddance.

Poor Keith. You must be asking yourself "What's causing all this?" Well, if you hadn't been such a prick to the people at OCI, especially the long-term employees than we'd have just thought of you as a buffoon who'd hang yourself eventually if you were given the rope. But you had to be the asshole, threatening to fire people at your every whim. Sexually harassing 17 year old boys? Threatening older ladies with arthritis because they don't move as fast as you'd like? Throwing quality control out the window to try and increase production when you couldn't even get the plant organized to begin with and then blaming everyone else when things fell apart? Well that's when the U.F.C.W. had enough and really began to put the heat on and dig up the dirt on you. Now you know the power of an angry group of people with an axe to grind. You, sir, have forced out or fired several of my best friends and long-time co-workers from OCI because of your petty vendettas and I know I was on your hit-list too. But the joke?s on you pal because I'm still here and you're gone. So let me close by saying Keith, if you thought you could beat us then bud, you'd better get up early in the morning.

August 10

Can anyone from Ocean Choice or the campground tell me, "Does his brother also works there or is staying at the so-called campground??" Does Keith still have his camper? He was seen at the pride dance in PEI with a guy from Halifax called Paul - a real nice tall guy whose mom has a chain of hair salons. He says he is in love with him and when he is not on the Island Keithy is seen at beach with other young "boys".

He is on PEI and going to Blooming Point Beach the last few days. I hope Jim from Rainbow lodge knows the truth about this guy. He is a story teller...all bullshit.

If the stories are true that he ripped off ClubVortex, why have the RCMP not arrested him? Since they have been apparently told where he is? Hmm?the RCMP aren't THAT dumb! A couple of possibilities - there might not be a warrant out for him - see TheCoast piece at ClubVortexTheftPressCoverage. If there is one out for him, it might be for within Nova Scotia only - usually extra-provincial (i.e. cross-Canada) warrants aren't issued for people unless they're charged with a highly serious offence like kidnapping, murder or something like that.

Regarding this asshole, I am his son-in-law. This prick has taken a lot of people for a ride. He also has 2 daughters and a son, all living in Ontario. This prick has 3 grandchildren that he has not seen since my son's first birthday. To the GAY Community he was married to a wonderful lady until he started scamming people with his TAX business. Then when the heat got HOT he went to the Gay lifestyle for over a year. So that is the start of this pricks fun. This bastard needs to get what is coming to him. He destroyed my family, yet I am glad he is out of my life, for my kids sake. I will however say that I am sorry that he took you all for a RIDE.

August 11

From the 19 year old - So is Keith locked up now in jail, or is he still out on the streets? As of August 13, he was still out on the streets.

I don't think that they can do anything about what happend in Halifax, just because the cops don't have any proof. The guys that own the bar know that he did it but they can't prove it to the cops.

August 12

Most police forces have cases where they KNOW who did the crime but lack that one little piece of evidence needed to actually get the guy in court. Halifax RP has a few unsolved murders on their files just because they lack one important piece of proof yet they know who did what and can't act on it. This is not a unique situation by any means.

Whether he did the ClubVortex robbery is a moot point. In the preceding period he has engaged in deceit, lies, bounced cheques and bluffed his way into a job on the Island, where he had the power and authority to fire ppl at whim - playing with ppl's livelihoods. He is a bona fide charlatan. Don't be fooled by him. He is a very dangerous what his son-in-law said about him. He is very smooth, a con artists' con artist. Did he do the ClubVortex robbery? I dunno but just think how he bluffed his way into a job at a major fish plant in PEI this summer, and then had the authority to fire long standing employees at whim. He is on the lam from ripping off ppl in Ontario. Yet he has told folks in PEI that his male lover died in a car accident in Ontario and yet others were told he died of cancer. Which is it Keith? He has bounced cheques in the tiny Island GayCommunity. Be forewarned, he is smooth. And, by all accounts dangerous. Lock up your wallet in his presence. He also claims to be early 40s...but has a gut which would denote he is in his 50s - besides he looks 50ish. He is an engaging, charming and gregarious lad - but that is all a facade so he can seek another crime of opportunity: you. He is bad news, and we don't need him on our Island. Good riddance you charlatan.

On August 12, it was posted on this site that Keith had been arrested on fraud charges and was going to be arraigned the following Monday. This statement was disproved in a telephone conversation with Jim Culbert of Rainbow Lodge on August 13. Accordingly, that post was removed.

Is it true that the trailer the Keith was living in was stolen? Someone told me that the cops put a padlock on it. Where did they find him to arrest him?


August 13

Keith Neil Fudge, AKA Neil Keith Fudge, formerly of Ontario, was married until September, 2003 with three children and three grandchildren. Living a double life in Toronto with a gay lover until he was found out. Stealing thousands of dollars from innocent people, posing as a bookkeeper, lying to everyone. The cancer stories came out - never true! A lot of business people have been affected by this creep. Taking money from seniors, small businesses and close supposed-friends. Revenue Canada is now looking to press charges. So for all the suckers out there, you were not the only ones that got had!! Would you like to hear more? His mother did not die, he did not have cancer, no lover died in a car accident or train crash, he is just a double-crosser who took advantage of everyone who gets close to him. More!!! He was living in Toronto and was found out by his wife and kids!!! Tries to commit suicide!! Pity you didn?t succeed!! His wife comes face to face with his lover whom he stole from as well!! At the hospital!! He gets released and disappears. The lovely police force in Ontario didn?t go after him, apparently the Crown won?t release the funds to have him picked up in Halifax, although they know where he is and have proof that he has stolen approx. $130,000 from a small community. Way to go our lovely law enforcement. But it?s as easy to prosecute citizens for $1500. Had be been caught the first time he would never have had the opportunity to scam all you other people who think that he was so caring, giving and creative. Guess what? You?ve all been had!! By a professional con who has done nothing but use everyone he comes in contact with. So for all you people who would like to hear more about Fudge - write back on this site and I will gladly fill you in. - Pissed off Ontario

Amazing, what one person could accomplish by himself.....$130k in Ontario alone...all that money ....what did one do with it....without his family knowing....could that explain all the family holidays, several trips to NL each year, everyone with a cell phone, the expensive clothing, the jewellery...the cars...WOW!!! think someone would have clued in....BUT as they say?"THE UPHOLDER IS AS BAD AS THE THIEF?

His family all had jobs that paid for their things. Even came down to paying off monthly rent so he had a place to stay. Even a car rental bill. To top it all off he scammed his family as well. He took credit cards out in his son?s name, cashed cheques that were in his daughter?s name, showed up on his grandson?s first birthday and said he was in police protection from the Hells Angels. So if you really want the truth about the fudgepacker the list goes on and on.

Indeed the family all had jobs and don?t know what he was up to. It did come as a shock - most certain he had to be spending it on his lovers in Toronto and elsewhere!! - Pissed off Ontario

So Keith really was arrested? Here on the Island? I guess the rumours of his imminent return to OCI were just that : rumours. Thank God. Have a good time in the klink Keith. Unfortunately, he wasn?t. See above.

To the GayPeople that knew this asshole, my deepest sorrow goes to you. He decided to start a tax/bookkeeping business, from here on in the story goes. This man was married and had three kids but money took the best of him. You see he started to con people here in town. By the time he left who knows how much he took from this small town. Then in TO, he did the same thing to this fellow, then left for back home to do this to all you people. So all I have to say is if the police know about this and didn't do any thing about he?ll go on doing this again and again. So Keith if you ever get to read this just remember this is being written not because you?re a friend or a lover but because you were and are the biggest asshole on the face of the earth.

Is it possible that he has a mental illness, he lies about everything, even innocuous stuff? Maybe the stress of leading two double lives?

If you called his cell phone today and he answered it, why did you not call the police? By the way, what is his cell phone number? I?ll take care of him!!! -Pissed off Ontario

For all you fine people out there who think Fudge was such a nice kind man, did you know that he pulled the same stunt back in 1993 in NL and did time in jail? So it might not be a slap on the wrist this time. Every one that he scammed must stick together and get the police involved to bring this man to justice and make him pay for all the betrayal and all the people he has befriended for his benefit. Hey to the owners of the bar in Halifax?why are you not pursuing this? Why are you letting him get away with this. Please reply, there is more to follow. You people out there have no idea!!!

August 14

His propensity for lies knows no boundaries, and he is very prolific with his lies. For instance he told me that summer of 2004 he was touring the United States, Texas and the Grand Canyon. Yet, there's a picture of him on this site from last July and last August he was putting together the supposed deal to buy the ClubVortex Club in Halifax. And, if you can believe him he's been living on Prince Edward Island since April, 2005, but this could be a lie. Still I wonder where he was between September, 2004, (when the deal collapsed because someone walked away with the bar money) and April, 2005.

While he was a plant supervisor at Ocean Choice Inc (OCI) here on the Island (until they fired him for misrepresenting the truth) he was telling ppl he was on a contract at OCI claiming he was hired for cost control and quality assurance issues. We ought to applaud the UFCW for unveiling his web of lies and deceit.

Cost control? Bwahahaha. This guy couldn't run shit. I know OCI's costing went through the roof while this clown was busy fucking things up. Production was so un-coordinated that large groups of people would be standing around doing NOTHING because Keith didn't know what to do with the raw materials coming in. He'd just get on the walkie-talkie and look for other people to blame. He'd never even take responsibility for his own screw-ups. What a gutless shit. As for Quality Assurance? I personally witnessed this fool order lobster into production that wasn't fit to feed a dog. Rotten. Half the production from this spring is on hold because this goof allowed it to spoil because he had no idea how to run a lobster plant. What a joke.

To Pissed off Ontario, I would like to know more details about his past, esp. the Newfoundland matter. Is he really a chartered accountant? When did his lies begin? How old is he? Is it Keith Neil Fudge or Neil Keith Fudge? Does he ever go by just Neil Fudge?

Why does he have two addresses in PEI, at a gay resort and the camp ground?

Damn, that number keeps getting lost - 902-969-0295 - it must be magic!

August 15

To the person/s who would like to know more - leave me your phone number and where you?re calling from because if you were scammed as well there?s more for you to know!! Age, family, where he?s been, all his lies, all his lovers, all the money he?s taken - the stories get better!!

To the tall young man named Paul, whose mother has a chain of hair salons?watch your back - he?s looking for money?if your mother has it, he?ll get it! He?s swift and smooth talking. Kind? Caring? Smart? Ha! Outsmart him this time!!!

To Jim from Rainbow?you have no clue!!!

Wow, it?s keeping you interested Keith?watch your back!!!

Keith, is your new pitstop NL? Mama?s safe house? Maybe your brother at OCI can disclose the address?or will it be too much like hell to stay, working there thanks to you, maybe he?ll have to hide as well.

Hi Keith!!!! From all your friends in Leamington and Kingsville Ontario. We heard you were living down east. Detective Ingratta is very interested in your whereabouts. I called the above number and was just delighted to hear your voice, too bad it wasn't you in person YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

For the others out there let me introduce myself. My name is Joanne Hatch from Kingsville Ontario. I was referred to the above noted piece of shit a couple of years ago by my then book keeper, who at the time was swamped with her own book keeping business and was piecing out extra work to "KEITH THE THIEF" At our 1st meeting we thought he was a great guy. Honest, charming and most of all a very funny Newfie. Love you east coast folks!!!

