25 November 2006

GaryTurner writes:

Just wanted to be among the first to congratulate the first Mz. Blue Moon. It was a fun filled night last night at The BlueMoon in Halifax and it was an honor to be asked to be a judge along with HMISM Emperor VII CousinCletus, HISM Empress V DevaStation, HMISH Imperial Crown Princess VII CocoChanel, HISH Queen of Diamonds IV DynaMight. Special thanks to the special guest performers HMISM Empress VII v, HMISM Emperor VII Cousin Cletus, HMISH ICP VII Coco and the newly crowned Her Most Imperial Serene Highness, Regent Queen of Diamonds V IvannaRamyah .... way to go girl. Walk proud and strong for the remainder of your Reign.

And to the contestants: MissVicki Starr-DeKnight, NikkiTaylor, MystiqueSoul and ElleNoir. awesome performances but there could only be one winner. Congrats to 1st Runner Up to Mz. Blue Moon MissVicki Starr-DeKnight... you just cant stop this girl.... way to go hon.

And The Very 1st Mz. Blue Moon is -

Miss NikkiTaylor

I had a blast and it was nice to see you all again. Enjoy your Reign Nikki. You certainly deserve it.

In Service to Court, Crown & Community. HISM Emperor V of Halifax Gary Turner-Black.