AKA JacobRafuse

Partner of DevaStation and co-owner of DestinationFabulous Boutique. Known for her big heart and loves everyone.

AmandaBenzova writes: Most love girl! YOur always glam, I just wish you would perform more, you truly are a diva and you live up to your name cuz you are DYNA-MITE!

MadalynnDq? says: As soon as you meet them you know them for who they are... people.

RougeFatale says: Oh hi poodle!, i just thought id say that you are one of the most amazing people i have met in this city. i am so glad to call you friend and fellow performer. love you to bits babe, rouge fatale

JeffMacPherson writes: What can I say about you babe!? You are a great person... I guess you can say like AmandaBenzova you are Dynamite. Luv ya gurl!!

FordOccassion writes: To my Imperial Wife, what can I say... you make life so much more interesting when you are around... LOL. You are a remarkable individual who doesn't take no for an answer and gets results. Who would have thought that entering my first contest, I would end up with you being my ball and chain... but it is all great and I don't regret any of it (well maybe a couple things). LOL. Hugs, Ford.

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