Halifax Gay & Lesbian Archival materials were gathered by the Atlantic History & Archives Network, from posters, ephemera, correspondence, publications and LOTS of other stuff relating to GaeGala, plus a variety of other materials.

The GAE/GALA materials have now been transferred to NovaScotiaArchives and Records Management, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, B3H 1W4, where they are open to the public. A finding aid is available.

Organization is spoken into existence by a Halifax gay man.
November 16, 2015
"With the addition of TumaYoung & DanielMacKay, the organization has ten members" says LynnMurphy1
"Board:" RobinMetcalfe, LynnMurphy, TumaYoung, JimMacSwain, DanielMacKay, AnitaMartinez. DebTrask? has also expressed an interest.

One name that you'll hear frequently with relation to archives is RobinMetcalfe; people will say, "Robin has everything." Robin's materials are largely not available for casual perusal.

Someday there might be an online index to materials in this collection.

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1. email to members