August 18, 2005: Content moved from MenzBarSucks: I thought this was a mens' bar. Why do they have a DragQueen hosting karaoke?

I commented on the same issue on Sunday and was told by the bartender that it's a "gay" bar so apparently everything goes. I'd rather see him out of drag for karaoke but at least they picked one of the few DQ's around here who have class. I think it'll take a few months for all the feedback from customers to work out the growing pains the bar will have. But just wait until the dyke dances start to happen :)

I'm glad to see a new place open for us Hfx guys but I really hope the bar owners don't try to 'be everything for everyone' as it simply doesn't work. Find something that works and stick with it!

I agree. I don't have a problem with drag, I'm just not a big fan of it. And if I wanted to see drag, I'd go to NRG.

This past weekend April 22-23 a few friends and I went to MenzBar and there were 3 men at other table just taking up space and eating peanuts. Hey guys if you don't want to drink, buy a pop, don't go there to take up space and eat up on the peanuts.

Hi I am Richard AKA Shania. I would like to thank whoever said that I was one of the only DQ's who have class. I don't always do the show in drag, sometimes I do it as Richard. I hope however you enjoyed the singing and would also say welcome to MenzBar and like some people think its only a mens bar, that is so not tru we are about diversity so please come to my show on Sundays 6-10 with barbeque and perhaps sing. Hope to see you there. ShaniaDq

I have 2 gripes,One is the way the place is decorated, all those car parts make me feel like i'm on the set of "Bumper Stumpers" and also the peanuts are not a good idea as there are people who have severe allergies to peanuts. Otherwise it is a great place!

DanielMacKay responds: And lots of epileptics are triggered by flashing lights, so the lights on the dance floor have to go. And many older people are bothered by loud music so please take away the DJ and soundsystem. And, worst of all, there are lots of alcoholics in the world so the place really shouldn't serve alcohol. Or soft drinks because of the diabetics. Or diet drinks because the aspartame gives you cancer, you know. Or anything with milk because of milk allergies. And, many people are afraid of heights so it should not be on the 2nd and 3rd floors. And lots of people are not gay so it should not be a gay bar. As soon as the owner takes care of those little details it'll be a great place.

LOL Dan!

I think what Dan said ties into having DragQueens in bars. I mean, if you let men dressed up as women in gay bars, you might confuse all the straight guys there! If they let drag queens get away with going to gay bars, pretty soon they'll let guys dress in uniforms or leather, straight women come to gay bars, or lesbians come out, or guys under 25. I couldn't imagine going to a bar with people like that. It would just be horrible. The only bar I think should be allowed for gay men is one where all the guys are REALLY masculine with lots of back hair, and there's a big butch guy at the door that makes sure no Drag Queens come in, because they are all bitches. Or lesbians, because they aren't men. Or young guys, because they all play games. And most importantly, that bouncer would keep the flamers out, wouldn't want anyone that wasn't masculine in a men's bar....

And there are actually people with this opinion. LOL. Unbelievable. You are all lucky enough to live in a city with more than 1 gay bar - 3 great ones. Stop the griping and appreciate the hard work that goes into pleasing MOST of the people MOST of the time. :)

No no and no - someone missed the mark alltogether when comparing drag and leather. Drag is something that most do for entertainment purposes while leather - if following the Old Guard ways - is a way of living your life with specific ethics and beliefs.

Some of us like going to a bar that doesn't have the DQs around. I'm gay and prefer to be in the company of men who dress as men, not in dresses and wigs and tons of perfume. The DQs have NRG and Refs so why not leave this new establishment for those people who don't like the atmosphere of the other two bars. Halifax thinks that for some reason it has to be politically-correct in all things gay - fuck that!

hey guys ShaniaDq here: the way i feel is if you dont like dq in the bar oh well,go to another bar we do allot for the community and its a lot of hard work doing so so because we r not respected by pple like you were here we r always going to be so get used to it STAY THE FUCK HOME. IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT FOR NOW

(LOL - Did Shania just throw a tantrum??)

From a newcomer in Halifax- Well said Shania DQ

Doug has a good thing going and if the decor keeps the drags, fems or whatever away then whats the problem? More men who are men will come out to take their places.

How about this? Take a look at this gossip rag. There are pages called "ReflectionsCabaretSucks", "MenzBarSucks" and "ClubNrgSucks". I guess every gay bar in the city sucks for a couple people no matter what. You can't please everyone... Leather men, drag queens, lesbians, tough guys, twinks, blue collar people and trannies are going to be going to whatever gay bar they want to. They all have 3 choices. If allowing whoever the hell wants to come out and support a gay bar in a small city to come and have a damn good time is a bad thing or it makes a bar too politically correct, too bad. If all you care about is who ISN'T at the bar, then it's going to be pretty boring going out when it's just you and the same 5 people you saw the last time you were out every fucking night. If you don't like someone, don't talk to them. They aren't hurting you by existing.

