Early series of drag shows.

WalterJohnson? says he was Miss Halifax in '67 or '68. HistoryProjectTodoList: get some ephemera and pics of this.
Miss Gay Halifax 81-82 Pageant, Sunday, August 30th. Director: IrisWheeler?
SaraLee is mentioned as representing Miss Halifax1
DitaParlow was MzGayHalifax. Whether or not you consider this to be the same thing is a matter of any amount of discussion.


May 4, 2004 : someone writes: Miss Halifax may have been an early series of shows, but my understanding is that SaraLee was the winner of the MzGayHalifax pageant, the 1st of Halifax's DragPageants. ReflectionsCabaret revived this idea this past fall when DitaParlow became Reflections' 1st MzGayHalifax.

Someone else writes: It wasn't ReflectionsCabaret that revived the idea, it was LuLuLaRude. The pageant was held at Reflections but the title is a city-wide title, not one under the Reflections royal court. Dita is MzGayHalifax I.

This whole debate is long over, but just to clarify, let's think sensibly. Let's say you have a tennis match called the Halifax Tennis Championships in 1970 and then another in 2000 with the same name and concept. It doesn't erase the fact that the 1970 winner was the first Halifax Tennis Champion. Whoever revives the idea, whoever hosts it, it doesn't matter. It's the premise that you can't erase the past for the sake of politics. Dita is MzGayHalifax II, and since SaraLee was the first, she was MzGayHalifax I. The reason this HistoryProject and site exists is to honour the history of our gay community. We came from somewhere and we should be proud of that.

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1. JimDeYoung report about "Rochelle's Winter Gala" in Ottawa on January 29, 1983