"KEITH THE THIEF" did my income tax return and on filing day I went to his office to sign and file. He informed me that I owed $7000. I'm used to owing the government money every year and said no problem, I have a house closing in a couple of weeks and will pay them later. He informs me that he paid Rev Canada that day by electronic wire. I'm thinking WOW what a nice guy!!! No accountant or bookkeeper has done this before. Just love these Newfie guys, sooooooo nice. I will say I never me a Newfie I didn't like until now. To make a long story short, after he flew the coup I had a funny feeling and called Rev Canada. They have heard every story in the book and were not interested in my story. Pay the bucks lady. Do you notice every time Rev Canada puts you on hold they only play new age music. I try and keep my anger under control. NOTHING I LOVE MORE IS PAYING THE GOVERNMENT TWICE!!!

I'm also embarrassed to admit I gave him a few thousand dollars towards investments. As well as taking me for a ride, he took my elderly mother for thousands as well as my brother, who works his butt off to support his family. Not only that he played me on health issues. I have been on and off chemo for the past four years and he claimed his best friend's wife had the same disease. She died a few weeks later and I was heart broken. Did she really exist?

"KEITH THE THIEF" not only took my family for a ride he took many other good folks as well. When I went to the police a couple of years ago they had lists of people who had been taken by this piece of crap.

Last but not least Keith, you bring shame on the gay and straight community. You walked out on the people that loved you, you lived a lie!!! I know this is a gay web site and I have gay friends and co workers and have issues with people who stay in marriages and live a life of lies. Be gay or be straight but be honest!!! It's not fair to others. You have brought shame to your wife your daughter your son who by the way was only 19 or 20 at the time you took out credit cards in his name and wrecked his credit for god knows how many years, your grand children and god knows who else. I have personally spoken with your daughter and heard your wife wailing in the back ground because you left her penniless, homeless and holding the bag. The phone calls from dozens of people who were ripped off by you and you left your family to clean up your mess. Well Keith the gig is up pal. We will hunt you down. Believe me buddy we are on your trail and we will get you!!! Be sure of it, I will be on the phone and on the web.

To all you folks at GayHalifax, thanks so much for exposing this guy. We will be sure to do all that we can to get him!!!

Dear Mrs. Hatch: Thank you for coming forward. I?m glad that the news has spread quickly. That phone number was a great help too. All we need to do is keep on the Leamington Police - I would say they?ve been slacking and not too interested even though the dollar amount surpasses $130,000. It?s not Ingratta?s money. I also encourage you to call the Windsor Star as I did today and ask for Sharon. She?ll be delighted to hear from you.

Hello, my name is Johnston Farrow and I'm a writer with TheCoast. I did the article on the ClubVortex swindle about six months ago. I would like to know who the moderator of this site is and ask them a few questions. Also, anyone who would like to talk, I'd like to hear your story. The fact that there is a lot of talk that he has been doing this sort of thing all over Canada is nothing short of astounding and I would like to get to the bottom of the mystery that is KeithFudge. However, I need reliable sources. Please email me at with any information you might have. Thank you and good luck.

Went to Canada411 and looked for "Fudge" in Leamington and Kingsville and no name came up. I thought his whole family lived there. Are you making this all up?

I know where his family is, but due to privacy issues it would not be fair to them. These nice people have been through so much. Speaking of "fair" that's what he called his business - "Fair Bookkeeping and Tax" located in Leamington.

You know what bothers me a lot? The time he invited me into his home when his wife was at work. He lived in a semi detached back split home. Probably a rental because I'm sure he had no credit. You could tell he came from very humble beginnings and lived a simple life. The pictures of his happy family covered the walls. He spoke so fondly of his wife and kids and how he missed his beloved New Foundland. He was a proud Newfie. Maybe that was a lie too. We all like to take people at face value. For all those people out there who lost money, jobs, business and friendships, hang in there. The Universe always has its way of turning things around. -Joanne Hatch

Johnston Farrow - I called your paper yesterday and left a message.. this mystery will soon be over his man needs to be found. And yes, his business was called Fair Tax and Bookkeeping and he did live in Leamington, Ontario between 1993 and 2003.

Ms. Hatch - Proud Newfie my foot. I was had as well and have come to believe that you cannot believe anything this man says. The stories I heart about hardships, deaths, illnesses, family wealth - I don?t believe a word. He?s nothing but a thief and a scam artist.

Maybe the police should do their jobs and start laying charges. How much proof do they need?

Hey Mr. Repoman, are you from Ontario? Has he been charged with grand theft auto? Are there warrants out for his arrest? And why have the police in Leamington not done anything? Maybe they need people in Halifax (ClubVortex) and in PEI to call them.

According to Leamington police it will cost too much of taxpayers dollars to go and get him. His family do live in Ontario but have been fighting their own battles to stay afloat, due to the fact that he left them with credit problems. His family in Newfoundland are sweet and kind. Nan would do anything for her kids and grandkids. I'm sure Pop is rolling over in his grave. I wish it was him in that hole, everybody would be better off. Do you all know that before he left Ontario he tried to kill himself because he knew he was caught. What a look on his face when his family and gay lover walked in together to have the last laugh. -Pissed off Ontario 2

August 17

Strange, but when you Google "Keith Neil Fudge" this web site no longer comes up. I had to Google "gay Halifax", then go to the main page and search for Keith Neil Fudge. Voila the site worked. But why doesn't it show up automatically when you do a Google of Keith Neil Fudge.

It is apparent to me that the repo man learned about the whereabouts of Mr. Fudge from this web site and then went to Ocean Choice and seized the car. I wonder if he even had a license to drive, someone said the car had Ontario license plates, yet he has not been there since 2003. I dare not ask if he was driving around without insurance. That would be criminal and highly irresponsible. Then again, we are talking about Keith Neil Fudge here.

This site is highly addictive. I tune in daily for my Keith Neil Fudge updates. Keep them coming. I might even have to make a trip to the gay resort in Vernon River, Prince Edward Island, to meet the infamous Mr. Fudge, and get his autograph.

Do we have any idea if Mr. Fudge is dating someone?

All the stories and lies that you tell always end up coming back to haunt you one way or another. I hope to God that someday you will be caught and made pay for everything you have ever done or said about your family. -A very concerned family member

August 18

Hello. I am trying to contact Keith Neil Fudge. My name is Sharon Hill. I am a reporter with the Windsor Star and am doing a story on the charges in Leamington against Keith Neil Fudge. I want to give you a chance to comment in the story and tell your side. To reach me call the Windsor Star at 519-256-5533 and ask for me or email me at Thank you.

His phone number is 1 902 969 0295. He?s living in PEI.

August 19

Keith N. Fudge is staying at the Rainbow Lodge at Vernon River, Prince Edward Island. His e-mail address is

Has Keith N. Fudge been de-Googled? You use to be able to search this web site by going to Google and searching "Keith N. Fudge". No longer. Seems strange, wonder if someone wrote to Google. It is a sham, because that is how OCI staff were alerted to this site. And, it is also the reason the repo man showed up at his former place of work and seized his car.

Speaking of the car, he had an Ontario license plate, but had lost his license in Ontario. There's a report from those who knew him in Ontario that he likely had no car insurance. Imagine. Good thing a large PEI farm tractor didn't damage his vehicle.

As the Queer world turns, who needs Queer as Folk, we have our Fudgie.

Who cares what this guy did or is still doing, I sure don't. So keep the crap off here, Keith and I are happy now and all you read on here about Keith being charged isn't true. Get a life guys and get over it.

OMG - if you are going with him I'd suggest you lock up your money, your parents' money and even your grandparents' money as he's bound to swindle all of you out of the cash. He's done it before and its too bad you are willing to overlook his past behaviour. Good Luck as you'll get screwed and not in a good way.

LOL, I can't believe that we have Keith's new boyfriend sticking up

for Keith here...poor, hard-done-by Keith being slandered and attacked on the big, bad, gay wiki page. Honey, take some fast and far, away from Keith. Trust me, you will regret it more than you can even imagine. If you stay with him, then you deserve every single thing you get...and believe me, you will get it, it'll only be a matter of time. And like the above post won't be in a good way.

Remember Keithy, you can run but you can?t hide. You are a disgrace to the GayCommunity, you take advantage of everyone who comes your way. You are one of the best cons there is. But buddy the joke is on you. Watch your back! You?ve done a lot of people wrong and they?re not so likely to forgive. How does it feel to be looking over your shoulder all the time? How does it feel to know that you?ve left your family in ruins? How can you sleep at night knowing all the wrong you?ve done? And we all feel sorry for you poor sucker who?s letting him get close to you. Hide your house keys, make sure you have your wallet and those credit card statements? Make sure you have them put away. Keith - how many seniors did you steal from? It will all come back to bite you in the ass!!! It?s so nice to know that you have so many friends in PEI that they?re willing to give up your address and phone number. Boy, you?re really well liked!

Boy, how things have changed at OCI since Keith was turfed. The tension in the plant has subsided and production has increased dramatically since the new production supervisor took over. Thursday, a rather large man in a pick-up truck was around the plant asking about Keith N. Fudge's whereabouts. He didn't seem like he was looking for Keith just to say hello either. He seemed very pissed off about something. I hope he tracks you down and kicks the ever-loving shit out of you, Keith. You deserve it, you fucking punk.

I have been watching these posts for the past few weeks and in total shock!!! Mr. Fudges behaviour is appalling. Since the police have their hands tied and it is not possible to pick him up in PEI due to the fact that there is no Canada wide warrant. But if he steps one foot here in Ontario they can pick him up. Strange isn't it, one can walk into a Beckers or Macs Milk, hold them up to get a measly $50.00 and get 10-20 years in Kingston. Yet Mr. Fudge can steal hundreds of thousands and get only 3-4 months. What?s with the system here?

I have an idea. If the police can't do something, why don't we? I will gladly put up $1000 for Mr. Fudges "Safe" return. No violence please. I would like nothing more than to "BONK HIM ON THE HEAD" throw him in the trunk of my car and take him to Ontario myself. But I am not above the law. He is not worthy of my imprisonment! And to Mr. Fudges boyfriend, how old are you honey? You sound very mature!!!!

August 20

I like the idea above.... ** No Violence?no one gets hurt** Some one should take him for a drive ... Drop him off just past the Ontario boarder... call the fuzz .. Should someone decide to do this... take your camera and post some pix of da fuzz getting the skank!!

Kirk writes: If the Ontario Polce wanted Keith Neil Fudge bad enough I am sure they would have a way to get him. I find it had to believe that you guys have nothing better to do then to write this kind of crap on here.

CRAP!!!! You call this CRAP!!!! Maybe you should go on line to the Windsor Star, there is an article about the above noted piece of crap, page two. All the charges against Mr Fudge have been verified with the police. So if you think that we have nothing better to do than to write crap, then so be it!!! If more victims come forward or we can help the nice people down east then we are doing our job. The more people that know what type of guy he is then we can hopefully avoid more victims on the east coast. So for all the folks in the GayCommunity be aware and spread the news. THIS PERSON IS VERY DANGEROUS!!! He is down on his luck with no car, identification, and no money. Desperate people do desperate things!! P.S. Keith, if your looking for your wallet, you left it in the glove compartment of the car that you stole and was towed back to Ontario. If you would like to have it back then we will be more than happy to return it to you. Come to Ontario we are waiting. I like the above post, hey I would pay a $1000 to see you back here. Anyone else want to up the ante? Hey we could get a reward fund going on. I love it. -Joanne Hatch

I'm not a subscriber to the Star so I can't get the entire article but here is a link to the headline:

Perhaps Joanne Hatch could post the entire article for us to read :)

Someone should tell the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper about the Windsor newspaper article. It would be good to have the issue read by those in PEI. ( The man to give the tip to is Bill McGuire?, News Editor ( or Telephone : (902) 629-6038

Kirk writes: Why don't you do it yourself? If you can post it on here I'm sure you could call the newspaper office in PEI. I'm not saying all this is crap just the untrue things that are posted on here.

