picRichie in February, 2004

Richie was a finalist for the first ever CanadianIdol in 2003.

He also performed in Club VorTex's FiveMinutesOfFame in 2004, as well as at the HalifaxPride Logo Launch party.


co-founder of Halifax independent theatre company AngelsAndHeroesTheatre?.
May, 2004
Richie is garnering great reviews with is performance as Valene Connor in the Angels and Heroes production of The Lonesome West Khyber Theatre by contemporary Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, at the KhyberClub.
Wilcox sheds any angelic vibe he gave off as a Canadian Idol contestant in a marvelous performance as Valene, the miserly, more manipulative brother who collects figurines of the saints and has marked all he owns with a V. - Elissa Barnard, Halifax Herald
The quartet of actors -- Richie Wilcox and Alan Bergeron as battling brothers, Holly Smith as the bootlegger's daughter and Shawn Duggan as the melancholic priest -- attack their roles with energy and precision... it's a blast of the freshest theatrical air to blow through Halifax this spring. - Ron Foley MacDonald, The Daily News
Summer 2004
Richie played Fagan in Festival Antigonish's production of Oliver!
December, 2005
Richie was in JimPetrie's show at Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre.
September, 2006
Richie is studying his Masters in Theatre in the U.S. So far, Angels & Heroes has produced over 15 shows in and around Halifax.


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Queried by one of this site's moderators / editors, Richie's sister Richelle writes in June, 2004: I came across this listing one day and have added to it a couple of times. It's a great way to keep people who tune into the site in the know as to what Richie is up to. He's out to fam & friends. Talked to him today about this listing and he said "Yeah, for sure it's ok with me!".

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