Manna for Health Special Needs Food Bank

There are many worthy causes which you can support in our community. One stands out by making very modest resources make a very big difference. This is the work of Manna for Health.

Since 1994 Manna for Health has been working hard to help some of the least fortunate people who have been "falling between the cracks" of our social support system. These are approximately 30 clients and their families, men, women and children, whose are living with serious illness and poverty. Most clients of Manna for Health are people living with AIDS. They are people who are often not on continuous assistance, but rather are chronically underemployed, needing assistance when they are not well enough to work, and working and getting by when they are well. They need thoughtful and effective assistance. We act as a Food Bank for our clients, but we offer more help than normally can be provided by other area food banks, such as increased allotments of especially needed foods, and home delivery.

Manna For Health is a special service agency of StJohnsUnitedChurch, and is a member agency of the Metro Food Bank Society, and donations to Manna for Health provide a charitable donations tax credit.



Started as a project from SafeHarbourChurch which provided funding and continuity for the startup and the tax number.
December 16, 2010
Chronicle Herald article, Like manna for AIDS sufferers, others with quotes from HelenLangille? & JenniferPaty.
2011, ca
With the closure of SafeHarbourChurch, it was adopted by StJohnsUnitedChurch.

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