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July 21, 2006
JohnDickinson? moves BlueMoonBistro from 2215 Gottingen and renames it BlueMoon.
July 28, 2006
GaryTurner writes: We are pleased to announce that as of today we are re-opened permanently. Our hours of operation will be 7 days a week from 12 noon until until 2am at our new location, 2099b Gottingen St, Halifax. The former Club NRG ( across the street from Menz/Mollyz ). I would like to stress that everyone is welcome at The Blue Moon. Please bear with us now as we make changes to the bar and fine tune everything. With a team like ours that won't take long. Well folks, with the barriers we have overcome these past couple weeks, when everything looked so grim, we are absolutely thrilled that we have come out ahead. Once again, thank you to so many in the community who came to bat for us, supported us and beleived in us these past weeks. Hope to see you out at The Blue Moon very soon and thank you.
November 25, 2006
first MzBlueMoon crowned
February, 2007
New owner JamesNoxall?
August 4, 2007
Facebook group "Friends and Fans of Blue Moon"created: Halifax's alternatively gay bar, open 7 days a week for your drinking and partying needs! Weekly events include Karaoke nights, special off the hook events during the week, dancing, ridiculously cheap drink specials and drag shows featuring fabulous entertainment.
February 19, 2009
LynnLaurent sent a message to the members of Friends and Fans of Blue Moon: Hi Everyone... Due to circumstances beyond my control, Blue Moon will be closed until further notice. If you have any questions concerning this, please direct them to me either through facebook or phoning me. I am hoping that this will be a temporary issue. Thank you for your support in this matter.
April, 2009
Article in the April April, 2009 Wayves.


Cannot Recommend This Bar

Someone writes, December 22, 2008: This may well be the filthiest bar I've ever set foot in. Fisrtly, the place literally stinks of, well, I'm not sure. There are mouse (rat?) traps strategically placed. Secondly, most of the bathroom stalls have had their doors ripped off. Beyond that, the walls have been punched in, and the place is rarely cleaned.

Additionally, there's no consistency to the place. Punk-ish/alternative bands, clearly aimed at non-regular customers, are becoming the norm. Personally, I can't believe the place is still in business.

[If anyone wishes to disagree with this assessment, by all measn do so. Please do not merely edit out this comment, as it is, from the standpoint of many I've spoken with in the community, an accurate one. If Blue Moon wishes to attract customers, it must do so by providing a venue that (a) is clean, (b) allows women to use the bathroom in a stall with a door on it (crazy concept, I know), and (c) provides entertainment that includes the community for which the bar was created.]