Circa 1975.

the Condon in question is CondonMacLeod?. He went on to create well-known all-ages spaces Café Ole and The Pavilion.1

History: Club777 was originally at Barrington near North, then it moved to the GreenLantern Building, then became TheeKlub, then Condon's.

Bob O'Neill says, people also called it The Green Lantern. It had both a dance floor and a chill room.

The original club TheeKlub was on the second floor, down the hall from the GAE office and operated by DavidGray. It was a non alcohol bar. Then it moved to the third floor, and then it eventually went to Condon who managed to get an occasional "special occasion" licence. At this time there was another bar operating after hours when Condons closed - in the same building on the second floor down the hall from Thee original bar; they served pop and beer. It wasn't much of a space and included local go-go boys dancing in bathing suits. The club was short lived. Aside from a paint job in stark white,and the addition of hanging plants there were no changes from one club to the next. -- ChrisShepherd

NilsClausson writes: When I first arived in Halifax (1971) Dave owned and operated the gay club in the GreenLantern Building (first on the 3rd floor and later on the top floor, probably in about 1974. Then Dave sold it to CondonMacLeod? but I don't think it was a success and The Turret eventually became the only gay bar/community centre in the city (it was in operation when I visited Dave in about 1978). John Marr tells me that the name of the man whom Dave sold Thee Club to in 1977 was named CondonMacLeod? and that he still lives in Halifax and operated the Pavilion, an unlicensed club for the younger set. The Steve I am thinking of was Steven Calnen, who opened a bar in the Green Latern Building in competiton with Dave in 1975; it lasted only a few months and then closed.

DavidMorris? writes: I remember one time in the bar, one of the waitresses, a drag queen, was walking around in these high clear acrylic pumps with lights in them! I asked if she had gotten them in Halifax, and she said, "No, honey, I had to get LAID in Montreal to get those."

YamaTek asks: Is this not the same Condon who owned CafeOle? back in the 90s?

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