June 15, 2011

Except for a couple years playing with a cute blonde guy in my high-school class, I had no history as a gay man until the late 80s when living in Halifax. Driving around Citadel Hill in the evening to pass the time, it didn't take long to figure out what was going on. Building up some courage, I eventually invited a walker into my car. It was a lot of fun! For months I did this, and then one evening on the spur of the moment decided I would do the walking. I was quickly invited into a car, and the guy was so nice I decided to do something I had dreamt much about - I gave him a blow job. I'm guessing he enjoyed it, as he offered me $20! I refused of course. What we did do was start meeting at his apartment. Over the period of a year, I did what all the things gay guys do, and really began to think of myself as gay.

Since then, I have become a closet transvestite, I have a wonderfully understanding and amorous boyfriend, and life is good. My only regret is not having continued with my high-school friend, as I missed many years of this new kind of love. I still dream of him, and I still drive around Citadel Hill when in Halifax. I haven't "done" any guys there for years, but still get those groin tingling temptations. If I lived in Halifax now, I would probably be even happier, the gay life is so alive there in 2011.

So, thank you Citadel Hill!

Here's my story...

I was on my way home one night, and thought I'd go over the hill, just to see if anyone I knew was out. No such luck, but there was a blond fellow with a fantastic moustache, and he was freezing his assets off in the cold. What could I do but offer him a chance to get warm? He got in, and we got to talking.

Talking led to other things, and eventually we had worked ourselves into a rather convoluted position, sitting face to face in the driver's seat, with significantly less clothing than you need to go into most restaurants. As you would expect in such a situation, we really weren't paying much attention to the rest of the world, when suddenly there was a very bright light shining in from my right (his left, the passanger window)!

Looking over revealed just what you don't want to see. A police car! Two of Halifax's Finest, and a bright light. There was little we could do to get untangled quickly, so we just looked at each other, and decided "Oh, screw it, if we're caught, we're caught, there's not much we can do about it now!", and continued with what we were doing.

Strangely enough, there was no knocking, or anything else from the officers... they seemed to be quite content to continue watching the proceedings, for what seemed like hours, but must have been closer to ten minutes, then they turned their light off and drove on! We collapsed into each other's arms in relief, and tried to figure out what happened.

There was quite a bit of fog on the windows, and the other fellow had very long, blond hair, so we concluded that either the police didn't know that he was a guy, and had their own fantasy about what was happening in the car, or that they did know, and were having a good time watching. Either way, we were relieved to be free, and I gave the fellow a ride home.

Wow! Hot!

I was a straight boy.. till a guy offered me a ride on Summer Street and I let him fuck me because he wanted to.. It felt good to have him undress me.. I wish i could feel that again.. 19 year old wants action..

Best top on the hill. Weekends only.

I was there during the Hurricane and the night after heard about the cruising here. I went and the weather was still a bit stormy ... no rain but lightning and thunder ... I had the most amazing bj while looking into the sky and looking at the lightning ... while I was rumbling up my own storm ... it was fabulous

signed out of town guest

Hi,well September, 2005 that just passed i wanted to move to halifax to see how is was the guy i came up there with from sydney cape breton left me downtown at night for another guy a week after i got there i had no money no food no phone and no place to go besides the fact i didnt know anybody in halifax and never knew my way around it was dark and i was very cold and i was very scard so i desided to go up the hill and walk around till the next morning to keep warm but as i was there sitting on the bench very lost and upset this very cute guy same age as me in his 20's seen me and start talking to me and asked me if i was ok and if i wanted a drive home so i told him what happend how i came from sydney and the guy i was with left me so he told me alot about himself and seemed like a nice guy so he asked me if i need a warm place to stay his company was paying for a hotel in bedford and that he would feed me and lend me some money to get back home the next day so i did i got back to the hotel he didnt take advantage of me at all we just relaxed and talked the whole night and early that morning as we passed out on the bed i woke up and he was cudling me and keeping me warm is was soo cute and when he got up he said i really like you Eric do u wanna stay here for a few more days and get to know eachother and i did cuse we clicked right away and well were in love now we got a place together and were really happy even tho its only been 6 months i know this is the guy i wanna be with for the rest of my life so thats my story of the hill point is dont judge the hill ..i met the best guy i could ever with peaceeee

-- eric March 8, 2006 13:04

good for you eric, i've known a few people who also met on the hill and are still together. one of the couples are going on 9 years now. it just goes to show that you dont have to pay a cover charge for a bar or bath to meet someone.

-- Anonymous March 8, 2006 18:00

I'm a stright male age 32, from Halifax, last year i was at the Casino having a few drinks and before i knew it i was pretty ripped. I started my trek back across the city heading home, I arrived at the lowwer stair case by the town clock and found two young guys sitting on the stair case holding each other and kissing each other very deeply, I was fucking turned on by it so bad i could feel myself getting erect, I'd been hunting for some nice young pussy to feel my cock in but these two teen boys were getting me so excited I forgot about the pussy and was focasing my attention how It would feel to have their cocks penatrate me from both ends of my body. I got invited over by one of them and they walked me to the dark side of the clock, the first had his boy friend kiss me deep pushing his tounge in my mouth, the other one put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me back by my hair with a firm tug, turning me around, and I could see he was struggleing his other hand to remove his pants. I tugged on his jeans with him and they dropped around his ankles. His penis was long and hard, he grabbed me with both hands now by my hair and forced me down on my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. I was so excited i sucked it with passion as I could hear the young fella moan, I kept looking up as my mouth slid from the tip of his cock to the base, I could see them both still kissing each other deep and franticly, the other boys cock rubbing against my right cheek, looking for entrance as well and I gave it to him, going back and forth between the two of them. I could feel and tell that the first boy was about to cum he would push me off his and say "prep him" and I did after moments I could feel the second boy errect cock starting to flex in my mouth I could hear his breathing quicken, at that point they the first boy said "open wide for it" and they vigourisly pushed both of their cocks in my mouth. the second boy came first, seconds later the first it was nearly simotaneous ejaculation, I could feel their warm semen pooring out of my mouth and some finding its way down my throat. The second kid bent down and kissed my on my cum soaked lips. I was in shock and total amazment about what just happend. nothing like that ever happend to me again, but i never stop thinking about it, now i've been fantasizing about being gang raped by a punch of men and being forced to suck and fuck them all., maybe someday I'll get lucky and be in the right place at the right time.

I'm still Hungry, write me!!!!!!

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