This page lists history-making events (with a Halifax focus) and when they happened.

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December 9, 1752 & April 28, 1753
arrest of soldiers for "Sodomical Practices" -- Halifax Gazette1
April 1, 1873
The wreck of the SS Atlantic, with the discovery that one of the sailors - had a vagina. The story is told in the beautiful graphic novel, CallMeBill.
OscarWilde visits Halifax (we'll figure out what this is a first of, later)
December 31, 1970
Club777, the first of the GayBars, opens.
June 4, 1972 : Newsletter says that Gay Alliance for Equality was established
GayLine formed
October 24, 1972
The UniversalistUnitarianChurch welcomes the Gay Alliance for Equality to use their space for meetings.
March 3, 1973
A Brief Regarding The Human Rights Act presented to the legislature2
May 24, 1973
GaeGala's first newsletter3
August 19, 1973
Picnic near Peggy's Cove, see PrideCelebrations
November 19, 1973
GAE incorporated
January, 1976
First dance at The Turret4
February 17, 1977
first public protest - about CBC Radio's refusal to run notices.5
April, 1977
Halifax's own mini version of Stonewall, at the JuryRoom
June, 1977
The Turret's first Women's Night6
September 2, 1977
Signed the lease on The Turret7
October, 1977 8-10 : first AtlanticConference, "Atlantic Gay Conference For Lesbians and Gay Men"
October 10, 1977
First march8
First Pride March, see PrideCelebrations.
First gay play mounted: TheNightTheyRaidedTruxx by PaulLedoux at The Turret, June 28, 1978 - July 6, 1978
First art exhibition during the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition conference9
July 1, 1979
PinkTriangleDay resolution proposed by RobinMetcalfe
Beginning of the ChristianGayMovement
MattHughes launches a challenge against AcadiaUniversity to secure same-sex spousal benefits from a Canadian university. They succeeded in late 1986 or early 198710
September 2, 1984
GraemeEllis dies, the first known to die of AIDS in the city
May 5, 1988
first AidsVigil
GaeGala hires fulltime activist
First feature-length movie with gay theme made in Nova Scotia, ThomFitzgerald's Movie Of The Week
Act Up chapter for Halifax formed. First demonstration December 1, 1990 - marching with pickets and a donkey through the streets of Halifax to Province House.
WilsonHodder & GrantMacNeil? file same sex spouse human rights complaints. Daily News article about the hearings, ca. 1998 Article mentions that JimBigney? is also in the middle of a lengthy legal challenge against federal agencies, and mentions DanielMacKay and NorvalCollins.
BobStead elected as the first openly gay mayor in Atlantic Canada
History book / Art catalog, QueerLookingQueerActing published
May 11, 2000
based on a complaint by a local, and three others, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rebukes homophobic bible thumping talk radio shock jock Dr Laura Schlessinger. See IanCrowe's page for details.
September 24, 2004
First marriages in Nova Scotia. RossBoutilier and BrianMombourquette, BryanGarnettDoucette and RonGarnettDoucette, KimVance and SamMeehan
Halifax Chamber of Commerce publishes DougMelanson a Gay Businesses section in the directory
May 20, 2007
WayvesMagazine mentioned in the Halifax Daily News for the first time, in connection with the 2007-05 Murders. Wayves was contacted by The Chronicle-Herald, The Daily News,The Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, Global, and Xtra.
October 7, 2010
"Ginny and Julia James" Worlds First MTF Transgendered Couple and Openly Married Transgendered Couple
July 22, 2011
Halifax's first DykeAndTransMarch
October 8, 2013
JoanneBernard? becomes first "openly gay" member of the Nova Scotia Legislature
February, 2020
History book BeforeTheParade published
October 15, 2020
Official launch of the RainbowSeniorsArchive (it had been collecting for several months.)

This page is part of the HistoryProject. Thanks to JohnYogis for the idea and the initial research on legal firsts.


10. February 12, 1987 DalGazette?, archives link here