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cb-eagle says: easier to park ther than at reflections

halifaxDude says: I hope that they will let NRG play all the R&B and that we can finally have DANCE music like in Montreal or any large cities. Congrats for the new opening guys!

YamaTEK? says: Good luck on the new venture! halifaxDude: good luck getting them to play dance music, they still want r&b like nrg PRIMO1 says: All the Best, i think it should go well.

Halifax43 says: i really liked the fact the workers had ties on -- extremely professional; i liked the piano and its player. The music was older when i was out in that part -- YMCA, and stuff. The girl at the coat check was very friendly and professional again, she looked like a model and presented the place well ... she looked like a hotel clerk at a five star hotel. Overall, the staff are extremely friendly and the place, I believe, will do well.

messley21 says: had fun this weekend the place is really nice and has a great staff :0

Went to Votex for the first time the other night.S peaking for my friends & myself: ClubVortex is very inviting & we look forward to a change of pace & finally another gay bar in town to hang out, play pool, dance & to have a bite to eat. Our only gripe is that techno music ...Again. There is nothing wrong with hearing a techno tune every now & then, but it seems like every song has that same thump thump bang bang beat. Over & over & over. You would certainly attract more of us (lesbians) the 30 something crowd to your club if we had more un-techno tunes. And, ClubVortex, There are A LOT of us!!! You could make a lot of business with us. All fine & dandy for the guys.T hey have Toolbox, NRG, the younger crowd have ReflectionsCabaret also. Can your club come to a happy medium to satisfy both genders 30+ crowd with less techno music?I have heard that your club is geared towards the older crowd? Thumbs up to your club. Please, please try to play more danceable music. We'll be there & then we will certainly pass the word around. There have been many women especially, speaking of the excitement of your club opening up. Word of mouth, advertisement-you have yourself a nice little place there guys!!! ............. Thx ........ a member of OAAW (OutAndAboutWomyn)

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C: haven't been to your club yet but am looking forward to going to dance. Since Rumours dancing has not been the same. I just want to reinforce what someone else wrote about techno-shit. Pleaeeesssse, some nice , non-mixed r&b, some old disco(god it is so much fun to dance to)top 40 that would be so great to dance to again. I am a 40ish lebian but I really miss dancing to that stuff.

Can't wait to vist...usually attend the idea of a place where one can talk and be heard as well as the opportunity to dance....miss Buddy's where one could do both. All the best!

January 2004: I'll gladly say that ClubVortex pulled off an amazing NYE party, the food was excellent, the deserts were even better (ie. sugar buzz) and the bar/wait/kitchen staff were friendly and helpful. It was nice to see people that no longer frequent the existing bars out enjoying themselves.

March 2004: ClubVortex really does rock. A quiet room and a dance room, I don't smell like smoke when I get home -- fantastic! - Cam

Meshallay Crystal Diamonds Says: Altho I have yet to go to ClubVortex myself, I have only heard good things about the bar. My partner Steven has been there on several occasions and always comes home saying what a nice friendly place ClubVortex is, offering something for everybody. Wow! that is a switch for an establishment in Halifax to do and believe me I know as I have at one time or another have worked in almost every gay bar here in Halifax. I think what Carl,Blaine and their staff are doing is to be commended, trying to make a safe, friendly place where we can go sit relax, chat with friends,enjoy finer dining at reasonable prices, have a few cocktails and dance is it is our disire to do so. Yes as in all places there are sure to be growing pains and the bar may not be to some peoples tastes, but by being constructive and passing your comments, good & bad will only improve on what the bar is trying to acheive, I always found that u can't fix what you don't know about. My hat(I should say wig) go off to Carl, Blaine and Their Staff for setting a higher standard.

Note from the DJ: Dear people; obviously none of you know what TECHNO music is, seeing as how i'm the DJ and i have Studied music all my life in both a professional and non professional way, i can assure you that my library probably has a total of 3 techno songs of the 4000 songs i have and i can also assure you all that i dont play them, as the RAVE scene is dead (along with "E" -no one does that anymore)

AnitaMann writes: Tonight, April 16th 2004, I went to ClubVortex for Five Minutes of Fame and I had a blast. I always had a bad vibe from ClubVortex but tonight I had a great feeling that I was accepted and liked at ClubVortex , Sandy and Lee made me feel welcome as well as the Judges of Five Minutes of Fame. LuLuLaRude is an amazing host as well as an amazing drag queen as I have always thought and I enjoyed myself. Thank you to all of the staff and thank you for a great time. As staff from NRG I would have to say that I enjoyed myself and will continue to come to ClubVortex for the simple fact that you guys are great. Love yas lots, AnitaMann

April 24 2004: Congrats to ClubVortex on hosting the Fetish Ball last night. Their staff seemed to like the variety of outfits and I think Carl and Sandy both loved the leather hood being tried on at various times, though I think Carl can use a bit more training as he likes to lead the person holding the leash (who wants to take on this task?). It was a fun time for all that attended and it was nice to see straights, bisexuals and gay people all mingling and showing off the various fetishes.

May 1, 2004: ClubVortex and staff are great. The brunch is second to none in the city. Parking much appreciated. I only wish they would play more dance music for us over 30ish crowd. I like most music, prefer top 40, some 80's tunes and most music that you can hear the singers words. When the beat in the music doesn't change for quite a few songs, it makes it hard to dance to...but then maybe its just my age. But whenever we have gone to the ClubVortex, its been a totally positive experience. Thank you for making a place safe and fun to visit! "Celtic"

September 2004: Love the new happy hour! Woooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!1