pic Halifax women's magazine, published 1985 - 1993.

There are complete runs of Pandora, 29 issues (seven complete volumes of four issues and one issue in Volume 8) (ISSN 0836-723X) at the following institutions:

Pandora is one of Halifax's historical PrintMedia.

As of 2014, DanielMacKay has these issues (scans are shown as links.)

1No 1 September, 1985; No 4 1986 Summer
2No 1 September, 1986
3No 2 December 1987, No 3 March, 1988, No 4 June, 1988
4No 1 September, 1988, No 2 December, 1988, No 3 March, 1989
5No 1 October, 1989, No 2 January, 1990, No 3 March, 1990, No 4 June, 1990
6No 1 October, 1990, No 2 January, 1991, No 3 June, 1991, No 4 November, 1991 (with "Help Pandora Fight" donation request, blue ink on blue paper, single 8.5 x 11 page, dated November, 1991)
7No 1 March, 1992, No 2 September, 1992, No 4 July, 1993

The legend goes that it all started from a dare. BettyAnnLloyd? ("Bethen"??) was interested in working with women to produce a feminist paper, BrendaBryan was interested in the myth making potential and graphic design and CarolMillett was interested in working with group process. There was heated discussion about starting a feminist newspaper and finally one of the women threw out a challenge; 'why not just go ahead and do it! First published in September, 1985 as a one year project, Pandora was to be a paper written by women, for women and about women. Now, 5 years later, Pandora still exists. 1

There are pictures of a large Pandora banner and a number of supporters in the International Women's Day 1990 photo album from AnitaMartinez, album "W # 8"

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