Formed in 2002, the Performance Society was a group of mostly professional and some amateur performance artists (actors, musicians, dancers, GayEntertainers) that united to fundraise for a 2004 Halifax staging of the popular lesbian opera "Patience and Sarah."

Their first and only event was a gay cabaret and dance held at Dalhousie University's McInnes Room featuring performances by TheClones, KathleenHowell, Mary Ellen MacLean? of Jest in Time Productions, RyanStevens of IntensityDance, JimPetrie, YellowDory and others. The dance, hosted by DJ Cha Cha Clits was very popular and the evening was a huge success for both the society and the performers in terms of exposure within the queer community.

The contact for this society was Pat Wyman.

JaneKansas says: "Pat and JudiMilne? and HilaryBrown? got together and then asked me to join and I did. We did that one event and that was it The money we made went to Women 4 Music, I think. Not sure. I think it formed earlier than 2002."1


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