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There is another publication that services the gay and lesbian community but I heard that the under 35 demographic wanted something less issue heavy and with more of a human face,” says publisher JohnWilliams, "We aim to appeal to the young, old, gay and straight."

picSummer 2010

June 28, 2010
Atlantic Canada's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community will boast a new voice when Halifax-based Gaze Magazine publishes its inaugural issue next month. The free, ad-supported glossy will be available in print and on-line July 12, just in time for gay pride celebrations throughout the region.
Publisher-editor JohnWilliams says he hopes Gaze will appeal to a variety of audiences - young and old, gay and straight. "Gaze aims to not only embrace the diversity of the GLBT community, but further promote tolerance and understanding among those who may still be struggling to comprehend it.
Williams says his new publication aims to be fun and informative, without being preachy.
Gaze's first issue will be 32 pages in length and include among its regular offerings news stories; fashion and photography layouts; book, movie and restaurant reviews; questionnaires completed by successful members of the GLBT community; in-depth features on GLBT issues and much more. Williams says the initial print run will be 10,000 copies.
July 12, 2010
Issue #1, "Summer 2010" issue on the stands: 36 pages, full colour, 8.5 x 11" magazine stock, was on the streets , with the launch party at JimPetrie's Halifax Feast a week later. Publisher: JohnWilliams; Photography: JosephJacob?, StellaDucklow?; Website design: JosephJacob?; Contributors: ChristinaCopp?, BryanMartin?, KelliWooShue?, MarkMacPhee?, TylerColbourne?, SimonThibault, AnjuliPatil?, CurtisCartmill?; Special thanks to TracyKempton?, WilliamMcDuff?, WayneDuncan?, SRodriguezMachado?, DanWalsh?, TroyDawson?, DebbiePetrie?.
Summer 2010 PDF here
July 16, 2010
Facebook page says it's available at: MenzBar; Salon G Force in the Joe Howe Superstore; Second Cup on Spring Garden; Company House; Night Magic; Reaction Hair Studio, Drala on Grafton. It should be at Reflections Cabaret tonight.
October 16, 2010
tweet: "JohnWilliams is looking for someone to cheaply redesign the Gaze Magazine website. Preferably using page flipper for the full text mag."
November 1, 2010
In the Kings Journalism Review Vol. XV Issue November 1, 2010, LynetteMacLeod? interviews JohnWilliams about his plans for the magazine in "Gaze takes gay magazines to the mainstream". Article here.

picWinter 2011

January 25, 2011
Issue #2, "Winter 2011" is on the stands: 32 pages, on the streets in Halifax on and delivered around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick over the next couple weeks. New photographer ShaunSimpson?; Graphic Design: SueHealy?; Contributors: AnjuliPatil?, SimonThibault, MarkMacPhee?, MichaelBrowne?, JennaConter?, LawrenceMacEachern?, CurtisCartmill?, GinaGibb, RandallPerry, GeneCampbell?. Cover: RyanMacGrath, photo by TylerColbourne?. Special thanks to SamHayesJr?
Winter 2011 PDF here

picSpring 2011

April 27, 2011
Issue #3, Spring 2011, on the stands: 24 pages. Publishing Editor: JohnWilliams; Graphic Design: SueHealy?; Contributors: KarenBailey?, TimothyRichard?, MarkMacAulay?, TylerColbourne?, DougMelanson, PhilipJoy?, GinaGibb, PeterGraham?, MichaelBrowne?, ShaunSimpson?, MarkMacPhee?, LawrenceMcEachern?, KevinHealey?, KristiDavidson, GlennBlake?, DenisTheriault?, SashaDowner?. Cover by MichaelBoudreau?.
Spring 2011 PDF here
June 18, 2011
Williams via Facebook, "Gaze Magazine is looking for a full complement of writers, photographers, and an editor for its fall issue. Msg me if interested."

picSummer 2011

July 11, 2011
Issue #4, Summer 2011, on the stands: 32 pages. Graphic Design: KimGrenier?; Contributors: MairinPrentiss?, JamiRandell?, TimothyRichard?, AlexandraDavis?, SarahMcAdam?, MichaelBoudreau?, ChrisAucoin, TedrahMcCort?, TylerColbourne?, DanWalsh?, TroyMorehouse?, RoyButler?, ShawnSmith?, GinaGibb, TiSHadley?, DougBennett?,StewartLegere?, LouisaAdamson?, FrankLetourneau?, SashaDowner?. Cover by DonPinsent?, Special thanks to BlaineJohnson?, RickJohnston?, KelliWooShue?, RenéeLegacy? and WilliamMcDuff?.
Summer 2011 PDF here

picFall 2011

October 27, 2011
Issue #5, "Fall 2011" (n.b. out 9 months after "Winter 2011") on the stands: 8 pages. Graphic Design: KimGrenier?; Contributors: BethanyHorne?, TedrahMcCort?. Cover: RickJohnston?. Special thanks to them. Editorial states, "this issue of Gaze will be its last."
Fall 2011 PDF here

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