To all the people who seem to think all the writings on here about this loser are untrue, THINK AGAIN. People do not write the truth unless they have their facts straight, and from what many have posted, I see this as the majority are telling the truth and then some. To the so-called boyfriend who thinks he is in love with this CON ARTIST, DON'T COME CRYING TO ANYONE AROUND HERE OR TO ANYONE HE HAS FUCKED OVER, FOR YOU WILL HAVE MADE YOUR OWN BED, AND THEN YOU CAN LYE IN IT. Also, if you think that Keith loves you, you are more gullible than you perceive yourself to be. Then again, there is always a sucker born every minute. TO JOANNE HATCH, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT, AND LETTING THOSE DOWN EAST KNOW WHAT HE IS LIKE, AND IF YOU COULD POST THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE WINDSOR STAR ON THIS PAGE, IT WOULD BE A GREAT READ, THAT I AM VERY SURE OF.

At last! Everyone is going to see you for what you really are. A no-good two-faced drunken scam artist who is going to get everything he deserves. The Windsor Star has portrayed you for what you really arre. Thanks to Ms. Hatch and a few fine friends. Haha - you?re going down. And the longer you run the harder you will fall. Those eyeballs in the front of your head - are they working now? You know what I am talking about Keith, you should have figured it out by now - I know you?re not as stupid as you look. You should take one and stick it in the back of your head, you never know who might show up!! You?re wanted in a bad way and the citizens that you have hurt want you to pay. And you will. Mark my words, Neil (Keith) Fudge you will pay!! That is your real name isn?t it? Or what is it you?re going by these days? You?ve told so many lies that I?m sure by now you don?t know what your real name is.

That?s OK because your mug is splattered everywhere. You have a face that we?ll surely never forget. No matter how many times you shave your head and play the cancer victim or how any times you bleach your hair (what?s left of it) or grow a beard, you are a sought-after man and your smug mug is not forgettable. So keep looking over your shoulder - you never know who you might see. Or who knows, I may just be across the street watching you. As we share freely this information about you to the many people, but of course you just might be enjoying this because you?ve always been so full of yourself. That will come to an end. You can run but you can?t hide forever!!

To anyone who wants the full FUDGEPACKER story, just type in "The Windsor Star" in a search engine, then register to view the whole story in the paper on line. The registration is free and it will give you newspapers all across Canada. Here the website to use to find the full story. Just follow the instructions for registration and you can view the truth about this scumbag.

Maybe someone should send a link of this page to the OPP. You seem pretty good with this stuff Ms. Hatch so I'll leave that to you, maybe they can reply to us to say why they are not coming for him.

I don't know if the OPP have pending charges or not. I do however know that the Fudge is wanted by the Leamington and by the Windsor police. As people have explained their hands are tied and without the Crown Attorney's office rubber stamping this case they can't do a thing. That is how the Canadian system works. It's just not in Ontario. -J. Hatch

Hey lover boy, you think you know Keith Neil Fudge, you better think again. Does a leopard change its spots? Neither does Keith. So you better think twice about what you are saying about the nice man you know. Take it from me. I was married to the man for 22 years. I thought he was going to change.

He made a promise to me in front of a church full of people and God, that he would be true to me. I not only gave him one chance, but two.

I left him once and went back to him to come to Ontario to live because he promised me he would change. I left all my family and friends in Newfoundland to come to Ontario to live because he promised me that he would change.

Keith, I hope your lover boy is making you happy because you have a family in Ontario that you will never get to see again. Three beautiful grandchildren that are a joy to have. Especially your grandson that you said was your pride and joy.

Think about how you spoiled his first birthday, showing up say that you were in police protection because you were turning over information about the Hells Angels to them.

You know you destroyed my life again here in Ontario also. I left Leamington because I was ashamed to face all the people there that you had scammed and I did not want to be receiving all the phone calls from them and having them show up on my door step looking for.

I hope that you do get caught and get what you deserve.

You queer son of a bitch.

Kirk writes: Hope Keith gets what he deserves, I don't feel sorry for him or have any use for people like him. I read the whole page and it makes me sick that he?s not in jail yet.

Mrs. Fudge. CLAP CLAP CLAP. I applaud you for having the courage to come forward. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I only send you best wishes and hope you can move forward and put this nightmare behind you. -J. Hatch

August 21

Kirk writes: That?s right. You don't have anything to be ashamed of Mrs Fudge and I too applaud you.

I have been reading this web site for a few weeks, This is Keith's EX-stepdaughter Crystal. On November 2, 2003, Keith walked in to his grandson's birthday claiming he was in police protection. He broke the hearts of his 2 granddaughters when he said that they would not be able to see popa again. Which now both girls ages 7 & 11 understand it is for the best. They both no longer speak of him. His grandson has never known him which I am thankful for. He left the family in shambles. My mother, sister,and brother moved in with me, my husband and three kids in a three bedroom house. We all had a rough time but family (true family) stick together when things are rocky. My mom now is getting on with her life even though it was shattered twice by that prick. (Sorry for the language). If anyone can tell stories on how Keith can ruin a family I have lots to tell. I check in on the web site every other day. So I am reading the updates from everyone. PLEASE everyone we need this whatever you want to call him brought to justice for everyone's sake. I leave my number only for serious phone calls. Please respect that I have a family of my own. 519-421-9640. Keith and his friend do not even copy this number down. I have no time for you niether does the rest of the family. To keith's friend (lover) I hope you had eye surgery and had one placed in the back of your head. YOU will need it. TRUST ME AND EVERYONE ON THIS WEB SITE. His ex-daughter CRYSTAL

August 22

Hi Crystal. It takes a lot of courage to come forward. I, better than anyone, know how hurt you and your family are, and how it's been hard to put the pieces back together. At some point in time I would like to think that my family meant something, but over the last everal months after all the hurt and betrayal have come to realize that Kieth was only out for himself. Yourself, your husband, your children, brother and sister and especially your mother will remain good friends of mine regardless of the past. You are all wonderful people and my family appreciates your honesty about Keith and all the wrong he has done. All good things come to an end at some point, and a life on the run will eventually come to an end. He is not above the law and will have to pay for his wrongdoing.

At no point in time is anyone trying to disrespect the GayCommunity. I truly believe that everyone who has been voicing opinions have been hurt by Fudge at one point or another. People are just trying to spare all you good folks from being had, hurt, or taken advantage of like many of us in Ontario. KeithFudge must be seen for what he is!! And it's not an honest, caring or respectful man so beware of this man if he crosses your path. It's not your back he's watching...he's only watching his own.

You must come forward as good citizens. You must all protect the good decent people within your communities. This has to stop!!

August 23

Keith Neil Fudge is having a grand ole time. I saw him at a party on the weekend in PEI. Fortunately I was aware of this web site so was alert to his ways of befriending, then stealing from you. He gave me a tour of his rental...His walls are decorated with pictures of his family, and he spoke of the importance of family. I knew the difference. The guy wouldn't know how to shoot straight, he lies an awful lot. Thanks to this web site others in the tiny Island GayCommunity are also "alert" to Mr. Fudge.

Hi! My name is Freda Brown, and I own Brown's Accounting & Bookkeeping Service, a home based bookkeeping service in Kingsville, Ontario. My information is factual here, not bashing (I certainly understand the need to curb that on this site). I have been following this site since I first learned of it a couple weeks ago. I've been reluctant to post only because I didn't want to get caught up in the venting (but understanding we are all very frustrated). I did an interview with the Windsor Star last week for the article which ran Saturday, August 20, 2005. According to Sharon Hill, reporter, only myself and Joanne Hatch have been willing to release our names and factual stories. She has had anonymous calls, but, of course, can't go anywhere without names and facts. She is working on more of this story yet. It's not over.

The people I know of personally and through my bookkeeping business have been very hurt, and some devastated. The Leamington police investigator told me that Fudge had been charged and convicted of fraud on the east coast before he came to Leamington over 10 years ago. It's very difficult to see first hand some the damages that Keith Neil Fudge has done here, and know is able to go wherever he chooses, and continue to hurt others, and get away with it. We in Ontario hated to think that he fled from here and would do the same damage to someone else. After reading the newspaper article re ClubVortex and these postings, it is clear he is continuing without regard for the feelings of anyone else. He can not be allowed to continue to move around and hurt good, trusting, and some elderly people.

When I first started my business, and looking for new accounts or subcontract accounts, I was referred to Fudge's business (Fair Tax & Bookkeeping Service) by a local personnel agency, where Fudge had been in contact. He said he was overloaded with accounts and needed someone to subcontract work to. I took on some of his accounts. This is how I came to know him and heard ALL of his stories (I could go on for hours, but I won't). Like all others, I believed him, and thought he was a nice, hard working business man. He was very professional; always well-dressed in a suit & tie, and had a tasteful, professional office, complete with University diplomas in Accounting on the wall. He wanted to handle his clients himself, and specifically asked that I not contact them, but to go through him for any bookkeeping issues. I respected this, since they were his clients. In hindsight, I realize he had very good reason for not wanting our contact with each other. As soon as we did talk and compare stories, we knew things were not kosher. I have supplied the police with concrete evidence of his illegal activity, as have other business people and individuals. He destroyed a lot of client's files before fleeing town, but luckily, I still had paperwork for his subcontracts (just maybe, he slipped up??). I first learned there was something wrong when one his own clients called me to ask if I would take on his books because he didn't trust Fudge, and showed me a fraudulent GST return. I immediately called Fudge for a meeting to confront this matter. He had so many stories that day about this client, about Hell's Angels, drugs, and claimed he was a victim. By this time, I wasn't believing him, and ceased work with him. At this same time, other clients were getting calls from Revenue Canada demanding payment for taxes which they knew were already paid. Red flags were up all around, and we all knew he was a con artist. This guy was doing bookkeeping and income tax returns (even for corporations), investing for clients, and WSIB claims. It didn't matter if they were ill, elderly or struggling small businesses. He got them to trust him, and he screwed them.

These businesses and individuals have not only had to pay all their taxes once, but twice. This included payroll deduction remittances, PST, GST, income tax. Imagine how devastating this would be to anyone. Some of these businesses are struggling to survive in spite Fudge's greed and disregard for them. I know he did several hundred income tax returns for the 2002 year, and I wonder how many unsuspecting customers he screwed. (I saw the tax returns, but don't know much more on that issue). He told me he only started his business to establish it for his son who was in his last year of university to become an accountant (all lies). He shattered his own son's credit by obtaining a credit card in his name, and abusing it.

To Fudges ex-family, I am so sorry for what you've had to endure. You are victims in this even more, for you've lost a husband and father who has done things to you that absolutely no loving, caring husband & father would do, especially a father to a child. I truly hope you will remain strong together, and all of Fudge's victims will survive his abuse.