Two wrongs don't make a right, it's time this editor clean up this website,been in Halifax for the past 6 month and reading this crap makes me sick So I am going to delete it all.if you don't like Menz Bar or any other bar, just don't go and stop putting people down.


Dude..delete all you want! The entire site is backed up and our fearless editor can choose to restore any part of anything you happen to delete in a fit of disgust/sickness/outrage/ fill yer boots baby, and welcome to the Gay Community in Halifax, Nova Scotia! I'm sure YOU'LL fit in perfectly!

Welcome to Halifax to the new guy. One thing you'll notice when it comes to Halifax's gay scene is the horrible attitude problem that seems to have infected a good percentage of the population that actually goes out to the bars. That being said, it is also visible within the straight community but for some reason a lot of gay people haven't figured out how to keep it under control.

There is a very good reason why a lot of the gay folks in this area don't enjoy going out to the bars and rather spend quiet evenings at home with friends or even frequenting the straight venues as the drama and attitude simply aren't tolorated. The same can't be said for our local gay bars.

Someone recently pointed out to me that Halifax has a high percentage of people who are "less than stable" and its probably a result of no longer putting people in institutions when its clear that they aren't "all there". This has been going on for at least a decade and you can see more and more of these folks in the population and perhaps our gay community has embraced some of these folks making it possible that a high percentage of the gay ppl at the bars are unstable. Its a possibility and the behaviour of many out there might lend ammunition to anyone wanting to prove the theory. Of course the same can be said for any community that has a large provincial mental health facility, the NS here and another example would be Centracare in Saint John NB. Take a walk in the downtown area of Halifax or SJ and you'll note a difference compared to those people you'd find in Truro or Moncton.

I also think that a lot of people in Halifax (gay/straight/whatever) need to deflate their egos a bit. There is nothing worse than walking into a business and being treated differently because you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead of the overpriced label stuff sold at the mall. People need to start looking at more than what people are wearing when making judgement calls. Talking to the person might actually make you reconsider your original thoughts.

As for the whole MenzBar issue - its nice that Doug provided a bar that is relatively drama-free and its decor and patrons don't really suit the ones who want to create drama. Drag queens show up but its not like they outnumber the "men" and you never see them hanging around very long. As a gay man I'm happy to have a place where I can go and expect to find men dressed and acting like men. Its a personal preference but its the reason that Doug will get my money and the other bar doesn't.

Anyways... as said before, Welcome to our city and I hope it has given a warm and welcoming reception to you!

NineteenYearOldOne? been to Menz bar a few times it really doesn't bother me who goes there, It's a nice small bar,and thats what I like about it.If people just want to go there and not buy a drink that is their business. anyway I just think this website could be very useful without all the crap and if you have beef about this bar or any other bar go and talk to the owner not on here,Have a nice day and be nice to everyone, it won't hurt you

From NineteenYearOldOne?- In my city you won't see a fat man s strip down to his thong like you see at the Menz bar about two weeks ago, one min he was singing with Mama then next thing you see him in a thong, wow a fat man in a thong. Good for you

Happy PrideFestival from MenzBar. They're celebrating pride by cancelling their drink specials all week. Way to show appreciation for the community, assholes.

You might want to recheck your info as there is a big sign hanging over the bar re. happy hours and drink specials were still on last night. Call Doug directly and make your concerns known. I was charged $4.00 for a well shot Tuesday night - while he was advertising a regular price of $3.75 and a nightly special of $2.00.

Doug was nice enough to explain that he's doubled the amount of prizes available during pride week and I can see why the amount of drink specials have been reduced. You have to pay for those prizes and believe it or not its nice to actually win something every now and again instead of getting tanked on cheap booze.

He's gotta make money to keep the bar afloat and the cash available allowed for one of two things- cheaper drinks (even thought NSLC raised prices last week) or more prizes during OUR week. He made the right choice. I'm sure you can do without that extra cheap drink for a week. Well he can at least make up his mind what his prices are. I was charged three different prices for the same drink tonight (Wednesday).

I was charged $4.00 for a well shot Tuesday night - while he was advertising a regular price of $3.75 and a nightly special of $2.00.


Well he can at least make up his mind what his prices are. I was charged three different prices for the same drink tonight (Wednesday).

