Strike Up The Band

As Halloween 1978 rolled around, it was decided to do something different for the event. The "Baby Crushers", a punk rock band was hired to perform. The band arrived that afternoon to set up and have a reheasal. Since I was the one available with the keys, I was asked to let them in. It was a nice day outside and all the windows were thrust open to allow the place to cool off. The band had been into their rehearsal about 15 minutes or so when one of " Halifax City's Finest " rushed in to stop the noise as apparently there had been a complaint laid about it (I was never told by whom at the time). The officer who seemed cordial at the time asked who was in charge at the time. I replied that I was. He issued me a ticket (under the city charter, not the bylaw) for " disturbing the natural peace and tranquility of the neighborhood". There was some argument between the GAE Executive and Turret Manager and lawyer about who was actually in charge and if the ticket should have been issued in my name.

When the day of the trial rolled around, the lawyer and myself and John Marr (manager) and a few others appeared in court to fight the ticket on the grounds that I was not the one to be charged and I pleaded "NOT GUILTY". After perusing the people in attendance, the lawyer noticed that all the management and tenants from the club next door and the officer who issued the ticket were all sitting together. GAE's lawyer being no slouch, asked for a 5 minute recess. When we got into the little meeting room outside the courtroom, he told us what he thought was going on. he thought that if I had the ticket thrown out that another may be issued against GAE itself and that may cause the Turret to be closed down. We decided that I would plead guilty to the charge and probably get a small fine that GAE would pay. He also told us (and me in particular) to not say anything to anyone in the courthouse when it was all over because some may not know what was happening. Back in the courtroom, my lawyer calmly stood and change my plea to guilty ( to which the judge asked if I agreed). After my approval the judge quickly leveled a $55 fine and the gavel went down. The lawyer thanked the court and quickly paraded us out the courtroom door, but halfway down the hall, I came face to face with the manager from the club next door. Not being able to hold myself, I looked him right in the face and blurted out "Have A Nice Day!" and stepped around him and out of the court building.

The Baby Crushers played to a packed, appreciative crowd that night. The audience was jumping up and down so much that the floor was actually bouncing like a wave, I got a little nervous because it bounced so much that I went up to the backroom (just in case). We had a great time that night but the trial was the better memory for me.

picChris Shepherd, The Turret's DJ ca.1980

Disco Inferno

The night was hot, the music was hotter and people were dancing and sweating all over the place and on each other. The movement of the dance was making the floor do its usual wave as people jumped and boogied to The Disco Heat.

Smoke started filling the air "not cigarette or fog machine (we had none)" but choking smoke. Someone had lit the bag storage rack (for the Bean Sprout) on the first floor on fire. Fire trucks arrived and police. It was announced on the sound system for all to calmly leave via the fire escape. Everyone took it all in stride; taking care to make sure they had their paid for drinks in hand. When the first group got to the bottom of the fire escape there was a panic "just for a few seconds", the gate was barred!!! This big lesbian woman raised her leg and placed a well-rounded boot to it and the gate flung open. There were two detectives on the other side of the gate in an unmarked car and when it whacked the building as it hurled opened their faces dropped in absolute terror. One remarked later to me that he did not realize there were sooo many gay people in Halifax.

ClydeRichardson had used a powder chemical fire extinguisher to put out the fire and there was yellow dust everywhere. People waited across the street by the Green Lantern Building sipping on their cocktails as we cleaned as much of it up as we could (it took about 30 minutes).

Finally we were ready to start all over again. ChrisShepherd the DJ readied his turntables and on JohnMarr's (manager) command announced the bar open again and rallied everyone back to the dance floor with Dolly Parton's "Baby I'm Burning" and The Tramps "Disco Inferno". The rest of the nite went on without a hitch and all had a great time.

The Local Newspaper Wrote the next day: "In their own carefree way after receiving the all clear the crowd was soon back upstairs dancing to the strains of Dolly Parton's Baby I'm Burning"

picLady Sarah And Glen Hardy

Tambourine ( Shake Shake Shake )

Can you hear it ? That most recognizable sound of a tambourine lifts itself above the music and fills the club with its rythmic high tingle and the lower beat of its timbal. Andrianna was in the house, serenading the room full of dancers with her classic sound. Everyone knew when she was there as the tambourine added to the music, something else to get you into the mood. Some nights in front of the dj booth, the crowd would see Andrianna along with Randy ( Sarah Lee ), Bill ( Miss Iris), Glen Hardy and Chris Shepherd ( DJ ) playing various percussion instruments such as castanets, maracas, drumsticks and cowbell. The added sound and antics added a flavour, fun and entertainment to the night

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