To all others who are crossing his path, please don't allow yourself to be taken in by him. You WILL regret it. He's NOT who is passes himself off to be. Don't hurt yourself.

Regards, Freda Brown

August 26

I had the opportunity to speak with Wayne Noonan of the RCMP while on other business and he was aware of the allegations against Keith. I asked why he is still free and the answer I received was shocking - Halifax Police contacted the complainant (he did not divulge whether this was Carl or Serge and I didn't ask) and the complainant declined to be audited and requested that the matter be dropped.

Does anyone know if any kind of insurance payment was received by ClubVortex to cover some or all of the alleged losses? I know that if someone ripped off my business I'd be pushing for the authorities to do something about it and now it seems that the then-owner(s) of ClubVortex want it swept under the rug. Something smells funny regarding this whole thing!

JC Theriault

DanielMacKay writes: two journalists working on the story that I've talked to, confirm that. There are no charges against him in Nova Scotia.

Thanks Dan for the latest info. It seems Keith gets away with his crimes.

August 27

Dan - You'd think that whoever was providing ClubVortex's theft insurance coverage would be demanding an audit, especially if a claim was paid out. The troubling part is that the bar held a press conference to announce what Keith had done and now its looking like ClubVortex might have been a scam in itself, especially lying to the community about being serious in trying to bring Keith back to face the law. Where did the money go? And was it 100% stolen by Keith? - an audit would answer those questions and it would seem that the former ownership would rather not tell the truth.

JC Theriault

It sure seems like this is personal for you JC did you lose money in this some how, or are you just really nosey?

To the AnonymousCoward who posted the above:

Did I lose money? No. Am I being nosy? Not at all. It became public matter when the press conference was called and bar management stated the facts to the public via the press. We lost a damn good venue and according to the stuff published at the time, Keith had put ClubVortex into a very tough financial situation.

But if you consider that we believed what the owners/managers were saying at the time and now we find out that its actually those same people who have asked that the police not persue the matter and went so far as to decline being audited then its a slap in the face to all of us who went and spent a few extra dollars each night to try and keep the bar afloat. I was a member of one group who I pushed to keep holding their monthly supper meetings there just because I figured the extra dozen or so meals might actually make a difference, especially if other groups and individuals threw their support behind the bar that was "hurting" due to the "theft".

The community was asked to help out because of the incident and now we find out that they want the issue swept under the rug? Typical and shameful behaviour by some in the Halifax GayCommunity. JC Theriault

August 28

I agree with JC , if there is nothing to hide then let the audit begin. Halifax fruit bars have been known (in the past) to rip off their own...let's see what the audit says, if there is nothing to hide then ClubVortex or those who ran the joint will be in the clear, or exposed. And no I have no interest or loss of $$ in what happened, however just looking for the truth, and of course nosey... I am a fruit after all :)

An audit can only be done with the permission of Serge. He said no. NO ONE can force an audit. One thing about the "Community" in Halifax is they feel that they "own" the bars and various gay oriented establishments. They are privately owned bussinesses and can do what they want (i.e., decline an audit, hire who they want, put up or take down flags, deny entry for whatever reason); in the end people need to understand that. Serge has his reasons for denying an "audit" by the police. He himself **COULD** have something to hide???? Who knows. People need to move on here. And please, stop erasing the "get over it" messages. I don't erase yours.

Revenue Canada has 7 years to do an audit and they don't need permission either, especially good if they think they are going to find tax cheats. Subtle hint for anyone with internal connections at the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency: send in an agent to visit Serge.

August 29

I think Fudge should be hanging with guys his own age! What would a young hot model want with a 45 year old man with a beer belly. Fudge is nothing to look at. OH that's right, it must be the money!! All that money from Halifax and Ontario, it has to buy you something.

August 30

My name is Wayne Thibodeau, and I am a reporter for the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper. I am looking for any additional information that can help us piece together the story of Keith Fudge. I have read, with interest, the postings here but I need to be able to speak to people on the record, or people with proof of what he's allegedly done. Also, anybody who has any details about what he may have done in P.E.I., or contacts of people he has befriended in P.E.I., please email me at I can be reached by phone at 902-629-6043.

I wish the Keith supporters would open their fucking eyes and realize that he's a scam artist and that its not just in NS thats he's done shit like this. How are you guys gonna react when he scams your mother out of her income tax money if he reopens a bookeeping business and she happens to become a client. Gonna defend him then?

JC Theriault

Oh the drama...stop selectively earasing stuff. I'm not a Keith supporter but I am getting tired of all the BS that's being posted here, whether true or not. I don't care. Everyone knows what he did. Why post about it day in and day out on here? Get out and do somthing about it!!!

August 31

Keith Neil Fudge has been re-Googled!

HiI? would not like to say my name if that is okay and I like many others have meet keith neil fudge and thought that he was a charming guy and I felt sorry for him like many others before me, and I read this website and I felt so bad for the people on here. I was told that he had a 20 yearold son living in a house that him and his x built, I was also told about you crystal and your family and he told me that u were like an adopted daughter to him because you didnt have a father, I was also told about his sons mother that you had gotten together in college and you produced a boy together but you still were like bestfriends because of it. I later found out that this was all lies like many others and it made me angry because I have been lied to and kicked to the curb many times and I must say (hurt hurts) and I'm going to be honest you never truly get over it. I was told his x of 9 years died in a sudden car accident and his father died of a heart attack and he also told me the scar on his stomache was from getting his ependix removed. I am so sorry about all you people who had money stolen from you and his poor family for having to go through so much trouble over the past few years because I could never truly be strong enough to get over it so I give you all so much credit. I dont know where my life will lead me next because I never imagined that one guy could do so much to so many peoples lives only the devil himself. I'm a stupid person to trust someone so easily i guess all I really wanted is someone to stand by me a night in shining armour because ever since I was little I grew up in a house where I was controlled nonstop everyday, I was abused mentally my whole life and physically abused and I never thought I would be alive today. Sometimes I feel like an angel because I helped so many people find themselves and I helped them get themselves out of sticky situatio Then I meet A man who obviously seemed troubled and ofcourse I tried to help him and learned that he was crazy and there is no help for keith neil Fudge because hes mentally disturbed and the best place for him and for all of us is to put him in prison. I want to know how to make this possible and what we need to do this because I can do what ever it takes to get him locked up if its tapeing him on a voice recorder if that will work then I am willing to do it. Just write back to me how to trick him into talking and what proof i need to get him in jail. thank u all for the enteries and i want to help

September 1, 2005: Check out todays issue of TheCoast for an interesting two-page article on the ClubVortex/Keith matter. The only part that I found strange was Eric stating that CarlMaxwell and him weren't too impressed with the police. Waiting for a forensic audit to get done? Better find out why Carl (or Serge or ??) refused to allow an audit to take place and have asked the matter to be dropped by the police.

Eric - hate to say it but it looks like you've been given the run around on the issue just like the gay community has. The more a person looks at this situation the more one has to wonder what would be discovered if the audit was actually done.

JC Theriault

Kirk here-Well Makes a person wonder Did keith rally take the money or was The Gay commmunity just told this, something Just don't add up? I know when fraud is done at the Royal Bank the police was called in and they took it from there why was this matter asked to Be dropped ? makes you wonder doesn't it ?

Why is this guy still running around? Can the police not find him? Is he still taking advantage of inocent men who think he's so great? I believe that his number was posted once before 9029690295 they should be able to contact him. maybe some one should check in on him, we wouldn't want him doing anything to have happened to this wonderful person.!!!

Well, it's been about a month since Keith got the boot from O.C.I. and what an improvement. New supervisor who actually has a clue and a new plant manager as well. Seems like O.C.I. Beach Point Division is finally starting to stabalize.The tension is gone and people actually seem to be starting to enjoy themselves at work again. All thanks to O.C.I. finally getting rid of Mr. Fudge. I'm just thankful after having read some of the stories on here that he never got to pull the same tricks at O.C.I. or there would be about 200 people out of work and looking to lynch this clown.

September 8: LOL. Keith Neil Fudge told someone he was going to go to the police to complain about this web site "harrassing him". Now I'd love to be a fly on the wall, hearing Keithy talk to the police. What an interesting conversation that would be, now wouldn't it?

Well looks like Keith is on the run again. I saw him with a few bags at Tim.s in Charlottetown the other day and he looked like he was packed for good, You know the term bag lady?? Well I called out to Rainbow Lodge and asked for Keith and he said he had moved to his trailer. I called to Murray River and they said he has not been there for over a month. I called again yesterday to the camp site and got the same story. I tried his cell number and it comes with a recording to call 411. So again he has hit the road in a cloud of heifer dust!!! I guess Keith is the smart one riding into town wineing and dining young men setting up house and then leaving a few muddles brians in his wake. Next community watch out

September 9: You mean this charlatan has left the Charlottetown area for good? Where to next, New Brunswick? Surely he wouldn't show his face in Halifax, and Newfoundland is out of the question because he spent time in jail there. And it is highly unlikely he'd go back to Ontario, where he faces 16 fraud charges and a province wide warrant.

Wonder who got burnt during his stay on PEI?

Umm.... are you Retarded? or just can't read.....?

Ummmm... no not retarded - haven't seen a list of who got ripped off this time. Have you?

The ClubVortex owners should seize the trailer that Keith has apparently left behind at Murray River, and just in case he has hitch-hiked to New Brunswick, someone should alert the gay bars in Saint John, and Moncton about this "character".

The ClubVortex owners don't give a shit about this guy. If they cared about being ripped off they'd have allowed the audit to take place and never asked the police to drop the matter. They took the community for a ride when they "cried wolf" about being ripped off.

The trailer (pop-up), was moved to the lodge last time I was there...

For the record, i'm 99% sure that Keith wrote the boyfriend "leave Keith alone thing on here." I'm the salon boy that, fortunately got out before anything bad happened. He has a laptop, so who knows what he's puting on here. And for the record, I make enough money, I don't need his. (man, i'm a bad judge of character..hehe)

Went by the Rainbow Lodge this morning and there is no trailer parked there Sept.10th. The gay resort should be glad to see the last of him

September 11: The pop-up trailer was last seen at Murray River campground. It was there as of last week. Although Keith has not been seen for over a month there. For the record, Keith only had the trailer at the Rainbow Lodge (a well known destination, complete with a huge Rainbow flag painted on the front of a building in Vernon Bridge, PEI) for a day or two. While at the lodge he dossed down in one of the luxury rooms. Keith is good, but without a car (remember it was seized or repossessed, it is doubtful he could move the trailer. He has left Rainbow Lodge for good, packed up like a baglady on the run. I'm guessing like someone else he went to New Brunswick, although he was fond of talking about the male peeler bars in Montreal, so maybe he hitch-hiked to Montreal. Maybe he met a young guy and is now staying in Charlottetown.

hey its late sept 11th keith is still in p.e.i. he was at victoria park tonite says he is taking hotel motel management at holland college by this guy can lie wow hope someone catches up to this guy hes quite a piece of work good luck on catching him look on here if ya want to find him hes staying on north river road in chtown

September 12: Victoria Park, isn't that the cruising spot for Island gays?

