pic Amanda Benzova Romanoff Blake is MzReflections IX as well as Her Imperial Sovereign Highness, Imperial Crown Princess V to Empress V, Deva Station . She has also held the titles of Miss International Pride 2003/2004 and MzNrg 2002/2003. She is a drag daughter of Jenny Blake. Amanda is known for performing Kylie Minogue and Cher, Celine and other characters. MarshaMellow STATES: WHAT A MESS! Chrome Pipes YAP, BURR!...anyway just wanted to let u know i think u are the best peformer that Halifax has ever encountered...LMAO...YEAH RIGHT, that would be ME of course, lol...anyway keep up the somewhat good work, and maybe someday you will bloom into a beautiful marshmellow like myself, BURR! MadalynnAndrews writes: A good friend to me in and out of drag, Amanda is just one of those people whom once you are in her heart you will always have a place there. She is one of the most talented people I know and love her dearly. BLEUGH!!! Love ya hun!

AnitaMann writes: Girl, I have known you forever and a day but never really got to know you. I remember the shy, quiet person you were back home, thank God that passed for both of us. You are fabulous and I hope you never change.

AnnieCockadoo writes: STOVE pipes YOU CRACK ME UP....god LOVE rock ,your awesome and always willbe a good friend of mine...BURRRRRRRRRRRRRR...PIPES YAP

AmberWayves writes: Congratulations on winning Mz. Reflections 2004. You've worked hard for it.


MeshallayCrystal writes: Amanda BABE YOU ROCK! I am so glad that I had the great fortune to share the stage with you for pur Cher Tribute shows, you are a very easy and professional person to work with. I am looking forward to sharing the stage with you in another big production. Congratulations Mz.Reflections you worked hard for that Title and it was well deserved. Hope that you have a great and fun year during you reign. Lots of love Meshallay Crystal Diamonds Starr DeKnight

DynaMight writes: Girl you are a true star in my eyes, I love ya dearly luv, DynaMight

SelesteSaphire writes: I luvs ya girl, you rock :) ur my partner in crime heheheh BURRRR Seleste Saphire :)

LillyPatterson writes: Hey miss sex and the city!!!!! love seeing you.

NatasshaNlott writes: Pull my hair! lol. N. Madame Pipes, you are most comical. As you know, when I first saw you do drag years ago I was instantly impressed, and since then you have gotten even better (well duh!). You're the only queen ever to be both MzReflections and MzNrg at one point or another, and keep it up! Most grand McPipes?.

FionaJefferies Writes: I enjoy seeing you perform! I think the night we actually started to gel was the first time you saw me in drag. Oh the laughs we had that night were most grand! And I would never try to pull off your wig! :P

Congrats on your win this coming November at Miss Gay Halifax. The best place to dance is always Reflections Cabaret.

Amanda writes: *in of course a very SERIOUS manner* Awwww well THANKS Miss Cleo.. glad you have faith in me! This year Im running for Mz Reflections again Mz Gay Halifax, Queen of Hearts, Queen Of Diamonds, Empress, as well as Mz NRG & Mz Leather NRG! My plan is to be QUEEN OF THE FUCKIN WORLD! Hope your all ready.. for my talent numbers im gonna SHIT on stage and throw Kabookie confetti everywhere while synrgy dances around me ! It'll be great ! Hope you all come to see !

*** Cousin Cleatus writes: OMG, that will be so hot...I've always wanted to see you shit on I will, lets see....1,2,3....7 chances! The confetti idea is great, but if you could get Synergy Dance, you know, do the same...that would be simply DELISH! I'm falling deeper and deeper in lust with you Amanda, pretty soon the invite to my double-wide is comin' just keep taunting me with the things yer gonna do...You'll always be my QUEEN OF THE FUCKING come'ere and talk to Daddy... :)

rougefatale: most grand time at the parde. cant wait to see you shit on stage. the kaboki confetti in it will make it most colourful! i will shine up the queen of hearts crown for you.. i think if we weld all the crowns together you can wear em at once. woo!

A friend- just a few lines to say hi and let you know you are great Wow- your performance on Sunday still just as amazing as ever. Love you much you're amazing Amanda. See ya on the dancefloor, April.


April writes: So i was sitting on my lillie pad, so no eating flies. Love ya

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