Oh hi , i didn't see you there, i was just finishing my ham. Can you pass the butter? thanks!u suck

so you wanna know about the fat bitches huh? Well where to begin? one day, after a wonderful rehersal for our pride day performances, a few of us went for a small ice cream. ok, ok it was a big ice cream. As we sat enjoying our cows and making fun of Annies big ass mouth,and we decided on calling our new little group the fat bitches society.

after a few more ice creams, lol, the founding members decided that since we are all performers here in the comunnity that we should actually perform as a group. who are the founding members you ask? (pass the cheesecake? thanks!) well, since i am writing this i guess im first. I am RougeFatale, my fat bitches name? Oh i'm Huge Fatall.

Then there is LynnLaurent ( i dunna think i spelled that right.) and her fb name... Princess Jambon. then there is DivadDivine aka DVD Widescreen IMAX drive-thru. (pass the ice cream) there is also our lil honourary member AnnieCockadoo aka Avada Crisko (do you want some cheese cake? im gonna eat it all if you don't) and then the last of our members is our newest emperor GaryTurner, aka Pounda butta.

Now we are a full society with a great charity that we perform for. we support one charity as of right now. MannaForHealth ( yet again hope i spelled that right... me fails english, thats unpossibled...)

Soon there will be a web site for the Fat Bitches Society including an application to join! it will be most grand!

Well, there ya go. thats a lil thang on us fbs's. ( mmm that whole cheese cake was good....) OK poodles, i must go grocery shopping, i seem to be out of everything! ta! oh oh and remember our creedo!

       "In ham we trust!"

Since you are now a full society with a great charity... have you yet registered this society with the Nova Scotia Societys act? If not, then I suggest that you do so and also the by-laws of the society?

Lynnie writes: We aren't out to get a tax number or become a registered 'society'...we are a bunch of people who are trying to make a difference...the "society" is more of a tongue in cheek play on not being 5'7, 120lbs, with long blonde hair and glorious clothing...we make fun of the fact that we are fat and loud and obnoxious...nothing more, nothing less...and if we are making a small difference in the process...then does it really need to have by laws and a tax number? I think not. Trying to help a food service (get the joke? fat people raising a little bit of money for a food bank?) doesn't have to be that difficult...and that's the way we want it. But thanks for your comment...if we took ourselves THAT seriously...we'd have to go about registering ourselves etc, etc.

Actually Lynnie if you are raising/collecting funds, even as a non-profit group, under any name then you need to be registered with the province. Do your homework before you speak.

actually, we are a part of MannaForHealth, which is a registered group, so actually, we dont need to worry about it... but thanks for bein a snot, and read before you asking if someones done your home work... and where the hell is my ice cream sandwich?

Lynnie you missed the mark again - if you collect any monies using another name than "Manna for Health" (ie. Fat Bitches Society) then MfH? woulds have to add that name to their registration papers. And in the future you might want to refrain from name-calling people who donate to MfH?. I'm almost tempted to call MfH? and explain that someone who claims to represent an associated group is being slightly unprofessional on here.

Lynnie writes: Sorry, "you missed the mark" poster--I didn't write that, never knew we were part of Manna for Health (lol..since when??) and we were just trying to help some folks out, nothing more, nothing less...call who you need to call. I didn't call anyone anything...someone else posted that stuff (note that noone put their name to it) I also noted that YOU didn't put your name to your post either, have some courtesy to let me know to whom I am speaking next time.

rougefatale: we started this group as a fun thing for some friends to do together to help a worthy cause... not get mixed into registrations and red tape... sorry for whoever called you a snot... no it really wasnt professional. but soon my kiddies we will be back out and in full figured force!

Thanks for the explanation rougefatale! The snot comment kinda got to me but glad to see it wasn't Lynnie saying it.

Lynnie writes: LOL, no, I didn't say it...if you know me at all, you'd know that if I was gonna call ya a snot, I'd do it to yer face...and since I don't know who you are (since you don't post your name), then I can't know if you are a snot or not! So no, I'm not that much of a snot (lol) to call you one, too! <grin>