To YOu nice salon boy. good for you. you've seen the light, and what this man is all about. he would of take you for a ride . He's smooth and charming and put's on how trusting he is. but we all know better. he shouldn't get far. that's right he has no car it's looking mighty good back in ontario. rumor is that that trailer wasn't payed for either, it's a matter of time . they'll be coming for that too. Poor keithy your day is comming.and yes it would be very interesting to hear the conversation between keithy and the police. I'd like to be the fly on the wall.

Montreal isn't to far from Ontario maybe he'd like to go back there for old times sake. Sounds like Keith has lots of friend in Ontario who love to see him. Maybe they'll feel sorry for all the harrassing he's getting and take him to the police themselves. Ha Ha Ha

Dropped in to see Keith at the Trailor Park in Murray River. I stopped at the office and used the phone to call the manager and he said he was not there and his trailor was gone also. I asked if they knew where it was and he sounded a bit strange so maybe it was also towed away. Things do not look good for Keith. Hotel Management!!!! Watch those credit card numbers.

Will be sorry to see this all wrapped up as it is a daily soap opera on line.

How many more places are there for him to go.

September 13: I agree with the daily soap opera on line commentary. I have to confess I check in daily to see what Keith is up too. He seems like a real character. Can you imagine being harrassed by a web site which exposes the truth, the lies, the deceit and the missing money.

So Keith has replaced the beach with the park as his favorite gay cruising grounds. LOL. Do we know who he is lodging with on North River Road in Charlottetown?

Sept 14: Watching Canadian Idol last night, I was reminded of a story Newfie Keith told me. He said he knew Rex and his family. Rex, the Newfie star of Canadian Idol, likely never laid eyes on Keithy before. The stories Keithy comes up with. If anything they are humourous.

Keith Neil Fudge taking Hotel Management? Geez, just the other day he was telling people he was enroled in the nursing program at Holland College. Why even bother with college, Keith? You showed you can fudge (pardon the pun) your resume, when you successfully applied for work at Ocean Choice, indicating you had 17 years fish experience at Highliner, when in fact you had no fish plant experience.

This is Keith Neil Fudge, please with the lies that have been said about me on this website. If I did all those things, why haven't I been pick up by the police? You gays in Halifax have nothing better to do then to stir up shit, get a life and leave me alone. Thank you

Hey FudgePacker?, the truth hurts doesn't it. Why would you bother coming on to this site if you were not curious as to how close you are to being put in jail for the rest of your pathetic life.

So let me get this right... you blame this site and the Hfx gay community for all the stuff that was said about Keith when its also been said by ClubVortex staff/management, the HRP who tried to investigate until management requested otherwise, the Herald, Coast and Daily News who published info on the theft, the seafood plant on PEI who let him go due to lies on his application, the guy who repo'd the car, the people here in Hfx and in Nfld, Ont and probably PEI who got ripped off... ya sure they are all the cause of Keith's troubles. Give me a break - he's a thief and deserves to be behind bars, the jail kind not the ClubVortex kind.

Well Keith I guess all your gay friends are having trouble beleiving you. I guess friends are hard for you to come by , even in the gay community. All your lies are catching up to you. Who will you run to next and where. You will soon run out of people to run to and places to go.

I still have all of my friends and my family. What do you have, nothing and no one. You will soon be a lonely man, with no one to turn to. You are getting what you really deserve.

My life is just great. I have met a wonderful man who really cares for me. We enjoy one another"s company. The kids really like him and they get along just great. Maxine, Your exwife

Hey Keith., Whats with you ? I knew you from The Good ol Tool box . You use to stand behind the counter with that smile. Back then I considered you as a friend but after reading this information and even hearing what your former customers and once friends..I feel like I don't know you at all..Sounds like you been caught in a blender or something gone horribly wrong. You havent grown up at all. You think you are a man. You are nothing but a big baby.You need a whack and get with the program. If you continue like this its down hill all the way. If you want to be a man a true man stop what you are doing and start being responsible for your actions..If I am wrong prove it to me. Bill


I lent Keith Neil Fudge money and got it back, in full. Thank God. I wonder though how many others here on the Island did not get it back?

WoW? I can't believe this S.O continues. It may drive Keith over the edge, or bridge....Imagine having a site all about you...Your a star Keith. It's fun to read the updates keep em coming.

To Keith:

This is Freda Brown in Kingsville (Ontario). If that was really you who just posted, YOU REALLY ARE SCUM!!! I know, and Essex County (in Ontario) knows all too well about the real you. I can't even begin to describe the major disgust I have for you. After we worked together and I trusted you.. good church going guy who knew his stuff in accounting !??? I also heard more about your big real estate deal.. remember the condo you were buying on Riverside in Windsor. You had that poor guy from the strip club so fooled by you. He thought you were loaded financially, since you frequented the strip club and were very free with $100.00 bills to the gay dancers (wads of money in your wallet). Unfortunately all that wad of money was from the victims here who you got to trust you. I only pray that the people there who cross your path will not be taken by you. Oh, you're sooo smooth... like pond scum. You will answer some day for your inhumanity.. whether to the courts or to God, but you will answer.

To anyone who has lent Keith money and actually got paid back (as a prior post here), be aware that the only reason he pays you back, is that he still has a use for you. Believe when he needs you no longer, you'll be screwed. This isn't just a short term mess he's been caught up in. It's been going on for decades. IT NEEDS TO STOP!

Freda Brown

To the person who lent Keith money and he actually paid it back; of course he did... as long as there was more he could get from you in money or any other way. That's how he used us.

I have nothing to be ashame of, I did what I had to do,If the police in NS or the OPP wanted me they would of had me by now, So you fags in NS,PEI,and Ont get something else to write about, Keith Neil Fudge,PS. you may see me in Halifax this weekend.

To Keith?

Nothing to be ashamed of????!!!! What about what you did to your son and your wife?? What about the all the fraud (yes, I have proof). What about taking innocent elderly woman, and a very sick woman who was trying to protect her future with investments? I don't need to go on, do I! Forget trying to say you're innocent. The words "innocent" and "Keith Neil Fudge" just won't fit together. .. And, by the way, the police are NOT done with you yet here in Ontario.


We've digressed to Strip bars!!! (So that's where the Ontario money went). Oh my God, this site is getting more interesting as the postings go on. Has anyone considered writing a book about Keith? The truth seems stranger than reality, so not sure if it would classify as fiction or non-fiction.

So Keithy says he is innocent.....PROVE IT YOU S.O.B. For until you can prove your innnocence, why bother defending yourself to a community, and everyone else, when the truth about you is out there and QUIT PORTRAYING yourself as the VICTIM, you pathetic excuse for a human being.

What I did to my wife and Son? get over it, it's the past and nothing you can do to change the past, I will be Ont soon and will go right to the OPP. like I said I'm not ashame what I did, it's just my way of life, I am now on my way to N.s. for a few days So take care , Keith Neil Fudge

Come to grand old Nova Scotia.....the police will be notified and you will be taken care of. As to the above posting, stop playing the victim you worthless SOB. By the way, coming on to this site only makes it easier for the authorities to get you where they want you.

PLEASE do come back to Ontario and visit the OPP. I'm sure they'll put the coffee on for you. When can we tell them to expect you? (retorical question). We'd love to see you back here. Just your way of life?? So you're above the law and GOD?? Look out Nova Scotia! Freda

Halifax police don't want me and have no intrest in sending me to Ont. I will be in Halfax with my boy friend like it or not, I have no worries,Have a nice day, Keith Ps you all been taken in by me, loved ever bit of it, lol, so this be my last posting, have a nice day. I cann't believe that you guys give me a page. thanks --

this needs to be made into a movie ,what afucked up person you are fudge

Guys stop worrying It wasn't Keith Neil Fudge that was posting things on here, it was Kirk from Halifax,

Keith your right what you did to me in is the past. I will survive without you. Hopefully Kerry can get things staightened out too. But what about Felicia, whom you seem have forgottened about. She was destroyed. She has messed up so much in school the past couple of years Because of everything you did and how you left. You keep emailin her and telling her that you love her, but what about the money you haven't given her for the past two year. I guess spending it on your gay buddies and gay lifestyle is more important that your daughter. Don't worry she is getting back on track and hopefully she won't think of you any more and get over you too. Maxine

Maxine Just want you to know that Keith is not posting anything on here , it's Kirk from Halifax so don't waste your time.

I have been reading this page for months now ! Keith Neil Fudge is the biggist piece of shit that god has ever made !! The way he fuck's everyone over all the time . I hope he does go back to Halifax or Ont and the right person see's him .. I'm almost sure he would rather the cop's get him as to what ever else is lurking in the dark (pretty sure i'd be scaired shitless) We all know that it is NOT him responding to anything that has been posted in here . Anyone that knows him KNOW'S that isnt the way he respond's .. So for the people that are SERIOUSLY looking for him please keeps your eyes opend in Ch'town .. Not to the wild goose chase someone else is trying to send you on .

Kirk, you need to be bitchslapped...most of the people who are posting here know Keithy-boy first hand, and we know that he would never respond like YOU quit the childishness.

What keith did may not have nothings to do with all the gays here in Halifax, this page for keith is crap. I am all for keith as it's his way of life, So for your guys get over it, you got keith this is the end of my games, you go keith, kirk

I doubt that we'll see Keith again here in Nova Scotia...I mean, where would he go? And, even if he did have the balls to set foot here again, there are more than a few people who would kick his ass back to C'town. But, we all know that Keith is a ball-less wonder and will not be coming back, though, on the other hand, he is an idiot so he might just try. Ohhhh, the vicious circle that is Keith. I'd love for him to come back, if only for a day. Oh, the fun we'd have....lmao!!!

September 19: It is sad when you have a web site dedicated to a fraudster and someone pretends to be him on this site, posting notes which are not actually from Mr. Fudge. Ironic, isn't it?

Sept. 19. Keith is still on the Island. He was walking the other day when I spotted him heading into a government building. LOL, Keith has to do lots of walking these days since his car was repo'd. Maybe he'll be nice and trim soon!

WHY would any one pretent to be Keith? You Mr. Kirk have any idea how devestateing this has been to his family. how i watched his wife and kids have to pick up and leave the town that they loved and the friends they have come to know. Do you have and idea what it's like to feel like your whole world just has come crashing down on you not only once but twice. Being left with no home no money no transportation. YOu sir deserve this to happen to you. I only wish that Fudge Crosses your path once more.and you think that he's so great, because he will take you for a ride. and yes you do need to be bitch slapped!!!

stop erasing what is the truth. The Keith scames that are being posted are only the truth. How about the time that his rental truck was stolen from Toronto with money a laptop leather coat only to be mysteriosly found in Windsor. ontario. with none of those thinks in it.. INsurance fraud?? ha . the time his car was broken into in the drive way of the home he rented. Ha, INsurance Fraud ??? the time he was supposedly knock ofF the loading dock at BUTCHERS ENG. AND WENT ON COMP. ha, fraud ???.. shortly after the company was down sizeing, HA. HA HA FIRED, FIRED, FIRED,.. looks like Keithy can't keep a job. for some reason he keeps getting fired. can't keep his car repo man has got it. nothing to tow the trailer with.. OH YA that not paid for either.. D.U.I. warrant in windsor Ont. Don't think you can get insurance or plates for a car even if you had money for an other car. driver licence has been red flaged i'm sure.!!! so Keithy where does that leave you?? these boots were made for walking. you could stand to loose 30 or 40 lbs. THe only thing being , your mug will always look the same. maybe someone should inquire about the mugshot what was taken in N.F.L. it's been about 12 yr. i'm sure it looks the same. or maybe your heads saved because of the cancerWhat was the name of the church you scamed the money from that landed you in jail.., How LOW will Keithy go. He'll will stop at nothing. A little more inf. you fine people did't know about Keithy. your hero right KIRK.

hey read the piece above interesting!!!!

