picOctober 2004

Sharon Bedz is a new queen as-of 2004 in Halifax and has performed at ClubNrg 2. She was given her name by NatasshaNlott and was first introduced to drag by AnitaMann. Her drag mother is RougeFatale. She is known for her love of goth clothes, Garbage,Tori Amos and Bjork and is a great performer.

Full Name:Sharon Bedz Fatale Mann N! Divine Cockadoo Cox Mayhem Schapeau.

"A five dollar bill? What's that doing in here" - Karen Walker ... lol

Natassha Nlott (NatasshaDq) writes: Oh hi there. Most glam girl. We're making a visit to the Casino soon.

KandiKane writes: Hey Sis, Love ya to death, kick ass preformer, Oh ps, boomcat,,,,, do it up,,, make me purrrrrrrrrrrrrrroud! *muah* Rouge Fatale writes: your sleazy and shameless! i love that! so lets go the buffet and bring the clan. love the way you werk that stage. you need to get back on there!! and god your

JustN? writes - u ho u didnt feed my fat face tonight like i said u were going to like your mother owned it

SharoN? Bedz writes-JustN? there's isn't enuff food at macdonalds you heifer kicks u in the leg N

N writes - are you saying you kicked me in the leg when I was passed out... it is on.. lol

sharon bedz, she's a fatty. there. i've said it. - kitty n.

my poodle isnt fat, shes big. big and smells of cheap men and expensive gin.- Rouge

LillyPatterson writes: SHARON!!!!!!!!,,glad to be one of your sisters, cant wait to see more of the bjork, your eyes were sensational

AmberWayves writes: Welcome to the Halifax Drag Community. I hope you do well. I hope to meet you soon. Take Care [AW]

Rouge Fatale writes: HI! I'M ROUGE FATALE AND THIS... IS SHARON BEDZ! SHE IS MY DRAG DAUGHTER. AND SHE LIKES TO EAT PEOPLE OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME. DON'T LET HER GET NEAR THE FRIDGE. SHE ALSO SMELLS OF GIN... oh and if you can believe it... she is a top Damn... never knew WalMart sold that large of a bed!

i love the wal mart joke... whoever wrote it put your name!!! - Rouge

You're fired. So fired Jonnie. You're fired more than the cannon on CitadelHill.

Talk about pipey legs! Thanks for the shooter BEDZ!

Jenn A writes: My god, you ARE a better lookin version of A.D.!!! I should add a MUCH in there, but we can't be complete BI****S, now can we? You work it like we did in the kitchen.

mommy i sgettin pissed... get your ass our soon or there will be a war... at least call .. you cuntella

hey girl, always fab, fellow plastic. Hope things are going well for you. (Elle Mayham)

Lady Schapeau writes: BOOGAH! cover that eye girl! We have to go out in face soon and scare us up some drinks. Your favourite aunt - Schapeau.

LadySchapeau writes: where the hell did you go girl?? You fall off the face of the Earth or what?? email me!! *kiss*

AmberWayvesDiamond writes: "Removed incorrect information"

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