BenjieNycum and MichaelGlatze? form Young Gay America


July, 2002
Exuberance! photo exhibition of 300+ LGBT youth from Calgary to Florida, New Mexico to Halifax at Halifax Backpackers & Alteregos Coffeehouse. Reception July 19, 2002 with MarcHall?.
Create YGA Magazine to be published out of Halifax, while working at XY Magazine in Glatze's native San Francisco.
JimInBold is released
Staff: MikeGlatze, BenjieNycum, SimonThibault, MarcGuillemette?, TedMcGuire? (Designer, working out of Newport, Rhode Island), StephenTerauds?, SheenaJamieson?, ScottMarquardt? (Associate Publisher), ScottMacPhee? (filmmaker for JimInBold), CarolPage?, TamrynPope?,
2007, spring
The website went off line, presumably subsumed by, the website for the magazine, which was created in May of 2004. It says, "YGA's core office is in northern California;" although the associate publisher, ScottMarquardt?, has a Halifax phone number, and in July of 2007 the FAQ read, "Where is your office located?
Former Editor In Chief MichaelGlatze? announces that he no longer identifies as a homosexual, has denounced homosexuality, and is now a conservative Christian who opposes gay rights.
February, 2010
XY Magazine's founding editor, PeterIanCummings?, filed for bankruptcy. He listed his personal assets at $1,500, a net income of zero and one other asset: the "customer list, personal data and editorial and back issues of XY Magazine and". The customer list is later destroed.


Young Gay America is a long-term research project / road trip adventure dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ youth. We aim to educate and inform LGBTQ youth about their importance in society by placing their individual stories in an international forum; to foster and encourage the exchange of ideas by queer youth on issues pertinent to queer youth (to allow their voices to be heard); and to promote positive self-image and sense of belonging.

The product of this trip was the movie JimInBold and the magazine, "Young Gay America."

Right next door to the biggest Buddhist magazine in the world, ShambhalaSun?. YGA Magazine's offices are in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a small city in Eastern Canada."

The YGA team were also responsible for the very successful promotions of the very successful PrideFestival 2002.

Local to Halifax, despite their name ("America" means "North America").

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