Has someone considered writing a book or making a movie about Keith?

Speaking of him being in PEI, I swear I saw him as a volunteer at the Terry Fox Run, which involved running, and walking over the 14 km Confederation Bridge on Sunday. I suppose he is in shape for the long bridge jaunt, having had his vehicle repo'd in early August.

Maybe Kirk should be sent to Ontario, so Keithy's ex-wife can BITCHSLAP him until what is left of his useless mind ceases to exist.

Sept 20: Indeed Keith was a volunteer at the Confederation Bridge walk for Terry Fox. He was actually parking cars. Guess he needed the practice operating vehicles. Wonder if he took a looksee around the content of said cars. LOL.

Sept 23:Well Keith's summer escapade has come to an end, as the calender changes a page to the autumn season. So what can we expect from Keith in the fall on our Island oasis?

Sept 25:Keith is back in Halifax. I saw him today at Pier 21 at the Word on the Street Festival. He seems to be all over the place.

Not surprising . He scoping out his next fling, and seeing how muchout of him he can get. Unless everyone is on to him. god i hope so.

500 edits. That's gotta be a new record. it's seem that people are posting things on here without posting their names, just wondering how muth is this is the truth?

if he ever was arrested or convicted of anything, and it was reported here, no one would ever know because everyone edits out those reports. It seems that Keith Neil Fudge has slipped into Urban legend status in the maritimes!

Sept. 26. I wonder if Keith Neil Fudge has ventured to his old haunts, the Toolbox, now known as Menz Bar and Club NRG (the former ClubVortex Bar) during his visitation to Halifax? Certainly a lot has happened on the gay bar front in Halifax since Keithy left it in September 2004. Some will argue that Keith left an indelible mark - and not a good one - on the local gay community, having jeopardized the health of ClubVortex, one of the city's finest gay bars, after he walked off with $22,000 from proceeds and stiffed it a further $15,000 in bad cheques (for proof see news articles in the link Keith neil Fudge coverage on top of this page).

Do you really belive keith was in the city, why didn't the one who postted that sign he/her name. It was reported he was in Montral, lets gets the facts right

To the above posting, read carefully: It was never reported that Keith had gone to Montreal. It was merely suggested that in the event he did leave PEI, Montreal would seem (would seem) an ideal spot for him to eventually travel to, because of its large gay population. (Not to mention the fact Keithy likes strip bars, as was posted from Ontario about his Windsor activities). But no one ever said he was in Montreal. And yes I believe he was in Halifax last weekend, and I don't believe it was posted by Kirk who would have two clues about the Word on the Street festival.

Keith is a FUDGEPACKER! if he is in Halifax I hope someone gets him and inflicts some real pain on him, just what he deserves.

I did read it carefully before the editor deleted it and It read that Keith was seen in Montreal having luch with someone, the guy that posted it sated he from Halifax n.s this was about 4 days ago. Then someone states he was in Halifax, this was posted yesterday and it was not Kirk.

Oh, I never read that posting about him having lunch in Montreal. I wonder if someone is maliciously posting fabricated lies on this site to diminish the validity of the real postings? Now, I am wondering if in fact he was actually seen in Halifax. Can we have more info about the supposed Halifax sighting at the Word on the Street festival. Was he seen at the bars last weekend, for instance?

You think he'd actually show his face at the local bars?? Chad, Mikey and many others he fucked over would love to get their hands on him.

No I don't think He would show up here in Halfax, Lol What would chad and Mikey do to keith, you ever see those two fight? I have and they fight like Girls,

Where does Keith hang out in PEI. I am over here to see him from Nova SCotia?

What happened to the posting in which a student saw him in the hallways at Holland College? Why was it removed?


A friend of a friend sighted Keith Neil Fudge in Halifax the weekend of September 24 & 25. He was walking on the street.

CapnDan writes: after reviewing the above, I think it would be a lot easier and quicker for us to compile a list of places where Keith isn't.

September 30, 2005: Keith is now attending Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI. I know this for a fact because I saw him throughout the school. I am concerned about the school and fellow students. -- Concerned Student.

October 10: Keith neil Fudge is still on Pei to this day and i know this for a fact cause he was seen at the rainbow lodge today(oct.10th)And this is the first time i ever read this page,And i pity all u ppl he took advantage of.He should be strung up by the nuts.I unforgently met him and thank the lord i didn't get ripped off!If i had known about this page sooner i would of help all of you out and kept you posted on his whereabouts.I hope he is not still with his halifax bf cause i also met paul and paul is really nice.So Keith is on pei at this moment if Ne one cares!Thank you for your time and i will come back if i hear Ne thing!

concerned student you should send a link to this page to your school. Use a hotmail address if you dont want to be known.

Is keith still in PEI? <----- who cares really?

Oct 16

Bill writes: I would like to say dispite all the negativity here Im not one for holding grudges. Keith however did things that pissed off a lot people here . I didn't have any problems with him but the truth has been told here.

October 17: Wow. One minute there was nothing on this site, aside from a note :"I think this was all crap"...and then voila minutes later the entire site reappears. Strange. Not really. There's a certain person who has nothing better to do than to erase stuff, post homophobic comments and otherwise deface this site. Fortunately, WikiBackups are in place so that the problem can be fixed.

October 20: I've met Keith Neil Fudge here on the Island. I can say he is a loveable rogue. Despite his background(see Windsor Star story in press coverage link), he is very engaging, witty and a great storyteller. Although u have to sift the truth from fiction when in his company.

Just make sure your wallet, the purse or wallet of any friends or relatives you have and even those of any deceased friends or relatives are kept locked away. This crook wouldn't hesistate to dig 8 feet down to get a quarter.

Oct. 26. Does any one know if Keith is going to the Delta dance this weekend, and what kind of costume he might be wearing for the Gay Halloween dance in Ch'Town?

Who REALLY cares? I think we all have spent WAY too much time on this wingnut...Yes, so sorry he ruined lives both here in Nova Scotia and Ontario (and God knows how many other places) but now is the time to stop wasting our time and breath on him and MOVE ON. People like Keith do get whats coming to them, sooner or later the lies and deceptions catch up with you and you will be made to finally pay. Right now, all we are doing is fueling our OWN outrage and upset while Keith is sitting in a trailer park somewhere with 3 or 4 barely legal twinks laughing is balls off at us all. Let's stop giving him the amusement he is obviously getting from his 'star page' on the Halifax Gay Wiki.

October 31. I didn't see Keith at the Halloween dance here in Ch'town on Saturday. I did see lots of costume folk, maybe he was in drag???

December 9, 2005 I am Silvia from Rob's Auto Sales on PEI. I just found this site. Mr. Fudge Purchased a 1997 Dodge Intrepid, White in color, 4dr with Alloy Wheels, from us on September 19, 2005. He gave us a down payment. He does not have the registration as I do not give them out until I have a full payment. If you see him with this car please contact us (902-569-5896) as we will have it repossessed. Up until the last few weeks Mr Fudge had been checking in with us. Thank you for your attention. I just found out that the deposit we were given was returned as his bank in NFL has closed his account due to fraudulant activity. Silvia

Wow Sylvia what a strange way to run a business. Give a person a car without registration passed on to the buyer. Maybe I should buy one from you also. Then if I have an accident guess what you are held reponsible for all issues of the accident. You may loose your business yet if he kills someone while driving your car. Bad move!!!!!!

How do you explain that to the RCMP?

A photocopy of the actual registration is all that is required in NS and NB though I'm not sure about PEI. Many individuals and companies keep the original in a safe place instead of in the vehicle. A lot of leasing and rental companies don't change the registration to your name until you've made 100% payment on the vehicle. Proof of insurance shown before driving off with the vehicle is usually needed before you get the keys. This is one of those instances where incorporating a business is a smart move in case Keith kills anyone other than himself.

Instead of switching things around and blaming the business owner for an error, why not open your eyes and realize that Keith pulled a fast one on someone else and has now STOLEN a car... maybe, just maybe the cops will catch him this time. He is lower than pond scum.

December 12, 2005 First of all I am not the owner - never said I was. The policy is that we have 7 days to transfer the registration. I never give out the registrations unless I have been paid in full or if I am vetoed by the owner (very rarely). Also Mr Fudge showed proof of insurance before we let him take the car. So why are you so fast to blame me I just wanted to come forward so may be we can catch this guy but it is no wonder that people are hesitating to come forward. I also noted that the person or persons attacking me never sign their name. If you are going to attack a person you should at least identify yourself instead of hiding behind you words. Silvia

Dec. 12: Thanks for posting your story Silvia about Keith Neil Fudge, con artist extrodinare. He told folk that he was enroled at Holland College this fall. Although that could be a lie. He also told people he was living in an apartment on North River Road. Again, that could be a lie. He also told someone who saw him in his car around Thanksgiving that he was planning to go to Newfoundland for Christmas. Out of curiosity, what name did he use to get the insurance card? I lost mine, in his presence, but never thought much of it given it names a specific vehicle on the insurance card. Again, thanks for alerting us to his latest activity. You should also check the Keith Fudge press coverage link on the top of this page to read more about him from newspaper accounts. You weren't the only one fooled, and lamentably, you won't be the last. The cops don't care about his fraudulent ways, it seems. Only in Canada, you say, what a pity!

Looks like Fudge is up to his old tricks. now a stolen car!! It's a matter of time. Hey Keith how come your cell phOne is no longer inservice. does anyone know his number. someone was so kind in disclosing it last time. How many poeple have you pissed off this time. you will be cought . lets see in ontario about $150,000 NOW A STOLEN CAR.. kEEP RUNNING!!! ontario>

Dec. 16. Keith Neil Fudge's email is His cell phone and land line do not work. Has anyone seen him lately in PEI? Holland College? Victoria Park (gay cruise area)? Rainbow Lodge (where he stayed in the summer)?

December 29, 2005 OfficerDick writes: Holy shit. 600 edits.

January 18, 2006: Reward offered for return of 1997 Intrepid owned by Rob's Auto Sales. Car has a lein on it and belongs to Rob's. Action will be taken on Keith Neil Fudge in my own way. Watch your back, Keith, I got lots of friends in NFL and Halifax if you know what I mean, friends you won't want to meet. If anybody gets their hands on the car call Beaton's Towing NS or call Rob 1-866-228-5600 or just call the police as he is driving without reg and insurance. If you are responsable for getting the car back, I will pay cash. The world does not need any Keith Fudges, he is an asshole.

Try the Baie Verte area of Newfoundland for the missing Intrepid. Rumour has it that Mr. Fudge was recently caught for DUI over there so the car may be in a pound. -- January 23, 2006. It's election day. Wonder if Keithy has voted. Knowing him, he has many aliases and could very well vote all over the place. More seriously, is this rogue now living in Newfoundland? Should we warn the gay ppl of the Rock?

Oh, enough! Do people really care anymore about this loser? Christ, let it go.

