A bath is a place for anonymous sex without the fear of gay bashers. At the bath, there are only guys looking for sex with guys.



How It Works

You go in, pay your admission (usually $15-20$) for a locker or a bit more for a room. You get a towel and key, get buzzed into the main area, and proceed to your roomette or locker to stow your clothes, seductively wrap your towel around your waist, suck in your gut, and wander around. Or you may want to have a shower and sauna to start your evening.

If you see someone you like, you have an option of playing discreetly in one of the open areas or sauna, or with complete abandon in the dark room (if it's available; it can get crowded) or in your or his roomette. You have whatever degree and duration of fun you mutually agree on, express your thanks, head in the direction of the showers, and as the shampoo bottle says, "Rinse, repeat."

Typically you make eye contact with a potential playmate, if you get positive response, you follow up, if not, you move on. There are a variety of ways of politely indicating that you're not interested with a potential partner, the most common is, "No thanks, I'm just resting." Chat and gossip are literally frowned upon anywhere but the TV lounge. The procedure is more fully described on the CruisingProtocols page.

Who will you find there? A range, really, of men who identify as gay, as straight, as bi, single, in relationships with men or women, from all walks of life and of all ages.