Who ran CondonsBar in the GreenLantern Building.

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David ran unsuccessfully as an independent candidate in the 1979 federal election. He included a reference to sexual orientation in his campaign literature.1

NilsClausson writes: David Gray was my closest friend while I lived in Halifax from 1971 to 1976. I met him first in the summer of 1972, when he was the Treasurer of the Gay Alliance for Equality (GaeGala) and the owner/operator of TheeKlub in the GreenLantern Building. I don't know when he first opened the club, probably not earlier than 1970 or 1971.

When the Turret opened across the street, Dave sold the club to CondonMacLeod? (in the summer of 1977) and spent the next year in the Bahamas, where I visited him in February, 1978 (my old passport tells me that I arrived in the Bahamas on February 18, 1978.)

He returned to Halifax and ran as an independent candidate in the 1979 federal election (the one won by Joe Clark).

After he sold the bar to Condon, Dave spent a year (or close to it) in Spanish Wells, the Bahamas. I vacationed there in February, 1978, and I lost contact with Dave after 1979.

EmeraldGibson says: living in Toronto now, 2004.

RegGiles writes: December 14, 2004: was talking to David today again on my visit to Toronto and he promised some writings on TheeKlub. He also told me in passing that ( GAE ) was originally called (( AGE )Alliance For Gay Equality )) but that the initials " AGE " did not sit well with some so it was changed to GAE.

Reg also says that David was the first voice of Woody, the Micmac Mall Talking Christmas Tree2


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