Manages ClubNrg, aka GaryTurner

Also Known as: Pounda Purple, Low-Dza Lavender, Sally Specter from Bold and the Beautiful, ( U ROCK POUNDA )

Annie : don't mess with this girl....shes a Cun\x86...well u know the rest.....LOVE YA POUNDA PURPLE

ShaniaDq writes: You know we hated each other at first Pounda. You'd be the 1st one to tell me that. You've been there through good and bad even though you can be a cunt. But that's what you're famous for and I don't think you perform as much as you should. We wanna see more Kitty. Love ya.

NatasshaNlott writes: Oh hi girl. The first time I ever met you I knew you meant business and I respected that. Underneath all of that attitude, you have a big heart when you want to but you show us all how it's done. I find your sense of humour hilarious and lots of love.. just never put your teeth on me again.

AnitaMann writes: Miss Kitty, you have been there not only as a friend but as a guidance to me throughout my personal life and with not having any family here in Halifax it almost feels like you took on a parental roll with me, which makes me feel welcome here as well as loved and it is a great feeling. I feel privileged to know you as well as be your only drag daughter to date. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

DivadDivine says: Miss Kitty you are fab girl!! I am really glad to know you in and out of drag and to consider you one of my dearest of friends in Halifax. I can't wait for our show sometime in the fall of 2004 it will be a blast we are both sarcastic bitches!! hehe Love ya Miss Kitty!

SharonBedz writes: Hmm... since I'm dating you I should write something. Amazing job on Moulin Huge. Love you to Della Reese pieces.

AnitaMann writes: Rolling of the cliff more like it :) Love ya

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