JaseN! is a male persona entertainer who is involved with ISCANS. www.imperialcourtns.com. His title is:

His Most Imperial Serene Highness King of Diamonds V JaseN! Imperial Son to His Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor V Gary Turner, Cousin to Her Most Imperial Sovereign Magisty Empress XIX of Toronto Maria Del Monte, Imperial Husband to Her Most Imperial Serene Highness Queen Of Diamonds V NatasshaNlott!

Post-op daughter of AnnieCockadoo (congratulations on the gender reassignment surgery, MaryPoppers)

His first time performing was at the King and Queen of Diamonds V Pageant where he performed as Tom Jones with afro, glasses and a Disco Stu getup. He loves the nightlife, the disco and all things glitter.

DivadDivine writes: JaseN oh my sweetie so you won a title your first time performing as a boy..ya lucky fucker! lmao You know I love ya, and I am very happy that you won King of Diamonds. I look forward to getting the honour of introducing you soon at a drag show!

NatasshaNlott! writes: I swore I wouldn't write anything on this page again.. most word twisty a page it is! With that said, I must offer my congratulations to my husband/brother/dear friend. Here's the deal honey: I was so PROUD of you not only because you won (hello! most kickass) but also because you did so well in your first MALE performance. Talk about a sex reassignment surgery gone RIGHT, Mary Poppers.. hehe. On a serious note, we are going to do an UNBELIEVABLE job together this year and I couldn't be more happy with who I have beside me, you and everyone. With that said, time for a fizzy.

JuicyFruit: well my dear child, what can I say. You are one amazing person. From the moment I met you..that one summer nite, well you get the picture. Anyhoo, congrats on KOD and may you do great things. Many people are watching *glares*