2016 Conversations between LGBTQ Youth and Elders

picL-R: Jade Peek, LynnMurphy, JimMacSwain, MikeDaviesCole,Rhiannon Makohoniuk, and Oliver Oldfield

The Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project’s Youth and Elders project seeks to bridge the generational divide within the LGBTQ* community by sparking and documenting intergenerational LGBTQ* dialogues.

In 2016, NSRAP, The YouthProject, and the ElderBerries produced three short video interviews with LGBT Elders and youth (JimMacSwain, LynnMurphy, MikeDaviesCole, Rhiannon Makohoniuk, Jade Peek and Oliver Oldfield) and on April 16, 2016, they were screened.

JimMacSwain & Oliver Oldfield

LynnMurphy & Rhiannon Makohoniuk

MikeDaviesCole & Jade Peek