This event was held for the first time as a bar title in recent years in November 2003 at ReflectionsCabaret. A similar event was held years ago at The Turret.

Miss SaraLee was MissHalifax. Whether it's the same thing as this series is a good topic for a philosophical debate.
DitaParlow. SelenaTowers received First Runner-Up. RoxburyInn received Second Runner-Up. AprilShowers, SassyLasse & MameStClaire Black also ran for this title.
AprilShowers was given this title on a silver platter. AnnieCockadoo received First Runner-Up. RoxburyInn received Second Runner-Up. MissyFufu and BoomBoom also ran for this title. The other for contestants are the only ones that earned their spots.
RougeFatale rose to the challenge and took the crown. KatyaWakinoff was close at her heels in second place, followed by EricaLive, GinaGibb and CherieLamour (in that order).
ElleNoir won the coveted title of MGH IV
FarrahMoan dominated the competition winning MGH V. KristiDavidson was runner up, followed by GinaGibb and DaisyDevine?.
KristiDavidson managed to triumph over Chair to win the title of MGH VI
HeckellaJekyl? drove all night to grab the title of MGH VII. BridgettVanSnapps? was runner up.

LadySchapeau writes: Where did this MzGay? whatever city its held in sort of title originate from? And when is the next pageant??