Her Most Imperial Soveriegn Highness Princess Royale to the Sixth Imperial House of Fun Laughter and the Freedom to Be

Mystique Soul is drag daughter to RougeFatale, AnitaMann and MonaLott. Mystique performs Jazz and Soul tracks by artists such as Dorothy Dandridge, Ella Fitzgerald and most requested ... Holly Cole's cover of Trust in Me.

DivadDivine writes: Mystique sweetheart you are a wonderful performer, to perform so well on your first few outings is absolutely amazing! You make this Grandmother extremely proud to have you in the family. And I know you are gonna take this city by storm baby. Lots of Love

JuicyFruit writes: I am not sure where to start. You were so anxious to get out on stage and you did it so and with such pride. Never let anyone tell ya how its done, you will set the pace for yourself and only you can do that. *MUAH*

RougeFatale writes: well i think i finally popped one out thats gonna stay on the scene(yes thats a jab at all the rest of you... minus 2.. you know who you are;D) i love you hun, you are movin fast, just dont crash on me. have fun, enjoy yourself, find what you like , try new things. listen to advice and critisisms and smack the ones that give too much critisisms.... *cough, diva. cough*... did anyone hear that? hmm must have been wind... lol and never forget who your friends are in this community... we love you mistake... lol mom

AnitaMann writes: Girly, I don't know what to say about you. You came onto the scene, you earned a lot of respect really quickly from many queens and you have impressed some of the hardest people to impress. On a personal level you are one of the best friends anyone could ask for and I will always cherish that. Good luck in all upcoming endeavors and if you need anything you know I am here. Love, Mom #2

DivadDivine writes : Mom #2 Anita you sell yourself too short sweetie anyone who has you as a mom knows in their hearts that regardless of who birthed dem! YOU ANITA ARE MOM #1! And I have it on good authority that is how Mz. Mystique Soul Mann sees you!!

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