pic Cozmo was MzReflections 2001 and one of the best performers you could have ever seen. She's still around but hasn't performed since the MzReflections 2002/2003 event (her step down).

I - being DeanieBee - have had the fortune of meeting this talented Queen both in and out of costume.

Cozmo (aka Corey) is one hell of a sweet person, a great singer, dancer and friend. She always steals the show when she performs at the many DragShows at ReflectionsCabaret. I remember the first time I saw her. It was her first night performing and she was doing "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner. She blew everyone away and had so much money in tips from the crowd she couldn't hold it.

Natassha N writes: Cozmo was the first queen I ever met when I was going to school up in Wolfville about 4 years ago. She is a RIOT, is always doing that snappy thing with her fingers and would start getting ready for a drag appearance like sometimes a week in advance. I finally got to see her perform in her step down and was blown away.. Girl, you are wicked.

LadySchapeau writes: Deborah Cox, I'm still amazed at it... Shakira, I can still see the flying cartwheel off the stage! LOL. I miss you Cosmo, you always gave me welcome and never rejection. Coming back anytime soon?

Does anyone know where corey is now, i haven't seen him in years.

MarshaMellow: Corey is still in wolfville, and was just recently here for 2006 Pride waving the flag around as she was prancing en route, God love her! I HAVE to say something about Cosmo because she is a good friend of mine and i miss her like crazy, and especially performing. when she won mz refs that year and did that number, i have NEVER seen anything like it in my life and ive seen ALOT of drag performances in my life. her wig fell off, she did back flips, she shook her hips like no tomorrow, and overall, the bitch gave me goosebumps from just watching her, and i normally only get goosebumps from a person singing...her impression of diana ross was also magnificent, but back to the show that gave her the title, that arabian sorta belly dance song, that got faster and faster, i swear it went up to 180 beats per minute and she didnt miss a beat... bitch come back to the city and entertain me! *SNAPS FINGER*

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