Izzy Limpwrist

Izzy is one of many Halifax DragQueens.

Izzy she/her 🔴 Balls 4 Dayz 💃 Stunts and slays 👹 MonsterHaus? 📍Halifax, NS

Izzy Limpwrist is a Kjipuktuk-based drag queen known for her inventive alternative fashion and high energy performances. She began performing in local drag shows three years ago, and has since established a reputation for always bringing stunts, shenanigans, and her unique sense of flare to any show or performance. With her dips, tricks, and the limpest wrist you’ve ever seen, Izzy is sure to leave you begging for more.


Drag Family Tree

Drag daughter of VanityStation.

She is the drag sister of LamitahSheree, AndrewGuiness and LuckyCharms

She is the drag mother of VinnyVanHoe, and ShmamTheMam.

Drag Grandchild of DevaStation and DynaMight

Great Grandchild of StudioXleNoir