Did you bother mentioning it to the bartender at the time and if not satisfied with that response have you brought your concerns to either Doug or David? Don't bother complaining about a problem if you let it occur without questioning it at the time it happened. The owners aren't there all the time and aren't mind readers when it comes to problems - tell them and they'll straighten it out.

$2.00 Nightly Special is in referance to shooter special, not cocktail/well shot or ask questions before you take a's just that simple...-L

What the hell was with the large black lady who was begging for drinks on the patio after the parade? It ain't called the welfare bar.

I'm glad another noticed her, she was well within ear shot of the entire patio screaming "I'm Strait honey" over and over.Kinda rained

a little bit on my parade. Charles Clarke Antigonish

If its the same black lady that I am thinking about (as I was not there that day after the parade), she has been doing this for a long time and its now time for it to stop!!! Either the management talk to her or not allow her back into the bar again...

I can't believe that this is still an issue, after all this time of complaining about MamaJuggs. Maybe if we all stop complaining about her on this wiki and actually complain to the bar staff and management about her, something might be done about it. But, until then, nothing will change if we keep on moaning and groaning about what a mooch and pain in the arse she is in their businesses on here.

from NineteenYearOldOne?-Complain to the management, I am sure he would let this go on at the Menz bar. If you can't buy your own drinks stay home, that also goes to the guy that stip down to a jock strap while singing with her about a month ago,I was there after the parade and heard her mouth, shame.

Content archived in January 2006 13 October 2005, someome asks: Who is the guy using the computer all day long while other patrons, who actually buy more than a pop and bag of chips, wait to use it. The bartenders tell him to move and he says he'll only be another minute but the minute turn into another hour. Please deal with this situation - send him to the library or something.

Oct. 15th - The guy you are talking about is not allowed in the library. Yea I wish they do something about him, he doesn't buy a beer, he bums at the other bars, he's just taking up space, that the only thing that sucks.

Oct. 16th - Why isn't he allowed at the library? This is too funny - barred from the library! He's been doing the washroom thing.

Oh. My. God. Click on and scroll about halfway down the page. Yikes.

Ok - the original idea behind menz was so halifac guys would have a cruising bar. Now mama juggs gets a fucking pic on this site. She's straight people, fucking straight and a mooch. And lets not even comment about someone else on there who has held a 'leather title' for that past few years and has NEVER done anything with it. When he's working the bar, myself and others will go out of our way to support the other bartenders as they are attitude free, if he's working alone then we'll find some other place to spend our money. Doug - listen to your primary customers when they say that they don't like certain things or that you've got staff tossing around attitude. After all we are the ones who supported you from the start.

dude, i gotta agree with you there man...i would love to know what it is that makes mama juggs clear to do all the things that would get others tossed out on their asses for: mooch drinks/mooch money/mooch/mooch/mooch and everyone seems to turn a blind eye to her. I don't get it!! She is not a nice person (especially if she is drunk and you say NO to her when she comes right out and asks you to buy her a drink) and she is one reason why I don't go to Club NRG any more, she tried to mooch off the wrong person here, i reported it, and nothing was done about it. And what is this "princess mama" crapola? Please. Doug, you are not doing yourself or your business any favours by enabling this bum to harrass your patrons. As for the bartender with attitude: Give back what he dishes out. Trust me, it works. and keep on complaining.

I remember, way back, when gay bars were full of gay men. Now there is no gay bar east of Quebec City that isn't full of women and straights. When Menz was the Eagle, you could go in and it was wall to wall men. For a while the Toolbox was the same. The Toolbox and Eagle never OFFICIALLY barred women and straights, everybody knew that this was a GAY bar. Not a 'label-free' bar, which means if you're a fag you had better watch out. Gay men in this city need to take back their own space. Menz Bar does not suck, because it is a great place to go. It just has to change.

Menz was originally created as a men's cruising bar. It's also a gay bar. That doesn't mean though that everyone isn't welcome. If gay men want to take back Menz as their space, they need to go and support it, regardless of whether they like the fact Mama Juggs is there to bum off others just like she did at NRG,

Duh - we already know what the bar was supposed to be and supported it from day one but now there are a few mooches and undesirables who've made the move from NRG to this new place and it just means the same mooching etc that caused a lot of people to avoid NRG is now occuring at Menz. The owners HAVE to deal with mama and a few others to make the place fun again. People are not going to stick around and support the place if they are hassled by moochers like juggs. Show her the door please.

PS - we already knew it was a gay bar as well but thanks for pointing out the obvious.

It looks like someone's paying attention to this page. MamaJuggs is off the staff page.