I would like to know if anyone actually knows his current address and where he works. To me personally, its worth a small claims court action, but don't know where to send court papers to him. Does anyone have any concrete information?

Freda in Kingsville, Ontario

January 30, 2006 I just finished reading the website about Keith Neil Fudge and the Halifax bar scam - anyhow, I am not sure if it is relevant anymore but he is now living in St. John's, Newfoundland at 107 Bay Bulls Road, Meadowland Manor, Apt 327. Phone number is listed as Neil Keets 709-747-0346, cell is 687-3033. I have recently met him and knew something was up. I checked the web and was horrified. This is serious, I am not a crank. Please get this info to the proper persons still interested in catching this guy


Good Point hehe

My lord, As the World turns, this Keith guy sure gets around. How does he manage to get a telephone. Don't they do background checks...and another cell phone. The person that posted the phone numbers and his address should read the above posting from Robb's Auto Sales. They were offering a reward for the info that would lead to the repossession of the stolen vehicle.

There has been a call made to Robb's Auto Sales with the information seen on this site.

The last time Keith had his car repossessed in PEI, he left his wallet in the glove compartment, because he did not want it to smell fishy as he was working at a fish plant. So lets hope he does not leave anything personal in this second stolen car - like his long expired Newfoundland cheque books. What would he do without his cheque books. LOL. Oh my, this is better than watching a soap-opera.


He's back in the news but his last name is Mosher, not Fudge. The ChronicleHerald on June 8, 2006 published:

Police in Maine arrest roving con artist

By BILL POWER Staff Reporter

Police in Belfast, Maine, are anxious to get accused fraudster and Halifax native Keith Mosher back to Canada as soon as possible after he allegedly scammed his way across the state.

The 53-year-old is in the Washington County Jail after a string of motels and some of their staffers were conned out of services and cash over three months. Mr. Mosher crossed the border illegally.

"He’s quite a smooth talker, but it’s a mystery to us how he crossed the border," Det. Michael McFadden of Belfast police said Wednesday. That’s because Mr. Mosher entered the U.S. despite several outstanding arrest warrants in Canada.

Investigators with a number of Maine police departments, including Calais and Millinocket, are pulling together details of similar scams in their areas involving hotels and some of their employees.

The frauds involved some "good-hearted" motel operators being told a sad "theft of wallet" tale and being promised cash was coming soon. Some operators fell for the ploy and some even gave money.

In one case, Mr. Mosher allegedly conned his way into a three-night stay and persuaded the duty clerk to loan him $85.

"He is to be charged accordingly with crimes committed in each jurisdiction," Det. McFadden said.

Mr. Mosher, who has no known fixed address but gave Halifax as his home, was arrested in Belfast on June 23, 2006 and pleaded guilty to stealing services, but Det. McFadden said the story quickly became more complicated.

After police gave local media outlets a photo of Mr. Mosher, more reports of scams similar to the one in Belfast emerged and the number of charges ballooned.

The RCMP is also interested in Mr. Mosher in relation to a fraud investigation on Prince Edward Island, said Det. McFadden.

But Charlottetown RCMP would neither "confirm nor deny" details because of Privacy Act restrictions.

It may take several weeks for Mr. Mosher to work his way through Maine’s judicial system.

"We’re pretty sure he will have a nice tour of the judicial system here before he is released to Canadian authorities."

Det. McFadden also predicted U.S. customs officials will want to speak with Mr. Mosher, as he crossed the border, apparently at Syracuse, N.Y., when he had outstanding Canadian warrants for probation violations, a breach of U.S. law. At the time he was one of four passengers in someone else’s vehicle.

When Mr. Mosher was arrested he was travelling with a woman identified as a former girlfriend — with whom he has a child — and a young couple from Prince Edward Island.

Det. McFadden said Mr. Mosher told the former girlfriend he had inherited a business and promised the young man a job that never materialized.

The detective said Mr. Mosher’s arrest was the result of inquiries to Belfast police by parents of the man and woman, in their 20s, about the whereabouts of the young couple and their vehicle.


...and a quick search of the court records at had Keith's name come up but someone erred and entered Halifax, California as his home town:

BELFAST (July 5, 2006): The following cases were settled June 26, 2006 - 30, at Belfast District Court: Keith S. Mosher, 53, of Halifax, Calif., theft of services, Waldo County Jail 72 hours, restitution $288.90.

and more was found at

Motel scam probe widening

(Bangor Daily News, Maine) By Walter Griffin, Bangor Daily News, MaineMcClatchy?-Tribune Business News Jun. 29--BELFAST -- The Canadian man arrested over the weekend for allegedly scamming an area motel is under investigation for similar scams in Calais and Millinocket, police said Wednesday. Detective Michael McFadden escorted Keith Mosher, 43, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Calais on Wednesday to be interviewed by Calais police. The Calais Police Department learned that Mosher was in custody from news reports. McFadden said the same scam used in Belfast over the weekend apparently was used in Calais and that Calais police believe Mosher was the person involved. McFadden arrested Mosher on Sunday at the Colonial Gables Inn in Belfast. Although they never paid for their cabin, Mosher and his party spent three nights there. Mosher allegedly told the desk clerk that he would receive a money order in the mail within a few days. He also convinced the clerk to advance him $85 cash. When confronted by McFadden, Mosher said he was broke. At that point he was arrested and charged with theft of services. Mosher pleaded guilty to the charge in 5th District Court on Tuesday and was sentenced to three days in jail and a $10 fine and was ordered to make restitution of $288.90. Mosher's troubles will not be over whatever the outcome in Calais or Millinocket. He crossed the border into the country without informing U.S. Customs that he had a number of outstanding warrants in Canada. That is a crime, and customs officers arrived in the city late Tuesday to interview Mosher. He is being held in the Waldo County Jail pending the disposition of the border crossing investigation. "We're sending a teletype out on this guy today," Belfast police Chief Jeffrey Trafton said Wednesday. "We have a feeling that we're going to find that he pulled this scam in a lot of places." When McFadden checked Mosher's record with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he was told Mosher was a known "con man" in eastern Canada. He also learned that Mosher was the subject of an investigation on Prince Edward Island, where he allegedly swindled his girlfriend's father out of $250,000. Copyright (c) 2006, Bangor Daily News, Maine

...Plus the Bangor News ran this article on June 28, 2006:

Accused swindler held in Belfast jail

Officials allege theft of services

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - Bangor Daily News << Back

BELFAST - A Canadian man under investigation for a confidence swindle on Prince Edward Island is cooling his heels at the Waldo County Jail after the hunch of a city police detective paid off.

Keith Mosher, 53, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was arrested by Detective Michael McFadden on Sunday on a charge of theft of services.

Mosher was charged with conning the Colonial Gables Inn out of three nights' lodging.

"I said to myself, 'Something's wrong here,'" McFadden said Tuesday.

The detective made contact with Mosher when the fathers of a Prince Edward Island couple asked for his assistance in convincing their children to come home. The couple, both in their early 20s, had been traveling throughout eastern Canada, New England and New York with Mosher and his girlfriend for the past three months.

The unidentified man, 23, had run out of medicine for his heart condition and his girlfriend had called her father requesting help. That father, in turn, called the man's father and both men rushed to Belfast to meet with their children.

When they arrived and tried to convince the couple to come home with them, they called police after getting in a shoving match with Mosher.

McFadden said the man's father felt that Mosher "had some kind of a hold over his son."

McFadden learned that the couple met Mosher in Canada in March. When Mosher bragged about owning a trucking company and a string of motels in Canada and the States, the younger man accepted his offer of a job and he and his girlfriend began traveling with the older couple.

The group crossed the border in Syracuse, N.Y., and had been together since. The younger man told McFadden that he suspected Mosher had used phony credit cards to fleece the various motels and restaurants they patronized during their three months on the road. The young man said Mosher never provided him with the trucking job.

When McFadden ran Mosher's name through an international crime database, information came back that he had a number of outstanding warrants in eastern Canada. Because the warrants were for minor crimes, Canadian authorities informed McFadden they would not seek extradition. He said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told him that Mosher was "a con man."

When McFadden pressed Mosher about paying his motel bill, Mosher said he had no cash but was waiting for a money order to arrive. He told the same story to the motel clerk and had convinced her to allow him to stay the three nights. He also managed to con the clerk out of an additional $85 in cash, McFadden said. It was at that point Mosher was arrested for theft of services.

With her boyfriend in jail, the woman recounted to McFadden that she met Mosher on Prince Edward Island and that they had a child together. He abandoned her a short time after that and she had not seen him again until he suddenly showed up three years ago. After he told her he inherited a trucking company and seven motels in Canada, Maine and New York, the woman went on the road with him.

The woman told Mosher she wanted to rejoin her family but he repeatedly said they had disowned her because she resumed their relationship. Coincidentally, at the time that Mosher reappeared into the woman's life, her father inherited $150,000.

When McFadden spoke to the woman's father, he learned that Mosher had been in contact with him over the years, telling stories about needing money to help support his daughter. Allegedly, Mosher not only scammed the man out of his inheritance, he also convinced him to mortgage his home for $100,000.

McFadden said the father told him that "All I want is my daughter home."

The couple involved with Mosher went home with their fathers and the woman left for PEI by bus.

Mosher was taken to the Waldo County Jail, where he was being held Tuesday for U.S. Customs, which is investigating. Entering the country without informing Customs officers of outstanding warrants is a crime, and McFadden made sure those authorities were aware of Mosher's criminal history and activities.

...And this also turned up in a Google search of his name:

McFadden's 'good police work' nabs Canadian con man

By Jay Davis

Senior Reporter

BELFAST (June 26, 2006): A Canadian man with no known address was arrested Sunday in Belfast on a charge of theft of services.

And then the fun began.

Keith Mosher, 43, was reportedly staying at the Colonial Gables Inn on Searsport Avenue with a young couple and a female believed to be his girlfriend, according to Chief Jeff Trafton and Detective Mike McFadden.

The unidentified young man, 23, had a medical condition and had run out of medication, which caused his girlfriend to worry. On Sunday, she called her father in Prince Edward Island and relayed her concern. Her father called the boyfriend's father, and they both headed for Belfast to retrieve their children.

McFadden said the young couple had been traveling with Mosher and had been out of communication with their families for three-and-a-half months. The male was reportedly impressed by the older man's promises of a good-paying job in his trucking business.

When the fathers arrived at the motel, there were reportedly words with Mosher, who allegedly pushed one of them. A call was then made to Belfast police.

According to McFadden, who responded, the young woman left quickly with her father, but the young man stayed behind. His father told the detective that he thought Mosher had something over his son's head that led him to stay.

McFadden then went to the oceanfront cabin where the four had been staying and began talking with the young man in his cruiser, apart from Mosher. McFadden said Mosher rushed over and began answering questions for the man.

The detective said Mosher told him he was from Bangor, but his identification showed he was from Nova Scotia. McFadden ran Mosher's name through the Interpol network and found he had several outstanding warrants for offenses such as violating probation and operating after suspension.

McFadden then spoke with an Interpol worker, who told him he would have to call Washington and have the request for further information forwarded from there. McFadden, who was watching Mosher walk toward the cruiser as he spoke, said there was an issue of officer safety involved, as he didn't know whether the Canadian was armed or dangerous.

