Faith "Wayves" Daughter to AmberLynnWayves. She is an active 17 year old Drag Queen. Currently she is unable to get into the bars yet, but when she does, she will show you what it means to be a Wayves. Check her web site Name: Faith Age: 17 Years Old Born: June 26, 2003 (Drag) Mother: "Mz. Wayves gave her up for adoption" Sister: Lara Leigh Wayves "Diamond" also from Mz.AmberLynnWayves "Diamond" Brother: None Right Now Aunts: DawnDavenport, LadyChapeau?, Rhoda, Val, VeronicaFox? GRAND MOTHER : DebbieDukeDiamond Great Grand Mother: DitaParlow Great Nanny: StudioXleNoir

Check out her mothers Web Site