Drag 101 Part 4

Drag 101 Part 4: Contouring and Blush

This issue won't take long girls cause contouring is probably the simplest thing to do but one of the most essential. The rules to this are very easy but are very important to creating illusion. First thing you need to do is take a good look at your face. Feel and observe the bone structure of it. This is what you are going to be working with. Women by nature have smaller features and there faces are usually more oval, where a mans face is usually more square. It will be through contouring that you will alter this. What you will need -- A soft blush brush that's not too large -- A smaller brush (this will be used for smaller more detailed areas like slimming around your nose) ---- Blushes like a soft pink or an apricot color are my personal favourites but you can use whatever you feel comfortable in. For a contour I like a light browny taupe color (I usually try to look for a color that resembles the color of a shadow that gets cast on your face) and pearl iridescent colors make great highlighters.

Application -- Lets start with your jaw line; like I said men have a square jaw so we need to soften this out. Using your blush brush and your contour apply under your jaw blending and adding color until you reach the desired effect. Apply contour to your temples and across your hairline to narrow your face. Narrow the shape of your nose if needed by softly contouring the sides of your nose and create higher cheekbones by applying a soft line of contour under your cheekbones. Blend your blush working from the apples of your cheek up into your temple area and also apply to any other area you think you might need a little color. Next give a little highlight under your eyes and your done.

Remember that contouring is all about illusion so be sure to take the time to blend everything very well -- walking around with lines on your face is not attractive no matter how pretty your are. Play with contouring you will be amazed sometimes at the results you can get with a little shadowing.

Next we will be doing your lips. Keep smiling girls. Love Always,

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