Kevin Simons

RegGiles writes

I was browsing old posts in TurretMemories and came across this photo. Kevin and I got along at a distance in Halifax but we met again in Toronto in the late 90's and we became friends. After Kevin was diagnosed with HIV I would drive him north to North Bay to see his parents before he passed, I told him it was important that he do so.

On the way on our few trips we would stop at my dad's house in Orillia and my elder sister's place in Lake of Bays. MY dad being former Navy took a liking to Kevin because of his service [in the Navy, says TimHare?]; I went to dad's place one more time before moving home in 1991 and dad asked where Kevin was and I had to tell him he passed away. I know it hurt my dad to see my loss but he kept quiet.

The morning I left for Nova Scotia I stood beside my car looking up at Kevin's apartment and had a good cry.

About this photo: Reg says: I believe this was in the 1980s; it's BarryHeath's photo and it was JohnMarr's Birthday. The walls look too modern for Sackville Street so I am thinking it was when John lived above the magazine shop on Water Street.