Reflections provides a glitzy and highly polished venue for enjoying the evening. Good sound system, better lighting system and is gay enough to keep common red-neck assholes out.

Well, it *IS* the largest dance club east of Montreal. And you can find all kinds there if you look hard enough.

Visit for information on this fabulous bar!

Reflections has cleaned up nicely, the place rocks!

LMAO - Lock-out 1989... we needed entertainment! There wasn't much hope of "us" getting what we were asking for (like most labour disputes). Here I am a closeted lesbian... working with at least "one out male". His boyfriend works at "Reflections", all of the locked-out people go to Reflections and - (I have no idea what the heterosexual people have to say).

I'm "throbbing in my panties" with the lesbian woman who are dancing on the floor. I want to dance with them SOOO bad.... I know that if I do my co-workers (co-locked out workers) will know that I'm a lesbian and when the deal to "get our asses back to work is signed" I'll be in the unemployed line.

I love reflections, and the staff are A-1. Can't wait for PrideFestival, gonna be a blast.

ReflectionsCabaret is the best!! :o

I must say this new happy hour is da bomb :)

I love Ref's; The staff is usually fabo (Especally Heidi!), the music is usually great, the drinks are reasonably priced (Happy Hour especally during Cheap Student Night), it's fun to dance there with friends and it's a great place to meet new people.

HERE SHE COMES: We were pleased that LuLuLaRude brought her very own talent show FiveMinutesOfFame to Reflections! As you all know, this was a HOT show and we were thrilled to have Lulu on board!-

July 6th, 2006

Lulu is no longer performing at Reflections Cabaret.

WELCOME BACK DITA PARLOW!!!! God have we missed you! See you on the 27th with your new show Halifax has Talent!!!