First drag daughter to AnnieCockadoo. Mary first stepped into the world in October 2002.

She put on a face and did a number here and there for a few months... even making appearances in Calgary and Edmonton aside from her home town of Halifax. These days Mary isn't in the mood for heels... but we remember her in our hearts and buffets. Someday she'll be back... just wait and see.


RougeFatale writes in early September 2004: mary is back in hali, and I can't wait to see her perform, oh by the way, don't kiss my bf! lol love yer auntie

SharonBedz writes- yeah she's back and so are those heels from hell. always asking for food but she's a doll she does my dishes and anyone who does my dishes i love we need to get you out and performing. kisses

JuicyFruit writes: some day? well I am waiting for this one, and hope I am out for that show too. lol

This page is for one of many for Halifax DragQueens.