The Paradise Restaurant

On Hollis St just south of where Maritime Mall is now. It was open 24 hours.

October 3, 2004, someone writes: The Paradise Restaurant was a 24 hour diner. I made a few late night visits with friends. There were a few other customers - police officers on break and off duty hookers.

Bob O'Neill writes: OMG! What a place! Many times I ended up there after a night of tripping the light fantastic. The juke box playing endless repeats of Jim Reeves singing "For the Good Times", fat cops sitting at a back booth, as sleazy as anything else in the place. What great memories!

Robin Metcalfe writes: A hooker in the vicinity of the Paradise once tried to drum up business from me. She must have been desperate: I’m sure most hookers have very good gaydar. She loudly announced that she did 69 and deep-throated to the root. I’ve always wished I’d had the presence of mind to reply, “What a coincidence! So do I!”

CliffLeJeune writes: It was the best place to go after Thee Club or The Turret. The character of Halifax was richer in those years. You can't find anything like it in today's Halifax. There isn't really a gay hangout or gay bar (God forbid the current Menz Bar is fulfilling any need).

Robin and AnthonyWallace recall the Garden of Eden mural which you can see in this pic.


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