McFadden told the Interpol agent to listen as Mosher chewed him out for keeping the young man in the cruiser. The agent concurred there was a safety issue and gave McFadden the number of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who had experience with Mosher.

McFadden said, "They told me, 'You want to watch this guy. He's a con artist and you never know what he'll do.'"

McFadden then took the young man to his father, and they left the motel. McFadden asked the clerk if Mosher had paid for the cabin that he and the couple had used for three nights. The clerk said no, and then said she had loaned Mosher $85 because he said his wallet and credit cards had been stolen.

McFadden, who had seen Mosher pull his ID from his wallet, knew that wasn't true.

As checkout time for Sunday had passed, McFadden asked Mosher if he planned to pay for the room. Mosher reportedly said the money was about to arrive from an unknown source, but he had nothing to pay with right then. McFadden arrested Mosher for theft of services and took him to jail.

While filling out paperwork at the jail, McFadden called Patrolman Howard Dakin and asked him to check with Mosher's girlfriend, who was still at the cabin. Rather than being angry at Mosher's arrest, all she reportedly wanted was a ride to the bus station so she could go home to Canada, he said.

McFadden met her at the bus station, where she was crying into a cell phone. And then another story emerged.

Mosher, with whom she had a child years before, had told her that her family had disowned her for taking off with him again. In fact, though, the woman's father had regularly been sending money to Mosher to support their travels.

The woman's brother told McFadden that Mosher had extorted $250,000 from their father, leaving him destitute and in danger of losing his home for nonpayment of a mortgage.

The RCMP had been notified of the scam a year before, McFadden said, but declined to pursue it because the father continued to make the payments voluntarily. "[Mosher] is a big-time con artist," he said.

McFadden also called immigration officials, because Mosher should not have been able to enter the United States with outstanding warrants from Canada. The detective discovered Mosher entered through the border crossing at Syracuse, N.Y., where the warrants would have been discovered if a background check had been run.

The immigration service ordered Mosher held in Belfast until his case is sorted out. McFadden said he thought Mosher would be deported on the minor theft charge and delivered to Canadian police to face charges on the $250,000 extortion.

On Monday, June 26, 2006, McFadden said he had a conversation with Mosher's girlfriend's father, who was confused about what was going on in Belfast. The father reportedly said he had just received a call from Mosher asking him for $500 that had to be sent immediately.

McFadden said he told the man Mosher was in jail, and his attempts to get money from him were about to end.

Trafton told VillageSoup? Mosher's arrest was the result "of some good police work" by McFadden.

McFadden asked that anyone who has any information regarding Mosher to contact him, Detective Michael J. McFadden III, at the Belfast Police Department, 112 Church Street Belfast, ME 04915; or 207.338.2420.

DanielMacKay writes: can you document somehow that Keith NeilFudge? is the same as Keith Mosher?

Possibly but I think the picture at and the first article that the Herald published and the details released by the cops would put things into place nicely. He sure looks much older but someone who is on the run is boud to change their appearance on purpose and the stress of making sure he didn't get caught in a lie everytime he opened his mouth wasn't good for his complexion.

that picture doesn't even remotely look like Fudge at all!

i agree that doe not look like fudge, this needs to be removed.

It may not be his pic but the scam and criminal behaviour is too much like Fudge's. Of course I'm not expecting the fudge supporters to understand that. So here is the article again so take a second look before saying no way:

Police in Maine arrest roving con artist By BILL POWER Staff Reporter

Police in Belfast, Maine, are anxious to get accused fraudster and Halifax native Keith Mosher back to Canada as soon as possible after he allegedly scammed his way across the state.

The 53-year-old is in the Washington County Jail after a string of motels and some of their staffers were conned out of services and cash over three months. Mr. Mosher crossed the border illegally.

"He’s quite a smooth talker, but it’s a mystery to us how he crossed the border," Det. Michael McFadden? of Belfast police said Wednesday. That’s because Mr. Mosher entered the U.S. despite several outstanding arrest warrants in Canada.

Investigators with a number of Maine police departments, including Calais and Millinocket, are pulling together details of similar scams in their areas involving hotels and some of their employees.

The frauds involved some "good-hearted" motel operators being told a sad "theft of wallet" tale and being promised cash was coming soon. Some operators fell for the ploy and some even gave money.

In one case, Mr. Mosher allegedly conned his way into a three-night stay and persuaded the duty clerk to loan him $85.

"He is to be charged accordingly with crimes committed in each jurisdiction," Det. McFadden? said.

Mr. Mosher, who has no known fixed address but gave Halifax as his home, was arrested in Belfast on June 23, 2006 and pleaded guilty to stealing services, but Det. McFadden? said the story quickly became more complicated.

After police gave local media outlets a photo of Mr. Mosher, more reports of scams similar to the one in Belfast emerged and the number of charges ballooned.

The RCMP is also interested in Mr. Mosher in relation to a fraud investigation on Prince Edward Island, said Det. McFadden?.

But Charlottetown RCMP would neither "confirm nor deny" details because of Privacy Act restrictions.

It may take several weeks for Mr. Mosher to work his way through Maine’s judicial system.

"We’re pretty sure he will have a nice tour of the judicial system here before he is released to Canadian authorities."

Det. McFadden? also predicted U.S. customs officials will want to speak with Mr. Mosher, as he crossed the border, apparently at Syracuse, N.Y., when he had outstanding Canadian warrants for probation violations, a breach of U.S. law. At the time he was one of four passengers in someone else’s vehicle.

When Mr. Mosher was arrested he was travelling with a woman identified as a former girlfriend — with whom he has a child — and a young couple from Prince Edward Island.

Det. McFadden? said Mr. Mosher told the former girlfriend he had inherited a business and promised the young man a job that never materialized.

The detective said Mr. Mosher’s arrest was the result of inquiries to Belfast police by parents of the man and woman, in their 20s, about the whereabouts of the young couple and their vehicle.


I'm not a Fudge Supporter, but yes it DOES sound like him, there is more then one person in the world who does shit like Fudge did, he's not the only one, IT IS NOT FUDGE. get over it people, this FUDGE stuff happened what? two years ago? MOVE ON PEOPLE!!!!

 From: Auberge Cosy
 Subject: keith fudge... montreal
 Date: November 18, 2006 11:56:00 PM AST

Hi Im howner of a bed &bhreakfast . I have probles with Keith....... he don't pay. He is montreal now... Im very happy to found all that story

I go right now 23:30 .. to the police station.. because they have is adress. i go and tell her his other name Mosher.. maybe he have warant on that name...

If you have some info to tello me so i can give to the police lets me know...

And i supose to have is phone number ... a cell one very soon so i give it to you ... in case some one want to talk mto him.... :-).,.. im so bitch.... :-)

Eric Perreault


Keith Fudge is In Baie Verte, NL

February 16, 2007 If Keith Fudge is such a wanted man come and get him he is now in Baie Verte, NL and no one seems to give a damn. I can even give you his exact address. A concerned citizen and friend of his former family

April 1, 2007 keith fudge you lousey piece of shit ,you should rot in hell for what you have done to your family,friends and the people that had the misfortune to come across you in there life. Baie verte became a poor place to live when you moved here.I hope one day the law will catch up to you and puts you in jailbut then again you would probly enjoy that. God help your soul because when the devil gets a hold of it he's going to have a feild may you rot in hell because that's the only place that you belong.

April 30, 2010

Hi, I know that Keith (Mosher) Fudge is still active, but on a quieter scale. I don't know where he is now but he was mainly in Truro, NS for the last couple of months. I just got fleeced by him for under $5,000.00 and caught on in time. I was told he was Keith Mosher (from him) and only after I had him escorted out of my house by the local RCMP and found out my son/and my best friend had google searched and come up with these webpapes and others like this, did I put it together that this is one and the same man. He always was saying he didn't want his picture taken but I do have ones that were taken by me, looking at the one taken on Pride Day; adding weight, aging it from drinking and drugs and removing the hair I am sure this is the same man (what was on his head is a dull redish color as well as on his chest; and he had the scar on the abdomen). Can someone tell me how tall he was and if he had tattoos on his right arm? There are too many of the parts of his story that fit in here (too numerous to mention right now) And no, the gay community is not the only target for him, so are single lonely women as when I met him he was portraying himself as a certified coach for training tractor trailer drivers. I do have a cell # but it is a pay as you go phone so he may have ditched it by now. I hope this man is caught soon and he will never pay enough for all he has done to his family and others that have the misfortune to meet him!! Fran White

August 23, 2010

"Keith Fudge Sighted" article in TheCoast, "A reader in Newfoundland emailed today to say Keith Fudge is living and working in St. John's."

September 17, 2010

Keith Neil Fudge lives at 133 Forest Rd. in St. John's and works at the convenience store located two doors down, at 137 Forest Rd.

August 30, 2012

He racked up a $3000 bill with Rogers Cable (wonder how??) but was careful to do so under his alias «Neil Keets», so I'm pretty sure he got away with it. I'm aware of this because his mail ended up in my mailbox. Oh, and his DOB is March 25, 1960 -- you'll need it if you want to look up his criminal convictions. Unfortunately, while CPIC can perform a Canada-wide search to tell you if somebeody has a criminal record (he does, duh), the specifics of any criminal convictions are filed at the Provincial level where 90% of the time you will deal with a low-grade moron who will tell you to «talk to your local police, blahblahblah» fortunately this was not the case in NL so I took a hike to Provincial Court on Water St., paid the $20 fee and had the details of all his fraud/forgery convictions here in NL. He lost 6 points on his driver's license (can't remember how) and got a fair warning from DMV to walk the line or else. A textbook psychopath, pathological liar, with defective neurocircuitry stemming from defective DNA. A case in point for eugenics.

September 4, 2012

the man Know as keith (neil) Fudge has been dismuisted from the Forest Rd Con. Store as of last October, 2011, was removed from his apertment at 133 Forest Rd. leaving the landlord stuck for three Months Rent. Any one knoe where he is now living

December 31, 2013

Hi Everyone I think this will be great news for anyone who hates the liar and back stabber AKA Keith Fudge he is currently living in Toronto Ontario. The address is 501 Logan Avenue first side door of house. If you see a Neon car at the back of the house he's home. The house is runner bi The Christian Resource Centre at 40 oak street at The corner of Parliament street. Enjoy the good news. Posted by Tarbas on 12/30/2013 at 8:29 PM <>

December 29, 2014

Good news Keith Fudge has been found,he fucked with the wrong person. He currently lives in Scarborough ont,He lives right at the corner of Bingham Ave and gerrard street east .First house at the corner, west corner of bingham and gerrard street. He has a bad knee so he cant go too far. KEITH YOUR GOING DOWN FUCKER Posted by Tarbas on 12/09/2014 at 12:26 AM <>

December 29, 2014

Hi everyone. Just letting you know Keith Fudge has changed his name, he changed it to Keith Kennaley. If you would like to wish him a merry Christmas his number is 1416-686-5267. Merry Christmas KEITH KENNALEY !!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Tarbas on 12/22/2014 at 10:50 AM <>


K Kennaley (416) 686-5267 290 Bingham Toronto ON M4E3R7


Keith Fudge just text me at 1:54am January 1, 2015 His new number is 1-647-856-6968 working at Veteran Home at Sunny Brook.


Keith Fudge is in Toronto. Working at Veteran Home ,Sunny Brook cell # 1-647-856-6968


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