Brian was an active member of the queer religious community over the years, including involvement with Sparrow, AffirmUnited and Dignity, before joining Safe Harbour MCC in 1992. It was here he met his partner, RossBoutilier, who was more involved in direct activism within the larger Halifax community.

Brian assisted Ross on many projects, including writing a column for WayvesMagazine (The Neo-fight Activist) and assisting with editing and layout, lent a hand in staging Pride Marches (before they were parades), and serving as 'official counter' for numbers in attendance both in the march and along the parade route (the latter number was harder to pin down as people in the early days used to 'leapfrog' along the route to cheer and support the marchers).

After shaking things up with their families by having a union celebration, with Rev. Darlene Young presiding, Brian and Ross helped stretch the political boundaries by becoming one of the first couples in Nova Scotia to hold a Registered Domestic Partnership, and then joined forces with NSRAP and two other couples to successfully challenge the NS courts for the right to marry in our province for the

On September 24, 2004, Brian & RossBoutilier were one of the three couples who challenged the province for recognition of same-gender marriage. Justice Heather Robison issued an Order giving same-gender couples in Nova Scotia the right to marry.

Currently, Brian and Ross enjoy a quieter existence, leaving the activism for the next generation. But they still come out and cheer at every Pride day.