AIDS Vigil

An eight-hour drop-in type event at StJohnsUnitedChurch.1 pic
May 25, 1988
First formal one. At least 450 people attend a candlelight vigil at St George's where 47 lost loved ones were named followed by a sombre procession to the Grand Parade23 JohnYogis says: JimMacSwain made a video of the event.
There was a reception for politician and activist Svend Robinson at the home of JohnYogis & Darrell Roy. Photo 1: RobinMetcalfe, BobPetite, Svend Robinson & MaureenShebib. Photo 2: RobinMetcalfe, Svend Robinson, and BobPetite. Other pictures in the set from that dinner identify also: MattHughes, PeterWoods, ElaineJacobsen? and DarrellMartin?.4
BarendKamperman writes, "The first AIDS Vigil in Halifax at (the original) St.George's Round Church Halifax. It was a very moving and somber ceremony in a time of terrifying, illogical fear. Afterward we all processed in the night to the Grand Parade. I was afraid I could get in trouble but marched anyway."5
The Wayves Article mentions Dr Bill Hart, president of MacAIDS; RobinMetcalfe; Rev. BobPetit; Svend Robinson; Alexa McDonough, and Mary Clancy.
NathanElling writes: What a sad but also wonderful memory. I gave a prayer at it. I remember missing so many people and I hadn't even lived in Halifax that long. I recall sitting with Bob Petite going over what the service should be in his living room and picking the version of Ave Maria we'd use. I remember meeting Svend for the first time. I also remember feeling so connected to everyone there. We'd all lost so many friends, lovers, family. It was really moving. I cried myself to sleep that night, but it was a healthy cry, letting the emotion out.6
December 1, 2001
Theme: Making present, coming into presence Guest speaker: PaulLaybolt

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