John Marr

picCa. 1982. Photo by BarryHeath

From BillMcKinnon: The Turret was a very happy place to be back in the early 80s. Everyone seemed to stick together more back then; it was like a big family. Sure, there were a few spats, but when it came down to it everyone was there for one another, men and women.

I worked there for two years as a bartender, plus as MissIris, I was a performer there as well. I was at the Turret almost every night of the week, but usually not on Sunday unless I was involved in a show. Whether I was working or out with friends, John Marr was the manager back then and he was the best as a boss and a dear friend. He always had time for you, and he was always fair with everyone. He always praised us after work or for the entertaining part, that we'd done a great show and always had a big warm smile. He made working at the Turret happy, fun, and we wanted to work hard for him.

pic1980s. Photo by BarryHeath

The club was really the only bar at that time that was a safe place to go, and boy did we all party!

In closing I would like to say I was so glad to be part of the Turret days and to have the people who either worked there or went there be part of my life in one way or another. Love you JohnMarr, BarryHeath, RandyKennedy, JimDeYoung, ChrisShepherd, RegGiles, EmeraldGibson, EttaGibson and a few others that helped make the Turret the place it was: our home. -- BillMacKinnon? / MissIris

April 27, 2018 : BarryHeath writes, "A big shoutout to John Marr who officially retired today...from disco days to afternoon naps"

September, 2018: ChrisShepherd says: "he still lives on Birmingham Street". BarryHeath had a phone number for him.

picCa. Halloween1983, in the stock room next to the office at the Turret. Photo by BarryHeath

Photos from RandyKennedy. More photos can probably be found in JimDeYoung's photos using the video interview as a guide.

From JimDeYoung

"The first manager of new Rumours. Straight. He lasted all of four nights. Then ScottMacNeil took over." [there are some questions about whether Jim meant John Marr or FredBishop?]1


1. JimDeYoung interview Part 2, 57:00