The Pacific Building was built at what is now 1547 Barrington Street, as Halifax's YMCA.
1972 -1974
The sauna was owned by a husband and wife team. It operated as a womens and mens sauna alternately till 1974. The original owner died in 1974.


1974 -1978
it was taken over by a lawyer and his partner it was at this stage, that the apollo became a gay only sauna.
1978 -2003
the new owner and operator was Mr. GeorgeLeMoine?.
2003 - 2005
The Apollo was owned and operated by Mr. WayneLovett. Hours: Monday to Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, Friday and Saturday 6:30 p.m. to 2: a.m. and Sunday 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
September 24, 2005
This Saturday marked the end of Halifax's first all male sauna. The Apollo Sauna, known fondly by regulars as "The Bubble" was a visible Barrington Street icon. It celebrated its final bash, after 31 years of operation. Owner Wayne wanted to retire and wasn't able to find anyone to buy the business.

pic Halifax's first BathHouse, Apollo Sauna, has been in business since 1974 at the same location. Unlike baths you found in other cities, this one had a home-y warmth and atmosphere.

A reviewer writes: The last time I was at the Apollo, in 1999, there was no hot water that night, and I swore to never return. But, memories of that chilly wash-up have faded and in the interest of journalism and elucidation I decided to return. On this visit, the sauna heating elements had gone offline earlier in the evening, leaving the cedar-lined room not warm enough to sweat without moving, but tepidly appropriate for naked play. The attendant said that electricians would be called the next day. pic What you found:

"It's enjoyable because it's indoors and a safe place, where no one's going to bother you." says a regular, "You meet different people from different places, and it's private."

The original version of this review was originally published in WayvesMagazine, December, 2001.

Someone put together a panorama of the block.1

This page is part of the HistoryProject. Apollo was one of the historical GayBusinesses.


RandyKennedy writes: I used to call and reserve room E when I went because it was the biggest room .

Discussion, September 2005

Someone writes: Why is he closing ? no business ?? Whats the story on the closure ? Hard to believe all of asudden there is no interest in people going there, since it's been around for 31 years .. What's up with that?

DanielMacKay writes: There is lots of business. Wayne has some health problems, he is retiring, and hasn't been able to find anyone to buy the business. If you want to talk to him about buying it, I'm sure he's available for discussion.

September 13, 2005
Thanks to this web site I was informed of the pending closure of what surely is a venerable institution. The Apollo has out lasted all gay bars in the city. It is a pity it is closing down. It will be sorely missed.
September 24, 2005
Last day of business, including a closing party. Someone writes: The closing party was a great success. Apollo was more than just a bath, it was a community, a gathering place for gay men both young and old. It embodied both a sense of history and security. Never again will the blue light shine on Barrington Street..Those who never understood its history will then never understand the loss many in Halifax now feel..
October 17, 2005
Someone asks: Does anyone know what became or becomes of the art work on display at the Apollo? He had all the prime ministers from the beginning, and nice replicated art works. ; October 19, 2005: Answer: The pics of the prime ministers were a private collection of the owner. The other pics were also possessions of the owner and perhaps one could contact Mr. Lovett to see if he is interested in selling any of them.