Her Most Imperial Sovereign Grace Imperial Grand Duchess to the Sixth Imperial House of Fun Laughter & the Freedom to Be.


SassyLasse helped her come out and has been coached by the notorious JennyBlake. She was born in January 2005. She has been out from time to time. Did drag once in 2004 under a different name.

RougeFatale: well, ever since that day in the bathroom, when you didnt know who boom boom was, while we put that poor thing in face, and you tried to give me makeup tips, and you didnt even put a face on... to now. you have grown, you have made yourself known and you are a star.... i love ya hun. you made my nights a popper enduced heaven. i always brighten up when i see you, and hear ya laugh! you and jenny have given me so much encouragement to go and do and hit those boundries, and for that i am truely greatful... that and that junk food movie night... gotta do it again... very very soon. loves ya poodle! rougie( aka prudence mcprude)

JuicyFruit writes: WOW is all I can really say. Was some amazing stuff last nite on that stage. I stick by my comments 100%.

AmandaBenzova writes: OMG you're SUCH a bitch.. I love it. Most comical. I love anyone who will say what they feel no matter the outcome. Your a grand new performer, look forward to seeing so much more from u! most love.. xoxo

JuicyFruit: congrats hun on IGD. I am sure you will do the house proud :D

Hi Fiona just a line to say hello /from Gina Gibb

I saw this girl do Alicia Keys at the Grammy Show 2006 @ Reflections. WOW who knew a white girl could have that kinda soul!! Keep it rockin' sista!!

She been out more than a lot of the "active queens" Why has she been moved??? Mind you it might be because she has shed a few pounds and looking good?

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