Gloria Borden

picCirca 2008

Ca. 1942 - February, 2024

Early member of and longtime door-person for GaeGala.

As of 2008, Gloria was the manager Of Palooka's Boxing Club, at 2112 Gottingen Street.1

On September 23, 2019 Gloria was awarded an honorary degree Saint Mary’s University which recognized her as an outstanding Canadian. There is a very good biography of her achievements on that page.

"Gloria Borden, a trailblazer and champion for the arts. One of 18 children raised in New Glasgow, from a young age Borden grew to cherish music, community, sports and boxing. All of these interests represent areas in which she would excel. Borden was the first Black hematology specialist in Canada and participated in research related to the field. Borden was also the first female boxing promoter in Canada and was inducted into the Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame for her time as a student-athlete. In music, she has been involved in numerous productions and produced the acclaimed God’s Trombones and founded the Nova Scotia Mass Choir."

RandyKennedy writes: I met her the 1st night she came to The Turret and we remained best friends ever since. She played a big part in our community and will be truly missed by all who knew her. RIP Dear Gloria .

WendyBurns writes: I will choose to remember her based on our first meeting..... I too met her when I was 18. She ran across the bar towards me....I was scared shitless, as I was not sure why she was running towards me. I braced myself and she said, "You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. They called me from across the room so I just had to say something. Oh hi, I'm Gloria by the way." After that we became friends and then I ended up working at the bar for a short time. We would often chat, joke and carry on. She was larger than life, full of love, compassion, kindness and had the warmest hugs 🫂. I lost touch with her over the years, but I thought of her often and always remembered her as the person who gave me one of the best and most positive experiences I had as a newbie in the gay community in the 80's / 90's. She was a legend. 💖

George Barnhill writes: The first time we met, I was a naïve 20 year old just coming to terms with my sexuality. I went to The Turret so terrified and afraid, and of course, like an idiot, I arrived well before 11PM, the "witching hour" as my friends and I later called it. Gloria came straight up to me and said "You're new here, right?". I nervously said "yes" and she replied, "Don't worry, I'll look out for you." and I immediately felt safe. Rest in Power Gloria!

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