picMarch 2006

Hey, my Name Is Mandy Stroya, Was Born here in Halifax in 2004. My Proud Mother is AnnieCockadoo, and my Stepmother is MystiqueSoul. I Performed Alot at Evolutions, Now u can find me when i perform mostly at ReflectionsCabaret. I perform Janet Jackson, and Christina, as most queen it will change with time. But As things update i will be back with some more info.

"This ain't my city!"

"I'm the shit in my city!"

"You don't know me!"

"I worked hard for what I got!"

YAAAP hi Mandy, Lady Schapeau, love the tits, most Cockadoo, ;) "You Dont Wanna F%^K With Me"

MarshaMellow STATES: she's the shit in every city, same color at least, and kinda smells the same too, oh yes my interracial grand daughter, mind you, who was put out for adoption but the ugly bitch did some research and found us. good dancer, but most monkeys usually are, right?

Someone anonymous writes: This is a Queen? I thought it was a boy looking for attention..... my bad.

This page is for one of many for Halifax DragQueens.