Lady Cerina Romanoff Blake is a drag daughter of the notorious JennyBlake. Halifax PrideAmbassador I now living in Antigonish, NS. Cerina is known for performing as Reba MacIntyre and Eartha Kitt.

Cerina your personality speak a thousand words all about the person you really are someone who care about those around her and shows it not just in words but in actions. It has been an honour to perform along side of you and to know that because of the ring you now have you will know always that to be a real queen is more the glitter and glamour more than professing I am good looking and no one can tell me otherwise, more than being a drag queen, but being who you really are a human being first and treat your fellow man the way you want to be treated. My tiera goes off to you as I bow before a real queen. Granny

She is a great person and a great friend. One of these days Cerina you will win something! I promise. Just don't be like mommy and bring your own crown. You are are fabulous performer and you don't need a title to prove that. Stay as you are baby.

Cerina is someone who wants a whole lot and will work for it. She is a resourceful queen especially around a sewing machine. She can create some GREAT outfits. One of her best friends is CherylOnyx??.

Awarded title of Halifax PrideAmbassador I in July 2002.

AnitaMann writes: Cerina I look up to you in so many aspects. You have helped me a lot with drag and even though your constructive criticism may be harsh I take it all in and try to always use your criticism to better myself. Thank you.

ShaniaDq writes: hey gurl just thought id say hi and tell you omg i was watching the reba macentyre show the other day and gurl your the spitting image of her omg you gotta look at a pic of yourself just thought i should tell you gurl you r fabulous

NatasshaNlott writes: I give you a lot of credit girl, you know what the fuck you are doing, you don't take shit and your performances are always creative and well put together. Love the Eartha Kitt and thank you for giving me the support and wisdom during my year as Pride Ambassador, it was a tough act to follow.


To clarify, Cerina's last name is indeed spelled Romanoff Blake. You may remember Shanelta, she was a Romanov Blake. Cerina changed the spelling of the last name to use as her last name, and they are indeed two separate drag families of DragQueens.

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