Drag 101 Part 3

Drag 101 Part 3: Eyes, Eyes, Eyes

pic You've got your blank canvas to work on so lets jump right in with your eyebrows. The biggest thing I see with eyebrows I see when I'm out is shape and position. Your bone structure and face shape dictates the optimum shape and placement of your brows therefore you must work within these boundaries otherwise your face won't flow right - makes sense right.

Your brow should start basically where your natural brow started; genetics put it there for a reason so why mess with nature. I take one of my long handle brushes and lay it against the side of my nose and line it up with the inside corner of my eye and start it there placing it a little higher then my natural brow. Starting your brows too close together makes you look angry and harsh and too far apart just doesn't balance with your face. You definitely want to have a higher eyebrow because it gives you more room to apply shadow its only the starting point you want to keep in a natural or next to natural position. I used to use a pencil but found that because I cover my brows the pencil used to dig into the wax and create a ridge. I use a brown matte eye shadow (Please don't use black for your eyebrows it looks retarded) and an angle brush. I like using shadow because it creates a soft line instead of a hard pencil line. Even if you are using a pencil it's a good idea to go over it with a brush and shadow to soften the line and to darken and fill then in. It also helps them last longer if you sweat in drag a lot. Start slow when drawing on your eyebrows, it takes some practice to get them perfect but they are the foundation for your eyes so make as flawless as possible.

Eye shadow is essential, trust me girls mascara and a little lip gloss just isn't going to cut it. You need makeup. Let start with a basic eye we can do some other things in future issues. When in doubt go smoky. You will need a good matte black shadow, a white or cream colored shadow, black eye liner, lashes, eye shadow brush (soft and fluffy), a smudger or line softener, q-tips and a sponge tip applicator.

First apply loose powder to your under eye area and across the bridge of you nose -- this will catch any falling shadow allowing it to be easily brushed away later and will create a subtle highlight. With the sponge tip applicator apply white to your entire eye area up to and including your brow bone. If you are using a frosty white shadow you will find that when applying over the wax that the frost shadows really show up, if you don't like this then use a combination of frost and matte white shadows and use the matte in the brow area and blend into the frost. Soften the edges with your eye shadow brush. Starting with a little black shadow on your brush, you want to work on and just above the crease of your eye. Take time to look at and feel you natural bone structure and work from this. Start applying in between the centre and outside corner of your eye crease and blend softly towards the centre, outside corner, and along your top and bottom lash line in a C shape. Now that you have your basic shape created continue adding and blending until you have the desired depth of black. Blend, Blend, Blend and when you think your done blend a little more. Make sure that you soften the shadow up into the brow bone so that the black blends into nothing. The trick to great eye shadow is add a little and blend, if you start with too much you will get a mess and it will fall over the rest of your face -- start with a little and build up the color you want. Create a thick line of eye liner starting again from the outside and working inwards. Don't line right to the inside corner. Line under the eyes but not heavily. With your smudger soften the liner. To make the liner stand out more apply a small amount of black shadow to the line with either the applicator or the brush, this helps to again soften the line and helps the liner to look more black and matte. Brush the powder away from under your eyes with a big powder brush and with a moistened q-tip clean out any shadow or goops that may have gotten into your eyes. Apply lashes top and bottom -- bottom lashes are not necessary but they look incredible. You might need to trim the inside of the lashes to make them fit you eye better. Apply as close to your lash line as possible, when dry completely curl to connect your own lashes to the false and apply mascara to top and bottom. Lashes take a little practice but make all the difference in the world.

There, your eyes are done. Next we will deal with your contouring and blush. Until next time. Love DevaStation.

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