TheSexFestival 2012

The Sex Festival 2012 is coming right up at PlutoniumPlayhouse. It's a series of plays, readings, photos, music and videos that explore sex, sexuality, relationships, gender and the human body. You won’t find the XXX stuff you can watch on the internet. You’ll find work by artists that is by turns erotic, comedic, sadistic, horny, ecstatic, anguished, playful and orgasmic. Above all, theatre celebrates words. In this case, a lot of dirty ones.”

There is lots of gay content this year:

A Night Of Filthy Emails
Come and listen to your personal fantasies come to life at a night of live readings of Filthy E-Mails from locally produced website (where you can share your dirtiest thoughts anonymously!) Make a submission & we’ll read it out loud and post it online!! February 6, 2012.
Whale Riding Weather
BrydenMacDonald's classic Governor-General nominated play about an elderly gay man whose mind is slipping away, when his middle aged lover brings home an even younger man. Starring HugoDann, RyanDoucette and HughThompson?. Feb 7-12
Strip Spelling Bee
The word is... sa·la·cious Come see contestants compete to keep their clothes on and show their cunning linguist skills! Feb 13, 8PM
Pluto's Playthings
StewartLegere? leads a degenerate cabaret as the decadent Weimar artists fight the rise of 1930s conservatism. Feb 14-19
Kinky Kitten Club
by LeeAnnePoole. Stephanie MacDonald? works the sex phone lines.
An evening of vintage adult films from the 60s and 70s, with live musical accompaniment. Feb. 20 8PM

There will also be Retro-Porn Night, with live accompanyment, and a sex-themed Blowhard at FRED.