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ReflectionsCabaret is Halifax's premiere gay dance club, yet faces criticism for its inanely strict security, as well as some rather floozy inclinations. This is the Microsoft of GayBars in Halifax. It's big, everyone seems to know of only one gay bar, and they go because they don't know any better ... not to mention a few, *ahem* anticompetitive practices.

CapnDan writes: whatever your innuendo was babe, it's lost on me. What "practices"? What makes it a Microsoft? What the heck are "floozy inclinations"? Inquiring Mimes want to know!

Inquiring Mimes also want to know why you think security is so "insanely strict"? They have a number of bouncers and metal detectors to check for guns and weapons at the door. I don't think that's unreasonable. I personally feel much safer because of the security measures Reflections takes.

He probably means that ReflectionsCabaret is the only bar that gay people ever hear about, or if they've heard of other ones they will not go to them because they think all the hot guys go and stay at Reflections. Meanwhile, while you're there you get treated like shit by the bitchy bouncers and treated like cattle by the staff. Plus its so loud and flashy you can't hear yourself think. All those things make Reflections like Microsoft or Windows :)

YamaTek notes: There isn't any local gay bars that remind anybody of Babylon. That's a shame because Reflections is the only place that has any flash at all. NRG has a better "feel" but lacks a professional and polished feel. Reflections provides just this.

April 27 2004: Saturday nights suck now at reflections. Why? How? Inquiring minds need to know!


YamaTek Replies: In this day and age of cookie-cutter music that is heard in almost EVERY other bar/spot/diner/playground wouldn't you welcome some refreshing music? It's nice to see outside the box once in a while. And if you "HATE" it that much just take a short walk to almost any other bar to hear some great tunes being played over and over and over and over again.

August 5, 2004: Letter to the editor, lifted (without permission) from the Chronicle-Herald:

Nor any drop to drink

I live and work in Halifax and enjoy going out to hear live music. I am writing to complain about the increasing number of bars and clubs that refuse to give out a free glass of water.

Recently, I went to Reflections Cabaret to hear DJ BassNectar from San Francisco, Calif. The cover was $8, which I thought was reasonable. I had an excellent time and danced until closing. I was not drinking; I went because I wanted to hear the music. When I asked for a glass of water, I was told it would cost $3.75 for a bottle. They told me they are not allowed to give out glasses of water. Reflections has even removed all of the cold water taps in the bathrooms to dissuade people from refilling bottles with water!

The Marquee Club also has recently stopped serving complimentary water.

There should be a bylaw instated that requires bars and restaurants to give out drinking water at no charge. If you're dancing and drinking alcohol, you are likely dehydrated. Should we not be encouraging an environment for responsible drinking?

Two possible reasons for the decreased access to clean, free water in bars might be: decreased revenues for bars due to excessive drinking of water; bartenders simply don't have time to be serving water.

Does the city have some responsibility to provide easy access to drinking water even if a club does not? Please write to these establishments and voice your concern.

Elden Rowland, Halifax

Did anyone see the Kylie/Reflections ad in last weeks Coast? For a bar that promotes itself as Halifax's Best Gay Dance Bar does the community realise that they never bothered to put an ad in Wayves nor do they ever advertise in OUR COMMUNITY paper.

And shame on the Halifax Gay Pride Commitee for being mentioned in the same ad. Don't you guys have the balls to suggest that Reflections advertise in a GAY publication especially when your group is somewhat associated with the said event.

Reflections is NOT a gay bar. It is a bar that WANTS the gay money (see GayDollar) and it certainly gets it!

Right on ! I could not have said it better myself.

I went to the MacLeather contest at ReflectionsCabaret because it is an event that is dear to my heart...and I wanted to show my support to the LeatherCommunity?. But how many of you know that the contest lost not one but two potential candidates because of an incident with ReflectionsCabaret staff.

An openly gay LeatherMan? was threatened in the bathroom by a drunk straight boy with a broken beer bottle! The Bouncers reaction? Throw them both out to deal with it in the street. This happened two days before MacLeather. Does ReflectionsCabaret have the GayCommunity's best interests at heart? I think not. We have three other choices for bars and all are gay owned...Come on people put your money where your heart is.

Love n Leather


You are so right!

Well said Wolf!!!

JC Theriault

______ So are you saying that it's not even a gay friendly bar?

Lately, every time some one tells me about their nite out at Reflections it includes a story about being threatened or beat up. Draw your own conclusions!

I agree - well said Wolfgang. My 2 cents - I look at Reflections how I look at the Marquee, The Khyber, The Casino... places that a gay person can go and *usually* not get the snot been out of them. I have dealt with 6 friends in the past year that have had their drinks drugged at this bar, and have had nothing done about it. The bar sports a 'no jerseys' sign by the front door so not to encourage fighting between straight patrons wearing hockey jerseys from opposing teams... this says it all. And to top it off, their 'DragShows' have gone (in 5 years) downhill drastically. There are only about 4 or 5 respectable DragQueens that will perform at their bar unless an outside group is hosting an event at their venue. All in all, I'm not going to say this bar SUCKS but it has changed.

Very well said.

So i wonder why drag shows went down hill. I remember when they used to be fun and exciting, now they are dull and boring.Maybe it would be a good idea if it just Burnt to the ground and be done with it Think drag shows went down hill because it's all about the dollar now, who cares about doing it for fun.

I have noticed over the years, that the Drag Shows have gone down and that's really sad. I agree, most drag queens want the money. I have been performing for three years now, and NEVER ask or expect to be paid for a show. Why? For me it's something i do for fun. If I get paid, and I have on occasion, than fine. I also think that Drag Shows have gone down, is because, many of the Drag Queens are bitchy, and have way to much attitude. Many of the queens make fun of other quens, and it shows by the attendence at most drag shows. Overall, I think the queens at Reflections Cabaret are much better than the Queens at Club NRG. I also see queens from Club NRG fighting with the queens at Reflections Cabaretm which I think needs to stop, and stop now

********************************************************************* There was a time when there was only one game intown (bar) since the upsring of the additional ' gay friendly' or what ever you want to call them, the gay community has split and taken up camps at each bar.. and started running down the other bars and the folks that go them... Diversity is a big part of the gay community, whether it be gay folk in every day clothes, leathermen, drag queens.. what have you... that is what makes up our community...perhaps there needs to be a downtime in hfx with respect to all the gay bars... One would then appriciate what they did have... Halifax Homo's need to re unite and get along with each other...It is very sad to see how bad the community has become in Halifax.. Here's that 2006 will reunite what once was and make a stronger understanding repecting community that once was... That is the gay halifax that I miss... Was at this club on Sunday evening as it was Gina's birthday, I was standing near the coat check when I spotted the guy work at the door putting 5.00 that a girl just gave him for cover in his pocket, He did this 4 times in a row, This club should have a cam in the coa check, The person on the door was mike. shame when you steal from employer, in this case he was stealing from the drag queen Gina As I was told the door money went to her. I will not give my name but will give this club pics of the crime As I took with my cell phone, this isn't the 1st time mike took money,