BrendaBeagan and AnneBishop started the Secret Furies in 1989. The purpose of the group was to participate in social justice activism through music by teaching and leading songs for marches and demonstrations and performing at benefits. The group rehearsed weekly in the old projection booth at Rumours and got its name in 1990 from one of the movie posters on the wall, a film called The Secret Fury. The choir performed countless times, indoors and out, including two demonstrations during the campaign to have sexual orientation included as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act and the launch of the National Film Board film The Burning Times. The group started out at 9 voices and grew to include 25, singing in a cappella five-part harmony. Eight members shared the role of conductor. Over the three years of its existence, the group went back and forth on inclusion of straight women and in the end could not resolve the issue. The Secret Furies broke up in 1992 with an agreement that no one would use the name again.

Two smaller groups formed from the Furies former membership, one based in Truro and the other in Halifax. The Halifax group became The Women Next Door. They still sing together and have represented Nova Scotia at the Canadian Festival of Gay and Lesbian Choruses.

(photo, Page 10 of the July 2009 Wayves)